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Destiny By Mireille Chester Blog Tour Interview with Jasper and Luke The Dynamic Duo!

Destiny (The Chosen One Trilogy, #3)

After crossing to a parallel world, Hayden finds she's the one who was born to save the beings that live there. With the help of Jasper, she struggles to find out exactly what it is she was supposed to do.
As the final battle draws near, Hayden must deal with personal loss, unexpected good news, and the usual attempts on her life. Was the prophecy right and can she do everything that is expected of her? Can she go through with her plan when just one mistake could wipe out everyone she loves?

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I would like to welcome Jasper and Luke to my blog today. I would like to take the time to get to know you guys. I hope you don't mind the personal questions. A lot of readers want to know a few things about you guys growing up. So without further ado let me fire away.

Jasper: what was it like growing up with Luke?

I imagine Luke was like any regular pup or cub growing up. We’re just a few months apart, yeah? So did he act any different than me or my twin sister, Jane? No. He’s Maj, but we’ve never treated him differently for it and so I think it’s safe to say he was just a typical pup when he was growing up.

Was Luke serious growing up or did he have a sense of humor?

Luke is the joker of the bunch. He was forever playing pranks on Jane and I. His favorite one, of course, was to shift into his wolf and scare us when we were out in the woods. It used to get Jane every time.

How did Luke get along with your parents?

Very well. I was four when Dad found him in the woods. His family had been killed. He was too young to shift and if Dad had left him out there, he’d of perished also. I remember the look on my Mum’s face when he came in holding Luke by the hand. The first thing she did was throw him in the tub while Dad explained to her what had happened to his family. She cried. From that moment on, there was no question in any of our minds. He was their son, our brother. Of course, we didn’t always get along and he had his share of fights with my parents, but I’d say we were a well balanced family.

Was Luke a good hunter?

He was. When we started to shift and Dad started to take us out with him, it was obvious that his father had already started to prepare him. He knew how to track, how to anticipate where a herd might be. He’s got great instincts.

Enough about Luke, the ladies love you Jasper because you are very tentative and strong and always fight for what is right. So we have some personal questions and don't worry if you answer truthfully we promise not to tell Hayden.

Did you have many girlfriends growing up?

Um, no. I had two. The first, Beth, wasn’t serious. We saw each other a few times while I was training in Pinsaber. The second, Leah, was serious. We were young, mind you, and we both were aware that either one or even both of us might fate. When I told her I’d had my fated dream and that it wasn’t of her, she was devastated. She asked me to stay until I found my mate, but I couldn’t. When you dream of your fated one, you lose all interest in the opposite sex until you find that one. Leah never gave up that this might change, to the point that she became obsessive. She actually tried to kill Hayden to break my bond to her, thinking I could love her again if my fated one were dead.

Was it hard growing up with a twin sister? Did she scare all the girls away ;)

Yes… no… sometimes. I loved Jane. I know Hayden’s told me that twins from your world usually share a bond of some sort. With twins from Quelondain, well, it’s even more so. It’s almost like Jane was another piece of me. She knew what I was thinking; not thought for thought, but she always had an idea of what was going through my mind. Sometimes it was annoying. Sometimes it was useful. As for keeping girls away, no. She was killed before I started to get too interested in things like that. The day she died, I felt it. I felt as though a part of me was being ripped out of my being. I still miss her.

Tell us seven random things about you.

Umm…. Let’s see…

One; I hate fancy things. That includes clothes and food. The only thing I might spend extra money on is a good dagger.

Two; my favorite place to be is beside Hayden. We could be battling packs or stuck in a blizzard, but if she’s with me, I’m happy.

Three; next to Hayden, the most important thing in my life is my family.

Four; my favorite food is rabbit stew.

Five; you’re killing me here, Tee. Umm… when I was really small, before I could shift, I was scared of the dark. For some reason, that went away after I started to shift.

Six; I love snow.

And seven… well, my favorite color is green. I really don’t know what to tell you.

This question is personal but I have to ask, did you ever think you would find your soul mate? You were very busy in the army as a guard so did you think you would ever leave it and become a husband and a father?

When I first started dreaming of Hayden, I didn’t worry about it too much. It can take a few years to find the one you dream of; Quelondain is a big place, after all. It was after I ran into Tantara while out scouting that things started to seem a bit dismal. I rescued her from a pack of Maj and she brought me home to tend to my wounds and fix me a meal. When she explained to me she was one of the Wedelven guards sent to watch over the Chosen One I told her I was trying to find where she might cross from so I could get her back to Queen Melana. Tantara showed me a picture of her and Hayden that had been taken in the other world. I can’t even begin to explain the shock I felt when I realized that the woman in my dreams was the one who was going to either save or destroy us all. I must say that at that point, things seemed bleak. Not only was I fated to the Chosen One, she wasn’t even in this world and who knew when she was going to come back.

As for leaving the guard, well, no. It never occurred to me that I would leave it. Most guards that fate stay on. Of course, being fated to Hayden changes things a bit. The woman is never safe! I can’t leave her alone for two minutes without someone trying to abduct her. There’s also the fact that when she and I are apart, it hurts. Some fated couples feel a sort of emptiness when they’re apart. Hayden says she feels lost. For me, it hurts.

Since meeting Hayden, life for me has changed drastically. For the better. I love her. I love my life with her. Spending the rest of my life living in the peace and quiet of our clearing is the one thing that makes me happy.

Luke now you get to answer some questions about Jasper and do be honest because inquiring minds want to know.

Luke: What was it like growing up with Jasper?

Interesting and quite normal, I would think. We weren’t a normal family by everyone else’s description, but we were normal to us. Jasper was that annoying little brother and Jane was the overprotective sister. Baby Jared, well, baby Jared was a gem.

Was hunting fun with Jasper seeing as you two are not the same. Jasper is a Tiger and you are a Wolf so how did you guys hunt and what did you hunt for?

It made it interesting, to say the least. As humans, I’m taller than Jasper, but when we shift, well, a tiger has quite a bit more bulk than a wolf. I was usually the one that flushed out what we were hunting for and Jasper and Dad would take it down. Most of the time we hunted deer. They’re the biggest prey and we had a lot of mouths to feed at home. If Jasper and I went out on our own, we could bring a doe down by ourselves, or we stuck to smaller prey like rabbits.

Was it hard for you to get along with Jasper growing up? Does Jasper have a temper?

It was never hard to get along with Jasper. Other than the usual brotherly spats, we’ve always gotten along. As for his temper, well, I’ll have to go with yes and no. He’s a great man. He cares about everyone. Having said that, if you go out of your way to hurt someone he loves, chances are you won’t live to do it to anyone else.

Was Jasper a joker or was serious growing up?

He’s the serious one. He’s not a stick in the mud by any means, but he’s definitely the serious one.

Okay so Luke I asked Jasper some personal questions and I promise not to tell Mel but I am sure all the ladies want to know a few things.

Did you date growing up?

No. Not at all. I was the only wolf in an area filled with cats. If I’d dated, the chances of someone realizing what I was would have been much greater. It wasn’t so bad, though. I had my fated dream of Mel when I was fifteen and was lucky enough to find her shortly afterwards.

How was it growing up in a family of Tigers?

Noisy. We were a happy family and you know what cats do when they’re happy, yeah? They purr.

Tell us seven random things about you.

One; even though Dad had always been clear that I was a wolf, I was still a bit shocked when I shifted for the first time and found that I wasn’t a tiger.

Two; family, above all else, is important to me.

Three; my favorite place to be is in the Blue Woods.

Four; my favorite food is deer steak, but only if Mel uses her special spice she refuses to give me to recipe to.

Five; I can’t stand yoll eggs. I find they taste like dirt.

Six; it doesn’t matter that I know there’s something in the Wedelven River, every time I see it, I want to go for a swim.

And seven; well, I have no idea. Oh, wait… This is my very first interview. Ever.

Okay guys now that I know a little about you and thanks for being so candid with me I would like to ask you some questions about the ladies in your life.

Jasper: when you saw Hayden what were your first thoughts about her?

The first thing I remember thinking when I saw Hayden was ‘by the moons, you found her’! My second thought was that she had the most amazing eyes I’d ever seen.

Did you know she was your soul mate?

Yes. I’d been dreaming of her for the past six years. Actually finding her was quite simply mind blowing.

Are you happy you guys decided to be together?

Most definitely. She’s my life. We have discussed on more than one occasion whether or not it would be best for her to go back to her other world. We’ve even tried it once when we were trying to keep her safe. It’s just too painful.

This question is hard to ask but how do you feel not being able to have children with Hayden?

I love Hayden. When we realized we weren’t going to be able to have children, it was devastating. It’s something we’ve both wanted. Having said that, I’m grateful to have her and I’m perfectly happy spending the rest of my life with her in my arms.

What is your favorite thing to do with Hayden?

Sitting. I love when we sit and she leans back against my chest. I can feel her breathe and she always does this little sigh when I wrap my arms around her. We don’t even have to talk. Just sitting, touching, is enough.

Last but not least how do you really feel about all those guys throwing themselves at Hayden ;)

I suppose some men might get upset. Of course, no other man has the ability to feel what his wife or mate is feeling all the time. Now, I can’t be one hundred percent positive since I can’t tell how they feel, but I think it’s safe to say that most of the men are drawn to Hayden because she’s the Chosen One. By that, I don’t mean that they’d like her for their own because of the power or status. I’m actually fairly certain that it has to do with that certain quality that she has. She doesn’t mean to do it, but I think she calls to people, mostly men, because she needs guardians; beings that will love her and fight for her so she can be successful in her quest. Now, the reason I’m not jealous, is the simple fact that Hayden can’t hide how she feels from me and I know that even though she loves all of them, it’s not the same kind of love she feels for me.

Luke: When you saw Mel what were your first thoughts about her?

The very first thing I thought when I saw her just outside of Growlen was that she was so much more beautiful in person than she was in my dreams.

Are you happy you found your soul mate?

Most definitely. Mel is amazing. If I could have picked who my mate was, I would have picked her.

What makes Mel such a great wife and mother?

Her friendship and dedication. She’s the most loving of mothers to the twins. It’s the way she runs the house and keeps things moving smoothly no matter what kind of mess is happening around us. She’s simply amazing. I know I already said that, but really, she is. I love her dearly.

Will you guys try and have more children or are you done?

When the twins were six she went into heat. Unfortunately I was on patrols at the time and so we missed that chance to add to our family. Should she come into heat again and I’m around, we’ll be sure to take advantage of it, I’m sure.

What is your favorite thing to do with Mel?

Drink tea. I know, it sounds stupid, yeah? But really. It goes to the very first day I met her. We were both a little frazzled about finding each other and so she made tea so we could talk. From that day on, it’s been a ritual for us. She makes great tea.

Thank you guys for visiting A Diary of a Book Addict and thank you for being so honest and candid with us.

Jasper: It was our pleasure, Tee.

Luke: Most definitely.

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