Saturday, March 14, 2015

Around The World ARC Tours Presents Don’t Ever Change by M. Beth Bloom

About The Book:

Eva has always wanted to write a modern classic—one that actually appeals to her generation. The only problem is that she has realized she can't "write what she knows" because she hasn't yet begun to live. So before heading off to college, Eva is determined to get a life worth writing about.

Soon Eva's life encounters a few unexpected plot twists. She becomes a counselor at a nearby summer camp—a job she is completely unqualified for. She starts growing apart from her best friends before they've even left for school. And most surprising of all, she begins to fall for the last guy she would have ever imagined. But no matter the roadblocks, or writer's blocks, it is all up to Eva to figure out how she wants this chapter in her story to end.

Perfect for fans of E. Lockhart, David Levithan, and Rainbow Rowell,Don't Ever Change is a witty, snarky, and thought-provoking coming-of-age young adult novel about a teen who sets out to write better fiction and, ultimately, discovers the truth about herself.

ebook, 368 pages

Expected publication: July 7th 2015 by HarperTeen


This book is a great read for those of you who are graduating high school and going off to college. This is called the in between time where you are no longer considered a child but going into adulthood. I laughed at some of the things that Eva did and some of her choices she made. Making adult decisions was not always easy for her and she soon found out that life is not a book that can be written but a story that unfolds days by day and only when you become an adult can you write about teenage things.

Eva finds herself at a job she has never done and is trying so hard to do it. She has purposed in her mind that she is going to make something of herself before college begins so she can go to college knowing she did something and it was productive instead of hanging out with her friends doing nothing all summer.

What Eva finds out about herself is priceless and will help her during her years of college. This is one story you will love and never forget.

About Author:

M. Beth Bloom is a musician, video artist, and writer. Her fiction has appeared in StoryQuarterly and Dave Eggers's Best American Non-Required Reading series. She lives in Los Angeles.

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