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Stop E-Piracy Blog Tour Stop

First I would like to thank Mia Castille for sharing her thoughts about E-Piracy. I hold this near and dear to me even though I am not an author I support their work. I can not stand when people say oh can you share that pdf file with me? NO it is STEALING and I love all Indie Authors and support them so I NEVER EVER share what is not mines!

Title: Don't Be An Arg-ly Pirate

For this article, we're going to do a little exercise. Close your eyes, no wait! Don't close your eyes. You already did, didn't you? I'll wait until your eyes are open before we continue . . . *tapping foot* . . . OK, let's start over.

First scenario: Imagine your dream job, dream class, and dream project. Imagine that you've poured your heart and soul into that project for said class or job. Imagine it took months maybe even years to craft such a master piece. You pushed your own boundaries; you created a life in that project. Then on the day of your presentation, unveiling, or demonstration, everyone already had it, in their hands and knew what you were presenting. How would that make you feel?

Second scenario: Imagine that you are hosting the hottest party your town has ever seen. It's an invite only, to get an invitation, people have to purchase it. These tickets are special, with holographic images and personalized invites; we're talking high-tech. You dropped tons of money on food, drinks, entertainment and venue. Let's say you sell a hundred tickets. On the day of the party, however, instead of everyone going to your party, they go to another party exactly like yours because they downloaded free copies of the invitations off of a website.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

Many experts say that the piracy of e-books isn't as severe as music and movie piracy. They claim that because the publishing industry was already creating e-books, readers have the alternative. (It took the music industry years to begin producing their music in MP3 form.) They also say what does it hurt when all these indie and self-published authors sell their books for $0.99. to that I say, "BLEH!" A little immature I know, but stealing is stealing. In ancient days, a thief would get their hand chopped off when they were caught stealing, whether it was an apple or gold coins. Now I'm not saying to chop hands off, but when did we forget that if it's wrong on a large scale it's wrong on a small scale.

I'm not going to lie. I've ripped music off of my friend's CD's before. *I never used Napster, because as embarrassing as it is to admit I didn't completely understand it* I've watched bootleg movies. If I were to sit here and say that I didn't it would be like a president denying that he smoked pot. Any of them. Everyone did it, does it, has done it. That doesn't make it right. I didn't understand what the big deal was, until I was on the other end. When you pirate e-books, it hurts the publisher (traditional, indie, or s-p) it steals from the author who poured their heart and soul into those words. Heart and soul, I bleed for my characters, laugh and cry with them. If you've ever had something that you valued so fiercely you might understand how damaging it could be to learn people are stealing your work.

"So it's one book, that Author is making millions." Not really, especially if they are indie or s-p. I have yet to become a hundred-aire, let alone a thousand-aire . . . you get the idea.

We write, not to become famous, but to share a story. We write so that the reader can escape, or doesn't feel alone. We want to connect with readers and show them that we're all the same.

Have I enlightened your mind yet?

To make it right, here are a few things you can do:

1. Purchase the books you've stolen, and for brownie points recommend the books you've stolen by writing reviews on your blog, Amazon, goodreads, shelfarie. ect. And recommend them to all of your friends.
2. Request the books at your local library. It's really hard for an indie author to break into Libraries, especially if there's no demand for it. Help us out.
3. (This one is severe) Become an anti-piracy advocate. Stand up when you witness acts of piracy. Don't just sit back and let it happen. Sometimes it's hard to do the right thing when everyone else doesn't. Show your character, and be a leader.

Final point: Most indie authors will give their e-book to you for an honest review. I know I will. It doesn't even have to be a good review, though I do LOVE those, but an honest review. With technology, you can connect with even traditionally published authors, who might develop a soft spot for you. I guess, my main point here is, think before you act. Think about the impact of your actions, how you would feel if it happened to you, and how to make a difference.

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Awesome post! Thank you for supporting authors, especially indie authors (the hundred-aires). :)