Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Reckoning By M. Leighton Wednesday Character Grey

The Reckoning, The Fahllen Book 2 of 2

“I think you’d better mind your tone, Sis. You’re not really in a position to get snarky.”

She watched me for a moment and then a tiny, malicious smile curved her lips. Just when I was about to wonder what she was so smug about, all the vines at my four points began to pull away from my body simultaneously. The slow tugging was excruciating, what with my multiple possibly broken bones, but it was when my joints reached their limits that the true pain began.

I felt my right shoulder slip out of joint first. The agony stole the breath I would’ve needed to scream. It lodged in my throat, as if it might suffocate me. The dull pop of my left shoulder being unseated from its place in the joint nearly strangled me with the need to cry out, yet still I could not utter a single sound.

My head spun lightly for a moment before my hip slipping out of place wrenched me back into the torment of the moment. I arched my back, so as to expand my chest and ready it for the influx of air, but I could draw no breath to fuel my bellow.

My eyes flew to Grey’s. I saw the satisfied gleam in their black depths. She had stolen the air from around me. She was literally suffocating me with nothing more than her mind, with the use of her original power.

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