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The Guardian's Kiss by Jamie Lynn Dougherty

The Guardian's Kiss (Samantha Brand Series)

Title: The Guardian’s Kiss

Author: Jamie Lynn Dougherty

Series: Book # 1 of 3

Release Date: June 29, 2011

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Blurb: Take a step into this world of Angels, Demons and a little something in between. A touch of faith and trust. And a woman finding her true strengths and doing anything she can to protect those around her. Ultimately finding out more about herself and her soul mate than she could have ever imagined.

What would you do if you had the survival of mankind weighing

on your shoulders? Would you face your true identity?

Or would you run and hide?

When Samantha’s sister is infected by a deadly virus. Samantha and her twin must face their deepest secret. One that they have kept their entire lives. When they are rescued by a handsome soldier Trent, Samantha senses something in him she feels she can trust. Little does she know, he has secrets, not even she could have prepared for. Will her destiny take her down the path that will save the human race?

Or will it be too late?

With ethereal gifts and a Guardian to watch over her, Samantha must remember who or what she truly is to save those she cares for the most.


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Warning: This book is Hellified and Heavenified!

My Rating: 5 of 5

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My Cover Thoughts: A beautiful white feather just resting there waiting for it to be noticed.

My Thoughts/Review: Okay so let me start out by saying I am in LOVE with this series and I could not put this book down. I have read a lot of books about Angels and Demons but I have NEVER read a story line quite like this.

The story starts out with a beautiful introduction by an SWOON worthy man and continues with the story line of Fallen Angels and Angels that are Guardian Angel’s that are trying to save mankind from Zombies.

Sam is your ordinary girl who is a doctor working in an ER and has a twin sister who she shares everything with and they have another sister who is a kindergarten teacher. This close family has lost their parents so all they have left is each other and will do everything in their power to stay together. Things get a little crazy when a mysterious disease or virus hits their town and everyone is infected. They are hauled of to a military base where they can quarantine and checked on to make sure the virus has not reached them.

Once there Sam realizes that there is more to this virus than anyone is letting on and she wants to know what is going on and how long she will have to be in hiding at the base. She will get her answers and more but is she ready for the truth? Only time can tell.

I do not want to give to much away but I will say this if you want action pack, and fast pace this is the book to read. There is love between people that should not have happened and then there is love that people have that is not reciprocated but that does not stop the person from loving the other. And last but not least there are some AWESOME love scenes that are hot and heavy and a little X-rated for teens under 17.

With all that said what are you waiting for, go out there and get your copy at, I promise you, you will not be disappointed! I know I was not and I can’t wait to read the Second book The Guardian’s Soul!

Memorable Quotes: Page 127-128 Sam talking to her sister Babs

By Barbra's stance I knew it was H.B. "Is he ok?" I was afraid of the answer. "Did he sacrifice himself for me?"

"He finally returned to his body, and by the looks of it, he should be fine. The stab wound-"

"Stab wound!" I screamed, "What stab wound, what happened?"

"Well, you didn't think he just hailed a cab to Hell, did you?

He had to perform a ritual and sacrifice to get there. He's now officially a Guide, but it doesn't look like he gets many perks for being one. He's in his coyote form now trying to heal." I could see the tears form in her blue eyes. "I didn't know if I would see either one of you Sam. And when you came back, at first, he didn't."

"I know, I felt his soul hovering, unsure of where to return to." I walked over to Barbra and pulled her into my arms. My hands caressing her blush colored wings. "He'll be okay Babs,and I feel like I will be too. I just needed you to come here so I could tell you that and that Dricus was not the one who harmed me."

Advice: This book is AMAZING! A must read for everyone who loves angels, demons, and Zombies!

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