Monday, April 1, 2013

BB Tours Presents The Color Keepers by Catriona Creehan

The Color Keepers by Catriona Creehan 
Revamped with a BRAND NEW COVER!!

Revised & expanded with NEVER BEFORE SEEN CONTENT!!!! 

Cover by PhatPuppy Art

The Color Keepers by Catriona Creehan

Expanded/Revised Release: May 1, 2013

Hoping to have a good change and good ending to go with it, Emily, a 16- year-old girl from Ohio, has moved to sunny California.

Moving to a new town can be scary, especially a new school. So when Sam, the most popular kid there, looks her way, she can't believe this is happening to her. 

Everything seems to be working out fine. That is, until her mother buys an enchanted mirror by mistake.

Suddenly, Emily finds herself in a whole new world, full of talking animals, magic and more change than she was hoping for.

With the help of her new crush, Sam, and her annoyingly goofy 12-year-old brother James, Emily sets out to save their world and ours.

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