Monday, July 11, 2011

Behind The Open Door by Christopher M. Hull

Behind The Open Door  Let's support our up and coming author's! From action and adventure to 
mystery and paranormal fantasy, this collection of seven short stories explores multiple  
science fiction worlds.

"In the Mind of a Child," waitress and psychology student Melinda Rawley finds herself in a strange world after crashing her car on rain-slicked roads in Maine. Looking for away to return home, she finds a darkness that has come over the land. Can she defeat what she does not understand?

The story "Dark Sphere" takes place 4,000 years after Earth was destroyed and just over 200 million people escaped. Time has not been kind. With little in the way of supplies remaining, Aaron, the scientist; Alice, the soldier; and Mark, the mechanic, search the galaxy for a new world. They make a discovery that may save their race-or end it.

"Operation Miranda" dives deep into the heart of a secret underground laboratory known as Miranda. Mac, a Special Forces agent, and Simon, a computer tech, embark on mission to find out why all has gone silent within the secret lab.

The stories in Behind the Open Door journey into many and varied realms, delving into the haunting reaches of the imagination.

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