Saturday, February 16, 2019

Netgalley Review of All The Promises We Break by Brenda Benny


How do you move forward from a night that changes everything if you can’t even remember it? 

With high school finally over, and her long-awaited South American adventure just around the corner, Savannah expects to wind up in the arms of her first real love Chase at the end of tonight’s party.

Instead, she wakes up on the bathroom floor. 
She knows she wasn’t alone.
Except she can’t remember any of it.

Chase is nowhere to be found. And the only one picking up the pieces is her outrageous and unpredictable best friend, Pete. Amidst the devastating emotional wreckage of sexual assault, Savannah struggles to fit together the jigsaw puzzle of before and after, while shielding the truth from everyone around her.

Will the worst night of her life keep Savannah from her dreams of first love and finding the road less travelled? 

All the Promises We Break is the first of a two book series that follows Savannah through a tragic 1990’s night that tears her apart from her first young love, only to set in motion a chain of events that will lead them back to one another, years later in the sequel, to reveal if the healing process can truly offer a second chance at first love.


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If there is music in the book I’m writing, I often make a playlist to listen to during the process. This is a compilation of songs that appear in All The Promises We Break, as well as others that played in my head during scenes. Find the Playlist on my Spotify page.

My Review:


This book should come with a serious warning because man when I was reading I was thinking this should be a new adult or college age book but then I thought about it some more and I realized that this does happen to high school girls and boys and it is hidden and not talked about very often. So the more I read the more I was sad for Savannah because she was the one violated and her best friend and boyfriend did not speak to her. They acted like she didn't even exist and that pissed me off so bad because that is a rotten thing to do to your girlfriend and best friend.

Savannah did have one positive person on her side and boy oh boy did I love him. Her other best friend Pete he stayed by her side and talked to her and helped her get through the tough times. This story really had me crying and yelling at my kindle and I need to know what is going to happen in book two. I need it like ASAP so I can see how Chase redeems himself if he does at all because what he did in my eyes in effed up and unforgivable. 

Author Bio:

Brenda Benny

After a couple university degrees and some world travel, Brenda Benny settled down to a life of helping others communicate their stories. One day she decided to start writing her own.

When she’s not shining in the glow of a computer screen, she can be found warming up in the sun after a freezing cold lake swim, chilling with friends at an outdoor music festival, skate skiing on a sunny day, or hiking to the summit because it’s there. She believes that dark chocolate and tortilla chips are two overlooked food groups.

Brenda is lucky enough to live amongst the awesome lakes and forests of Muskoka Ontario Canada with her husband, two sons, and their guinea pig named Chocolate.