Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Double By Jenny Valentine Review

Double by Jenny Valentine
Happy Release day to Double! Thank you to Netgalley for allowing me to read and review Double. This book captured my eye very early on and I was glad I was able to read it early.

Jenny Valentine is BRILLIANT! I could not out down Double. I needed to keep reading until I found out what happened. Man oh man Double had me on the edge of my seat and the ending was EPIC!

Chap is in a home after losing his grandfather when someone recognizes who he is. Only he is not sure who he is. He knows he has no family or friends and hasn't for a long time so he is not sure who this person is they say he is. But Chap wants out of that horrible place so he agrees with what he is told and is taken back to his supposed family. Once he gets there though he realizes that things are not always as they seem and he sets out to try and unravel the mystery that lays before him.

Moving into a life that is unknown to Chap he assumes the identity of Cassiel who has been missing for two years. As he begins to live his life he realizes that things are not what they seem. People look at him strange and they say he has changed because he does not act the same as he did. He has a sister and a brother and he is not quite sure how to act because he is hiding a secret from them and does not want to expose himself for what he is. As he is getting used to his new home he stumbles upon a guy who says he knows what happened and they soon set out to uncover what happened.

What will Chap do? Will he become someone else in order to have a different life? Will his new family now who he is? What happens when the truth comes out. I really can't say enough about this story without giving away spoilers but if you like mysteries you WILL LOVE this book!
Cassiel and Damiel Roadnight

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