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Return to Me by Justina Chen Headley Book Review

Three months before Rebecca Muir is set to begin college, her father reveals a secret that tears the family apart: he is leaving them.

In an instant, Rebecca’s life crumbles—she has to rely on her mother now, when her whole life she’s been her father’s girl; she’s not sure she can trust her high school boyfriend; and her carefully planned-out life suddenly feels all wrong.

Reb’s journey takes her across the country and back, and is for anyone who has experienced uncertainty or betrayal. This book will inspire readers to overcome life’s challenges and come out triumphant on the other side.


5 OF 5

Return To Me is one of those books that stays with you long after you read it. This is the first book I have read from Justina and it won't be the last. I am thankful to Around The World ARC Tours for allowing me to read and review this book. This is a book every girl should read.

In Return to Me Rebecca is in her senior year of high school and she is planning on her future and where she will go to college. She has been accepted into a college and her plans are set for her future and where she will go from there. Then a few monkey bars come into the picture. Rebecca never ever thought she would fall in love and start dating someone in her senior year but she does. She falls head over heels for Jackson and it scares her because she will be leaving her home town to go to college and Jackson still has one more year of school left.

As if that is not hard enough her mother springs it on her that the entire family is moving with her to the college town. Rebecca is mortified and can't think straight because she had her whole life mapped out and now her mother is telling them they are all moving together and she is floored. What is a girl to do when she wants to get away from her family and spread her wings and fly solo? Then she realizes something is wrong when they all move from her home town and her father starts acting weird.

It doesn't take long for Rebecca to find out why her father is acting weird when he sits them down and springs the news on the family that he is leaving the family to pursue his needs and his likes. The family is devastated and Rebecca is left to pick up the pieces of her mothers broken heart. As Rebecca starts to help her family through this ordeal she will learn about true love and sacrificing. She will learn to open up to her mother and let go of her close relationship with her father. She has always been daddies little girl and when he leaves the family she is crushed but with a little bit of faith and a lot of help she and her family will over come this tragedy that hits them. In the end love conquers all.

This is a SUMMER MUST READ! Justina has done such a great job at story telling you will be enthralled with this book and will not be able to put it down. Happy Reading on the beach!

Once (Eve, #2) by Anna Carey Book Review

When you're being hunted, who can you trust?

For the first time since she escaped from her school many months ago, Eve can sleep soundly. She's living in Califia, a haven for women, protected from the terrifying fate that awaits orphaned girls in The New America.

But her safety came at a price: She was forced to abandon Caleb, the boy she loves, wounded and alone at the city gates. When Eve gets word that Caleb is in trouble, she sets out into the wild again to rescue him, only to be captured and brought to the City of Sand, the capital of The New America.

Trapped inside the City walls, Eve uncovers a shocking secret about her past--and is forced to confront the harsh reality of her future. When she discovers Caleb is alive, Eve attempts to flee her prison so they can be together--but the consequences could be deadly. She must make a desperate choice to save the ones she loves . . . or risk losing Caleb forever.

In this breathless sequel to "Eve," Anna Carey returns to her tale of romance, adventure, and sacrifice in a world that is both wonderfully strange and chillingly familiar.

       MY REVIEW


I have to say this straight off Once is one of those sequels you will enjoy and not be able to put it down. I read Eve and loved it but I was left wanting more and so when I had the chance to read Once I jumped at it and I am so glad I did. I want to thank Around The World ARC Tours for allowing me to read this ARC.

In Once it picks up right where Eve left off. Poor Eve has found out the truth of her school and after running and meeting Caleb she finds out that there is so much she did not know. It is hard for her at first to trust Caleb but in the end she does and as she opens up to him she falls in love with him. But as they find out survival is truly about to put a damper in their relationship.

Eve is in the women's camp Califia and while there she learns a few things that makes her question everything she knows and everything she does. She will have to fight for Caleb and she will also be thrown a few curve balls in the love department. She will have to chose between the love of her and someone who has come into the picture who is smart and funny and artistic. When it comes to matters of the heart Eve will have to decide and the decision is not one that will be made easily.

The king is also out to get Eve. He has a bounty on her and she is not sure why he wants her dead. When she is captured and brought before him Eve finds out some serious secrets and begins to question everything she knows and everything she has been told. What will Eve do? How will she feel? Will she be able to survive these secrets that have been kept from her? I need book three like yesterday because this series has picked up and the players involved all have decisions they need to make that will make them or break them. Rise comes out April 03, 2013!



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The Raven Boys (Raven Cycle #1) by Maggie Stiefvater Book Review

“There are only two reasons a non-seer would see a spirit on St. Mark’s Eve,” Neeve said. “Either you’re his true love . . . or you killed him.”

It is freezing in the churchyard, even before the dead arrive.

Every year, Blue Sargent stands next to her clairvoyant mother as the soon-to-be dead walk past. Blue herself never sees them—not until this year, when a boy emerges from the dark and speaks directly to her.

His name is Gansey, and Blue soon discovers that he is a rich student at Aglionby, the local private school. Blue has a policy of staying away from Aglionby boys. Known as Raven Boys, they can only mean trouble.

But Blue is drawn to Gansey, in a way she can’t entirely explain. He has it all—family money, good looks, devoted friends—but he’s looking for much more than that. He is on a quest that has encompassed three other Raven Boys: Adam, the scholarship student who resents all the privilege around him; Ronan, the fierce soul who ranges from anger to despair; and Noah, the taciturn watcher of the four, who notices many things but says very little.

For as long as she can remember, Blue has been warned that she will cause her true love to die. She never thought this would be a problem. But now, as her life becomes caught up in the strange and sinister world of the Raven Boys, she’s not so sure anymore.

From Maggie Stiefvater, the bestselling and acclaimed author of theShiver trilogy and The Scorpio Races, comes a spellbinding new series where the inevitability of death and the nature of love lead us to a place we’ve never been before.


       MY REVIEW
I would like to thank Around The World ARC Tours for allowing me to read and review The Raven Boys. Maggie has a way with words and her story telling captures you right from the start and holds you to the end. You can't stop reading because you need to find out what is going to happen in the end.

TRB is a story laced with legends and myths and psychic premonitions. Blue lives in a small town where there is a private boys school. The rich and elite send their boys to this school and blue has two rules about The Aglionby School and The Raven Boys and that is to NEVER EVER date an Aglionby Boy and stay clear of The Raven Boys because they are nothing but trouble. This is going to be a hard thing to do when Blue and her mother go to the cemetery for St Mark's Eve.

On the Eve of St Mark's Eve while Blue and her mother are at the cemetery something happens to Blue that sets of a series of events that Blue and her family and the raven boys will go through. Blue will meet the shy Adam who likes her and gets her because he has secrets he is holding in. Then there is Noah who looks like death and keeps to himself. Then there is Gansey who is like the leader of the boys who is on a quest to find Glendower and some powerful ley lines. And Ronan who is the resident bad boy and totally swoon worthy boy! Lord he is such a tormented soul. Together this unlikely pack will have to unravel the mystery of the ley line and figure out what it means to follow your heart and be true to yourself.

Come along on this mythical ride where clues are left for the gang to solve and someone's death will hit this group hard and learn what it means to give total trust over to someone else. Maggie has set up Another world where you will not be able to stop reading and when you do it will leave you breathless and panting wanting more and more.Come along and find out what all the hoopla is about!

           About this author
All of Maggie Stiefvater's life decisions have been based around her inability to be gainfully employed. Talking to yourself, staring into space, and coming to work in your pajamas are frowned upon when you're a waitress, calligraphy instructor, or technical editor (all of which she's tried), but are highly prized traits in novelists and artists. She's made her living as one or the other since she was 22. She now lives an eccentric life in the middle of nowhere, Virginia with her charmingly straight-laced husband, two kids, two neurotic dogs, and a 1973 Camaro named Loki.

You can reach Maggie Stiefvater at the following places:

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Back to You by Natalie-Nicole Bates Virtual Book Trailer Tour

                                                Virtual Book Trailer Tour
Book Title: Back To You
Author: Natalie-Nicole Bates
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Publisher: Bradley Publishing
Publication Date: January 30th, 2012
Words: 26,000

Book Description:
"On the surface, Lynsey Reznor seems to have it all. She is beautiful, brilliant, and a successful true-crime writer who has been living the past decade in Miami. But what Lynsey lacks is what she needs the most—a family.

After the death of her mother, and yet another failed relationship, Lynsey makes an impulsive decision to return to her hometown of Unity. But Unity will present its own bittersweet memories, most notably, her first love, Nick Lincoln.

Twenty years ago, Nick broke teenager Lynsey’s heart when he decided to marry another. He had his own private reasons—reasons he never explained to Lynsey. Now she is back, along with a chance to reclaim her love. But Lynsey wants answers from him that he may never be able to give out of duty and guilt.”

Buy Link:
Bradley Publishing:

When he heard her, he came to her, took her into his arms, and kissed her. It was a comfort that he wasn’t regretting their lovemaking. She didn’t think she could handle being rejected by him twice in her lifetime.

“Do you have to leave soon?” she asked.

“I’m sorry. I don’t want to, but I have to.” He went to the stove and prepared her a cup of coffee. “I think we should start planning our wedding. We could be married at Christmas.”

She was taken aback. Is this his proposal? This was supposed to be so romantic and memorable, not talk about planning a Christmas wedding while he stirred a cup of coffee.

“Do you even want to get married?” She took the coffee mug he offered. “I mean, it wasn’t that long ago that you told me you weren’t sure you ever wanted to be married again. You said you didn’t see fatherhood in your future, and Nick, I want a baby…more than one. I grew up as an only child and I was so alone. I don’t want my child to have to experience that.”

“Well, I didn’t use a condom last night. You could be pregnant right now,” was his reply.

Heaviness descended upon her heart. This was so not how she wanted this morning to be, and certainly not the marriage proposal she had dreamed of. “I’m on the Pill—I won’t get pregnant if that’s all you’re worried about.”

“I’m sorry, that’s not the only reason we should get married.”

“Then why?” she asked suspiciously.

He let out an exaggerated sigh. “Lynsey, I don’t have time to get into this with you right now. What do you want me to say in the five minutes I have before I leave for work?”

She couldn’t believe his glib attitude. “How about saying something to me like…‘I love you, Lynsey, and I made a tremendous mistake by not marrying you twenty years ago?’ That would take you less than thirty seconds to say, and you could have easily gotten to your precious job on time.”

Suddenly his jaw set and his eyes narrowed. “I didn’t make a mistake by not marrying you twenty years ago! I let you go to become a success in life—and you did. I can’t regret that!”

“So, what I thought all these years was correct. I was nothing to you but a quick and easy way to shed your virginity.” Just saying the words was devastating.

“That’s not it at all,” he vehemently insisted. “You were always so intelligent. I mean, you were a sixteen-year-old senior in high school! Just how many grades did you skip over, anyway?”

“Two,” she answered in a low voice.

“Do you know what would have happened if I hadn’t married Kelly?” He didn’t wait for her reply. “I’ll tell you what. You and I would have been ostracized by everyone in this town! We would have had to be married right away, and we would have had to live with your mother, because I had no money.”

“My mother loved you. She would have been happy to have us live with her,” she interjected.

“And we were so na├»ve, Lynsey. You would have graduated high school with either a big belly, or a baby in your arms…if you had graduated at all.”

She crossed her arms over her breasts and looked at the floor. She was too afraid that if she looked at him she would break down. “Some of the girls in school were married. A few of them had babies.”

He lifted her chin and forced her to make eye contact with him. “And you were too smart to be stuck in this town, and just another housewife. You would have become bored and resentful.”

“I wouldn’t have known the difference,” she countered.

“I had serious doubts then. I still have doubts now,” he admitted.

Her dark lashes flew upward. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“I believe that you will become bored and restless in Unity and will want to go back to Florida or maybe California. I have a job and a family here, Lynsey. I don’t ever want to give that up. I’m afraid that we’ll have a child, and you’ll take my baby and leave. I can not allow that to happen.”

She couldn’t believe what he was saying. Nothing was further from the truth. “Do you think I would have sunk so much of my savings into that house just to abandon it? I would never, ever do what you’re saying. But if circumstances changed, I would expect you to support what was best for our family. Couples who are committed make sacrifices for each other!”

It was becoming clearer and clearer that things were rapidly falling apart between them.

“Lynsey, didn’t what happened between us last night mean anything to you?” he asked.

She chuckled unpleasantly. “I suppose that with us living in such close proximity, last night was inevitable. But don’t worry about it happening again, Nick. When you get home this evening, I won’t be here.”

“Where are you going to be?”

She wanted to hurt Nick like she was now hurting. “I’m sure that Caleb wouldn’t mind me bunking down at his house for a week or two.”

“Over my dead body,” he seethed. “I will drag you away from him kicking and screaming if it comes to it. I’ll handcuff you to my bed if need be. Believe me, Lynsey, I’ll do it!” He flopped down into a kitchen chair and buried his face in his hands.

“I have to go now, Nick. I’m meeting your sister for breakfast. Listen to me. You need to pull yourself together. In your line of work, bad things happen when you lose your concentration.”

When he didn’t reply, she let out a sigh of resignation and headed for the door. At the last minute she turned to him. “Thanks for almost making it happen between us.”

Book Trailer:

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Retro Geeks by Karen Mueller Bryson Blog Tour Stop

Retro Geeks is a Short on Time Books for Teens, fast-paced and fun novels for readers on the go. Remember when it wasn't cool to be a geek? That's so yesterday! Retro Geeks, chronicles the (mis)adventures of two self-proclaimed geek girls, Molly and Ally, as they attempt to land super-hot dates for their senior prom. The 80s obsessed BFFs attempt a variety of date-finding schemes, including spying on the popular girls for the 411 on fitting in, in their quest for top-tier prom dates.

       MY REVIEW

A huge thank you to YA Bound for allowing to read and review this book as well as being on this tour. When I read the blurb I was so excited to read this book that when I got it I devoured it in one sitting and it left me wanting more and more. I love these kinds of stories that have a hidden meaning behind it and make you want more. I could feel the 80's music and I could feel the importance of friendship.

Retro Geeks is a SUMMER MUST READ! Man oh man it was a fast read but one I could not put down. I love 80's music and could relate to Molly and Ana because when I went to school I stayed to myself and only had one best friend and she did not even go to school with me. I laughed and cried through this book because at times it was funny and at times it was serious.

Molly and Ana are best friend's who love 80's retro music but they are in their senior year of high school and they want to date and go to the prom so they devise this plan to have an epic senior year. Along the way they hit some bumps and road blocks but in the end friendship is more important than anything else.

My last love of this book is Tucker. Lord oh Lord Tucker is my cowboy sweet heart! Man I need a Tucker in my life. He was so sweet and innocent lord I could have wrapped him up and taken him home. This story is a cute story that will stay with for a long time and I recommend this to book to everyone! Happy Reading Retro Style!

This song was one of my favorites of the 80's Janet Jackson Nasty

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Summer 2013 Upcoming Release By Spencer Hill

Title: Triangles
Author: Kimberly Ann Miller
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press (
Release Date: June 18, 2013
Formats: Paper, e-book
A cruise ship. A beautiful island. Two sexy guys. What could possibly go wrong?

In the Bermuda Triangle—a lot.

Hoping to leave behind the reminders of her crappy life--her father's death years ago, her mother's medical problems, and the loser who’s practically stalking her--seventeen-year-old Autumn Taylor hops on a ship with her sister for a little distraction. When she wakes up in the Bermuda Triangle, she fears she's gone nuts for more than one reason: that loser’s suddenly claiming they're a happy couple... a hot guy is wrapping his arms around her and saying "Happy Anniversary"... and suddenly, she’s full of bruises, losing her hair, and getting IV medication. Autumn visits the ship's doctor, hoping for a pill or a shot to make the craziness go away. Instead, she's warned that these "alternate realities" could become permanent.

She just has to ask herself one question—how the hell is she going to get out of this mess?

Author website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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The Fallen Queen (The House of Arkhangel'sk #1) Book Review

                                             Heaven can go to hell.

Until her cousin slaughtered the supernal family, Anazakia’s father ruled the Heavens, governing noble Host and Fallen peasants alike. Now Anazakia is the last grand duchess of the House of Arkhangel’sk, and all she wants is to stay alive.

Hunted by Seraph assassins, Anazakia flees Heaven with two Fallen thieves—fire demon Vasily and air demon Belphagor, each with their own nefarious agenda—who hide her in the world of Man. The line between vice and virtue soon blurs, and when Belphagor is imprisoned, the unexpected passion of Vasily warms her through the Russian winter.

Heaven seems a distant dream, but when Anazakia learns the truth behind the celestial coup, she will have to return to fight for the throne—even if it means saving the man who murdered everyone she loved.

          MY REVIEW


First I would like to THANK Danielle at Entangled for allowing me to read and review this book. The Fallen Queen was the first Fantasy book I have ever read and I have to say I LOVED it! Some of the stuff in it had me cringing but I have an open literary mind so I kept reading and I am so glad I did because at the end of the day I really enjoyed the story.

In The Fallen Queen all Anazakia wants to do is survive because she is the last of her family. She flees Heaven with two demons Vasily and Belphagor. As she is on the run she realizes she must go back and fight for her place in order to keep the chaos out and bring order back to her home. Vasily will keep her company and she learns to trust him. What will Anazakia do when she gets back to her home? Will she fight or flee? Will she reign in an age where ruling is hard?

I have to warn you that this book does have some issues in it than can be offensive to some but they are real issues and Jane does it with such tact you don't even realize what your reading until you have read it and then say wow did I just read that. I have read a few men with men books and I have to say these authors are clever and there writing is superb and I would recommend this read to adults only because they will enjoy it. Plus if your HUGE on Fantasy this book is for you!

Jane thank you for writing this book and sharing this story for readers like myself who love a good love story and throw in some SWOON worthy men I am in like Flynn!


                ABOUT JANE
Jane began writing romantic fantasy novellas at the age of 12 in the wayback of a Plymouth Fury—which, as far as she recalls, never killed anyone…who didn’t have it coming. Born in Billings, Montana, she was soon whisked away to Tucson, Arizona where she spent most of her childhood ruining her eyes reading romance novels in the sun and watching Star Trek marathons in the dark. Although she was repeatedly urged to learn a marketable skill in case she couldn’t find a man to marry her, she received a B.A. in Creative Writing anyway from the University of Arizona.

She now lives in San Francisco with her son Samson, two feline overlords who are convinced she is constantly plotting their death, and a cockatiel named Imhotep who punishes her for sins in a past life (and whom she frequently imagines tastily smoked, dried, and splayed on a stick like omul fished from Lake Baikal).

Her pen name was inspired by the twin sister of Philip K. Dick who died shortly after their birth, and by whom he felt haunted until the end of his life.


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Caterpillar (The Metamorphosis Trilogy, #1) by Kate Oliver Blog Tour Stop

In a small college town in northern California, a lonely young man is working himself to the bone to solve a sixty-year-old problem ... a stranger with a will of iron and eyes the color of ice is searching for someone he can't identify ... and a girl who loves plants is about to grow roots of her own.

When Cara Gallagher's parents are transferred overseas again, she's off to spend her senior year of high school living with her sister, a graduate student at the famed McNair University. Cara, a girl with a passion for science and an indifference to people, hopes this move will be her first step in claiming the independence she craves. Cara has her future planned down to the letter: her college, her major, her career.

Then she saves Will Mallory's life, and both of their futures are completely rewritten.

The last years of Will's life have been spent shifting from one identity to the next, dodging the FBI, and trying desperately to find a way home. But Will's home is forty-four light years away, and to reach it he'll have to outwit the man who's hunting him--and leave behind the only love he's ever known.

       MY REVIEW

A Huge THANK YOU to YA Bound for allowing me to be a part of this tour. Caterpillar is one of those stories that will stay with you long after you have read it. I have to admit that the book cover threw me because it speaks of nothing in the book. Usually I am a cover girl. I know I know I am shallow like that but lord knows I love a good cover and if the cover is off I wait and see what the reviewers are saying. I have to say this cover grabbed me from the beginning and the blurb did the book justice so I took a chance and decided to read this book and I am so so glad I did.

Imagine this you are entering into your senior year and you want nothing more than to stay under the radar and get good grades to go to the college of your dreams. You have everything mapped out and then your parents come in and say they are going overseas and you have to pack up and move in with your older sister. You are devastated to say the least but your a good daughter and sister and don't put up a fight and just go to your sisters house to live.

Will is running for his life because someone is trying to kill him. He is tired of changing so he can escape. He would like to go home but that is light years away and in order to make it home he has to out run this person who is trying to kill him. Then he meets Cara and his life is about to change for the good. He and Cara become friends and as their friendship grows they fall in love. But what cost is love? Will they be able to be together? What will Will do now that he has found Cara? Will he want to go home or will he want to stay with Cara?

Come along for a true ride on a love roller coaster. Where it will end no one knows but where it is headed is promising. Will Cara follow her heart or her dreams? Will the connection Cara and Will share be enough? This is the first book in the trilogy and I can't wait for book two!


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House Of Night Tenth Book Hidden Cover Reveal

Some of you may not know this but this was the first Vampire Series I had ever read that was YA. I fell in love with the gang and I have read every book. So today I happen to be cruising the internet and low and behold what do I find.......... Book Ten in The series cover! I dam near fell out of my chair at work so without further ado here is the new cover..........

Neferet’s true nature has been revealed to the Vampyre High Council, so Zoey and the gang might finally get some help in defending themselves and their beloved school against a gathering evil that grows stronger every day. And they’ll need it, because Neferet’s not going down without a fight. Chaos reigns at the House of Night.

Look at Zoey on the cover! The Book is on sale October 16, 2012

The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead Book Review

As you all know I am a HUGE fan of Richelle's Vampire Academy Series. So when I read that she was going to have a spin off series with Sydney and Adrian and the gang I jumped for joy. I absolutely love how Richelle builds the lives of the characters and has you routing for them even if they don't think something will happen. The Bloodlines Series is no different. So if you enjoyed Vampire Academy then you will LOVE Bloodlines.
The first book in Richelle Mead's brand-new teen fiction series - set in the same world as Vampire Academy.

When alchemist Sydney is ordered into hiding to protect the life of Moroi princess Jill Dragomir, the last place she expects to be sent is a human private school in Palm Springs, California. But at their new school, the drama is only just beginning.

Populated with new faces as well as familiar ones, Bloodlines explores all the friendship, romance, battles and betrayals that made the #1 New York Times bestselling Vampire Academy series so addictive - this time in a part-vampire, part-human setting where the stakes are even higher and everyone's out for blood.

Warning: This book is very addictive! Spellbinding!
My Rating: 5 of 5

My Cover Thoughts: I absolutely love the cover! Sydney is so beautiful with her tattoo and Adrian, well he is just HAWT!

My Thoughts/Review: I absolutely loved this book. I was told that it started out slow and then did not go so well as Vampire Academy. Well to the people that told me that I want to say you are CRAZY because Richelle did an excellent job with Sydney’s story.

Sydney is am alchemist and she was raised not to trust vampires so she is very cautious around them. This is her story where we get to see what the alchemists are thinking and how they work. We also see firsthand that no matter who you are you can still be fooled and you must always watch your back.

Sydney is in charge of keeping Jill safe from rouge Moroi. They are enrolled in a private boarding school where things start to go downhill fast for people. Plus Sydney must face her worst enemy and deal with some baggage she has carried for years. Then she has to deal with selfish, egotistical Adrian. What is a girl to do? Will she solve the mystery at hand or will she and Jill end up in trouble or worse yet dead?

This story started out action packed and kept me on the edge of my seat wanting more. Plus the ending was STELLAR!!!!!!!!!! I will not ruin it for those who have not read it but the last page is my favourite!

Memorable Quotes: Page 412-413 Adrian speaking to Sydney in the apartment:
Adrian says “My God, Sage. Your eyes. How have I never noticed them?” That uncomfortable feeling was spreading over me again. “What about them?” “The color.” He breathed. “When you stand in the light. They’re amazing molten gold. I could paint those...” He reached toward me but then pulled back. “They’re beautiful. You’re beautiful.”

Advice: This is a must read and if you loved Vampire Academy you are going to love this series as well.
The second thrilling installment in Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy spinoff series

Tough, brainy alchemist Sydney Sage and doe-eyed Moroi princess Jill Dragomir are in hiding at a human boarding school in the sunny, glamorous world of Palm Springs, California. The students--children of the wealthy and powerful--carry on with their lives in blissful ignorance, while Sydney, Jill, Eddie, and Adrian must do everything in their power to keep their secret safe. But with forbidden romances, unexpected spirit bonds, and the threat of Strigoi moving ever closer, hiding the truth is harder than anyone thought.

Populated with new faces as well as familiar ones, Richelle Mead's breathtaking Bloodlines series explores all the friendship, romance, battles, and betrayals that made the #1 New York Times bestselling Vampire Academy series so addictive. In this second book, the drama is hotter, the romances are steamier, and the stakes are even higher.

Richelle Mead has blown it out the water again! She never ceases to amaze me with her writing and leaving me wanting so much more. In this follow up to Bloodlines we get to see some new characters and we get to see some old ones. I could not put this book down lord I was up till 3am finishing it because I just had to see what happened to Sydney.

In The Golden Lily Sydney is faced with numerous issues and the most pressing is keeping Jill safe from the Moroi who want to kill her. Sydney, Jill, Eddie, Adrian, Dimitri, and Sonya, Angeline, Micah, Brayden, and Trey have so much going on in this book. I love how Richelle set it up each character has their own story to tell and Richelle does not disappoint when it comes to the work up of a romance. This review will be different because I want to give you short glimpses into all the characters lives and of course you know I have to save Adrian for last because he makes my heart speed up and I just can't concentrate when I think about those big green eyes...... you get the point I don't need to ramble.


Jill is finally getting used to boarding school. She is dating Micah and she has friends and things seem to be going well except for her bond with Adrian. It seems like sometimes he can hide his feelings through the bond but other times he can't and that is when Jill feels it the worst. School is going great and she has managed to make more friends but she worries for Adrian constantly and that leaves her in a fog. Plus she and Micah are getting serious and Sydney has warned her about getting to close to him because he is after all human. Poor Jill what will she do when she is faced with a huge decision that will affect her and the others around her?

Micah God Bless his soul because he looks just like Mason and every time Eddie looks at him he is seeing Mason all over again. Micah is smart and athletic and he loves Jill. He and Jill are dating and Micah is excited because in Bloodlines Jill was afraid to date him because she is a Vampire and no one can find out. Micah ever the gentleman loves spending time with Jill and her family and even goes so far as to include her in everything he does at school. Together they make a great couple and Micah even invites Jill home for Thanksgiving.

Angeline lord she is as crazy a Dhampir as ever. She has taken on the task of protecting Jill and she has to learn how to fight like a Dhampir because she is used to savage fighting and Eddie has told her that she needs to think and act like a guardian and pay attention to all things around Jill. This becomes hard for Angeline because at times she is not comfortable around everyone but in the end she and Eddie practice and she is able to hold her own. Plus she has a crush on someone and she is willing to do anything to get their attention.

Eddie oh Eddie he has pined over Jill since she came to court. He knows that as a Dhampir he can never be more than just friends but he longs to be with her and every time he sees her with Micah his roommate he is forced to swallow his feelings for her. Eddie is first and foremost her Guardian and will do whatever is in his powers to keep Jill safe from all harm. He has a distraction from his pinning of Jill because he has to teach Angeline how to fight like a Guardian and he has to teach Angeline how to spot danger. Plus Angeline is really fun to be around. At times she can be to much but he really enjoys her company.

Dimitri and Sonya are at Clarnce's house conducting experiments and trying to figure out a way to restore Strigoi back to Moroi's. They have Adrian to help them out but there is only so much they can get done because they need something that can only come from one person and that person is not willing to give it up at first but once that person does help out in the experiments they regret it because there is so much danger out there and they are afraid that they will get hurt. Dimitri is still hot as ever and he is so devoted to the Guardians. Sonya is planning on her wedding in a few months. She and Mikhail are so happy now that Sonya is a Moroi.

Trey is so grateful to Sydney for uncovering the whole tattoo mess because it has restore his position on the football team and he no longer feels threatened. But in Golden Lily we get to see more and more of Trey and his bizarre behavior. As Sydney uncovers the truth Trey will have to make some tough decisions and he will have to decide if he truly does trust Sydney enough to tell her the truth.

In Golden Lily we meet Brayden who is a brainiac just like Sydney. He works at the coffee shop with Trey and Trey introduces him to Sydney. Brayden is smitten by Sydney and they soon start going out on dates but everytime they are on a date some crisis comes up and Brayden and Sydney end up separated. Brayden is smart and funny and he even has all the makings of a *Swoon* worthy guy but at the end of the day can he stand up to the one person who loves Sydney? Well well well you just have to read the book to find out!

And last but not LEAST in my eyes Adrian. Lord in Golden Lily he shows a side to him that is very rare. He is still in school taking his art classes and still drinking and smoking. But we get to see a glimpse into his life and how things got so bad for him. We also learn some interesting stuff about Adrian and we get to see him show his feelings for someone. Adrian is actually capable of being unselfish which totally threw me because I love my snarky rude boy! Adrian realy stepped it up this time around and I love him even more!

So what are you waiting for..... Go on out and get Golden Liliy because you will not be disappointed!

“I tried to be a better person for her– but it was to impress her, to get her to want me. But when I’m around you, I want to be better because… well, because it feels right. Because I want to. You make me want to become something greater than myself. I want to excel. You inspire me in every act, every word, every glance. I look at you, and you’re like… like light made into flesh. […] You have no clue how beautiful you are or how brightly you shine.”

Sound Bites: A Rock & Roll Love Story by Rachel K. Burke Blog Tour stop

Renee Evans has a knack for trouble. After walking in on her best friend and boyfriend in bed together, twenty-five year-old Renee flees sunny Los Angeles and her dream job as a music journalist and returns to her hometown of Boston – only to meet Dylan Cavallari, the mysterious, aspiring musician who lives in her apartment building. Dylan’s piercing gaze and womanizing demeanor make him exactly the type of guy that Renee should steer clear of – which is most likely the reason she falls for him. But when Renee’s troublesome ex comes back and threatens to drive her and Dylan apart, Renee is forced to face her past and save her relationship with Dylan before it's too late.

Sound Bites dramatizes what happens when Renee finds herself caught between a painful past and an uncertain future. Happiness turns out to be within her grasp, but it all depends on whether she can trust herself enough to make the right decisions. Sound Bites is a novel about love, friendship, betrayal, forgiveness, and the power of music to help you find your way.

                                        MY REVIEW
First I would like to thank AToMR tours for allowing me to be a part of this tour. When I first saw this book cover and then read the blurb I said I have to read this book ASAP and be a part of this tour. First the author Rachel is from Boston, MA AKA Bean Town and I live an hour from there but I am always in Boston hanging out enjoying all there is to enjoy and music is one of the things I love the most about Boston. Every summer they have music on the commons and all different bands play and people come from all over to hear them play.

Renee is happy she has everything she could want in life. Moving to a new place with her best friend and having the best boyfriend is great too but then Renee catches her best friend in bed with her boyfriend. It is a total douche move on his and her BFF's part but it jump starts something in Renee and she decides to go back to the only place she feels comfortable and that place is Boston. They say home is where the heart is and that becomes so true for Renee. When she goes home to Boston she moves into this place where she feels is best for her. Then she meets Dylan.

Dylan is playing this music and she thinks it is the artist but when she comments on the song she finds out it is Dylan who is singing it. Shocked that she could find someone who has the same love of music she and Dylan become friends. As time goes on she and Dylan develop romantic feelings for one another but as all relationships go if you have an ex and are trying to move on to the next there is always going to be problems and people putting their tow cents in when they don't even have a penny to rub together. Needless to say they have to fight through some things but through it all they learn what is right for themselves.

I really have to say that I LOVE LOVED this book! I love music and this book just drew me in and I could not put it down. Have you ever just connected with a person and had to fight to be with them? Well if you have this book is for you and if you haven't this book is for you. Music and Romance the two go hand in hand. What will you do for love? What will you do for Music? As I was reading this book three songs really came to mind a little's enough by Angels And Airwaves, I Can't Stay Away by The Veronicas, and Here By Me by Three Doors Down. This is a MUST read whether your on the beach at work r in the car you will not be disappointed I promise! So what are you waiting for go out and get it!
                                            About this author
Rachel was born and raised in Boston, MA. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.
She graduated from Bridgewater University in 2011 with a B.A. in Communications and Media Studies.
Rachel's work has appeared in Prevention Magazine, Worcester Magazine and Starpulse News Entertainment.
For more information on Rachel and her upcoming fiction, please visit
Facebook URL:

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Always YA at Heart: Review
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Cover Reveal and Exclusive Excerpt For All the Broken Pieces by Cindi Madsen

What if your life wasn’t your own?

Liv comes out of a coma with no memory of her past and two distinct, warring voices inside her head. Nothing, not even her reflection, seems familiar. As she stumbles through her junior year, the voices get louder, insisting she please the popular group while simultaneously despising them. But when Liv starts hanging around with Spencer, whose own mysterious past also has him on the fringe, life feels complete for the first time in, well, as long as she can remember.

Liv knows the details of the car accident that put her in the coma, but as the voices invade her dreams, and her dreams start feeling like memories, she and Spencer seek out answers. Yet the deeper they dig, the less things make sense. Can Liv rebuild the pieces of her broken past, when it means questioning not just who she is, but what she is?

All the Broken Pieces: a Gothic mystery, this is the story of Olivia, who wakes up with mysterious voices and urges she’s not used to. Turns out there’s another voice in her head—but where exactly did she come from? Imprint: Entangled Teen; Audience: Young Adult; Novel length: 304 pages; Format: Trade paperback and eBook;Publication Date: December, 2012.

                                                       BOOK EXCERPT
Olivia reached up, feeling the tender spots on her head. Her fingers brushed across a row of—were those little ridges made of metal?

“Careful. The staples are almost ready to come out, but it’s still going to be sore for a while.”

Staples?!Her stomach rolled. I have staples in my head? She lowered her now-shaking hand. “Can I get a mirror?”

Mom looked at Dad, then back at her. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. Not until you’ve healed a little more.”

Mom patted Olivia’s leg. “You just relax. We’ll be back in a few minutes.”

The two of them left the room, but when Mom swung the door closed, it didn’t latch. Olivia could hear their voices in the hall.

“I still think we should…” She couldn’t make out the rest of Dad’s muffled words. “…know if I can do this.”

“…late for that,” Mom said. “We’d lose everything, including…” Her voice faded as they got farther away. “…have to move.”

Olivia could tell the conversation was tense, but the words were impossible to decipher now. Holding a hand in front of her face, she turned it back and forth. A plastic tube ran from her arm to a machine next to her bed. She peeked into her nightgown and stared in horror at the long red stripe running down her chest.


You’re alive. You shouldn’t be thinking about looks.

Lowering her hand, she scanned the room. I wonder how my face looks. From the way Dad stared at me, plus the fact Mom won’t let me see a mirror, it must be bad.

Brains are more important than looks.

That’s what ugly people say.

Olivia put her hands on her head and squeezed. “Stop it,” she whispered to her arguing thoughts, hysteria bubbling up and squeezing the air from her lungs. What was happening to her? Why didn’t she recognize her parents or know where she was? Who she was? Tears ran warm trails down her cheeks. “Just make it all stop.”
Be sure to connect with Cindi at:!/search/cindi%20madsen

All the Broken Pieces, by Cindi Madsen is available for pre-order on: Amazon | Barnes & Noble Be sure to add it to your TBR pile on Goodreads!

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Dancing Naked in Dixie by Lauren Clark Blog Tour Stop

Travel writer Julia Sullivan lives life in fast-forward. She jet sets to Europe and the Caribbean with barely a moment to blink or sleep. But too many mishaps and missed deadlines have Julia on the verge of being fired.

With a stern warning, and unemployment looming, she's offered one last chance to rescue her career. Julia embarks on an unlikely journey to the ‘Heart of Dixie’—Eufaula, Alabama—home to magnificent mansions, sweet tea, and the annual Pilgrimage.

Julia arrives, soon charmed by the lovely city and her handsome host, but her stay is marred by a shocking discovery. Can Julia's story save her career, Eufaula, and the annual Pilgrimage?

My Review5 Dixie Stars
First I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to AToMR tours for allowing me to be a part of this tour. This is the first book I have read by Lauren Clark and let me tell you it will NOT be the last.

Dancing Naked in Dixie was full of humor, suspense, and romance. Julia is a travel Journalist and she goes from story to story reporting back what she can. Then one day her assignment is to report on a historical project from Eufaula Alabama. If any of you readers are familiar with the south you will enjoy this book! Lord Julia is so out of her element because she goes from the fast lane to the slowest of slow lanes when she goes to Eufaula Alabama.

As she starts to uncover what is happening with the historical project she finds herself in a place as rare a a diamond because everyone knows you and everyone knows each others business. Julia is determined to get to the bottom of this and on her she gets a few lessons in life, love, and happiness. Yes people here seem like they are from another planet but the more time she spends with them and helps them out the more she is impressed by their no nonsense attitude and slow ways.

This is a summer beach must read. Want a great laugh and more read this book and you will not be disappointed!

Dancing Naked In Dixie - EXCERPT # 2“But, I have plans. Every night next week. Tickets to the Met, a fundraiser, a gallery opening, and I have book club on Monday.” I don’t mention the Filene’s trip I’d planned. Or the romantic date I’ve been promising Andrew, my neglected boyfriend of four years.

David waves a hand to dismiss it all. “Marietta can handle the magazine-related responsibilities.” From the top drawer of his desk he produces an airline ticket and a manila folder with my name on it. He sets them on the edge of his desk. Something I can’t decipher plays on his lips.

I keep my voice even. “What about Bali?” I had planned to leave for the South Pacific a week from Friday. “It’s on my calendar. It’s been on there…”

David shakes his head. “Not anymore.”

The words wound me like a thousand bee stings.

“Alabama,” David repeats.

My face grows hot. He’s plucked me off a plum assignment without a thought to my ability and my schedule. My new boss is sending me to God knows where and he looks perfectly content.

“If that’s my next assignment,” I sputter, “I’d rather…I’d rather dance naked!”

The announcement comes out much louder than I intend and reverberates through the room. Dolores probably has her ear pressed to the door, but the phrase bounces off my boss like a cotton ball.

David smothers a chuckle. “Suit yourself.”

Links to purchase the book:

Lauren's Bio The Deep South is the perfect setting for Lauren Clark’s novels; contemporary fiction sprinkled with secrets, sunshine, and surprises. Her heroines are real women with real obstacles in their lives; challenges that require strength, sacrifice, and personal growth. And while it’s convenient to have a prince charming on standby, Lauren’s heroines are capable of creating their own happily-ever afters–with brains, not beauty, saving the day.

A former TV anchor, Lauren is a reformed news junkie, non-reformed coffee drinker, and certified library geek. She loves the color pink, her Electra Townie bike, and any place she can see the ocean and stick her toes in the sand. Lauren adores her family, paying it forward, eight hours of sleep a night, homemade macaroni and cheese, and true-blue friends.

Visit her website at

Contact Links
Author Website
Independent Author Network

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DANCING NAKED IN DIXIE TOUR SCHEDULE** Each stop can offer an ebook (internationally) and signed print w/ bookmarks (US) of the designated title listed by your post. Participants can enter by commenting on your post.

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Live To Read ~Krystal ~ Review & DANCING NAKED IN DIXIE Giveaway

Tuesday, June 19:
The Autumn Review ~ Review & STAY TUNED Giveaway

Wednesday, June 20:
We Fancy Books ~ Review, Excerpt, & DANCING NAKED IN DIXIE Giveaway
Book Travels ~ Interview & STAY TUNED Giveaway

Thursday, June 21:
Once Upon A Book ~ Review, Deleted Scene & DANCING NAKED IN DIXIE Giveaway

Friday, June 22:
A Tale of Many Book Reviews ~ Six Words Post & STAY TUNED Giveaway

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Release Day Party-The Dryad Quartet‏ by Katie Jennings

Breath of Air (Dryad Quartet #1)
Her name was Capri, and she was Air. 

She was born with a gift she didn’t understand. A gift so strange, so remarkable that she had kept it secret for as long as she could remember, despising that it made her different when all she wanted was to be normal, to belong. As an orphan, belonging to someone, anyone, would have been an incredible blessing, one she would have given up all that she had just to get a taste of. 

But the truth was that she didn’t belong in the orphanage in Virginia, or even in the United States. In fact, she didn’t belong with human beings at all. Because she wasn’t one of them, not really. She was something much more extraordinary. 

She could shift the direction of the wind, create billowing clouds out of nothing, and charm birds into dancing on her open palm. She belonged to an elite group of beings, responsible for preserving the balance of nature and the safety of Earth from an underworld that deserved to be feared, and needed to be controlled. 

And after years of being lost, she had at last been found, and now the truth of how she had ended up so far from home was becoming horribly clear to her. 

But there’s someone who doesn’t want her to return; someone who knows Capri was the only witness to an act of heinous treason and violent murder. And when she begins to search her memories for details of the night she was taken from her home, details that will implicate a killer, she finds herself the unwary target of an otherworldly dark force intent on silencing her by any means possible. 

Firefight in Darkness (Dryad Quartet #2)
Her name was Blythe, and she was Fire. 

She fought for what she believed in, and wouldn’t hesitate to unleash the fire in her blood on anyone who threatened those she loved. 

But when an alarming truth is revealed regarding the one man she’s both hated and longed for her entire life, she finds herself in an awkward position of both acceptance and denial. But whichever way she looked at it, she was reminded that there was an evil out there gunning for her and her family, and she would stop at nothing to destroy him, even if it meant sacrificing everything she had and everything she was. 

Fortunately for her, she had help. But even with the companionship of a skilled and lethal bounty hunter, Blythe couldn’t escape more of the truth, no matter how hard it was to swallow. 

Because the evil she’s fighting has a story to tell, and she’d be a damn fool not to listen. 

A Life Earthbound (Dryad Quartet #3)
Her name was Rhiannon, and she was Earth. 

She was graceful, intelligent, and undoubtedly a workaholic. She could put a crack in the Earth’s surface a mile wide and grow the loveliest flower ever to have existed right beside it, a contradiction she held with both reverence and pride. For she herself was something of a contradiction: a girl, seemingly free, but silently trapped within her own heart and mind, never to be released.

Or so she thought. She never wasted much time on impractical dreams or wishes she figured could never come true. But all her life one person has been there, a constant reminder of the true girl living behind her mask of cool indifference and solitude. 

But the tides of her fate were changing, and her helplessness building as a master plan was in the works that would only bind her wrists further, and destroy everything she never even thought she could have.

Throw in a dash of murder, vicious accusations, and plenty of family drama, and it could very well be a recipe for freedom, or for death. 

Of Water and Madness (Dryad Quartet #4)
His name was Liam, and he was Water. 

His heart was as expansive and deep as the ocean, with emotions that could both rage like storms and soothe like a clear and quiet stream. He lived for the smell of rain, and thrived in the knowledge that it was he who made it fall.

But while most everything in his life seemed to be going great, there was still this impending doom just over the horizon, threatening to wipe his home completely off the map. All he had to do was rise to the challenge and fight once the war came.

But there was just one little problem: he had gone, quite simply, mad.

Not that he knew it, nor did anyone else. But he wasn’t himself any longer, and the truth behind the lies would eventually come out. And when it did, Liam would discover the burned bridges and the destroyed hearts he’d left in his wake.

It was a funny thing, madness. A funny, cruel, and violently destructive thing. 

Links to book trailers:
Book Three Trailer:

Book Four Trailer:

Purchase books on Amazon by clicking the links:

Author bio:
Katie Jennings is a mid-twenty-something year old girl with an imagination for days and a supportive husband who thinks she’s a colossal nerd. She writes because she loves it, and because breathing life into characters is the greatest escape she’s ever found. Most of her time is spent puttering around online, editing her latest book, or feeding people food to her cat. She lives just north of Los Angeles, and enjoys reading fantasy and romance novels, watching Once Upon a Time, playing around on Photoshop, and finding new music to fall in love with. She believes in, above all else, happy endings.

Follow her at these great places:
The author will be having a Release Day Party Giveaway to celebrate books three and four! One lucky winner will receive signed print copies of books one through four in The Dryad Quartet! The giveaway is US and international but if the winner is International they will only receive all four books in eBook format, electronically signed by the author, not print.

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COVER REVEAL FOR Blood Bond (Dirty Blood #3) by Heather Hildenbrand

I don't know about you but I have been patiently waiting for book three in this series. When I read the first book Dirty Blood Heather had me hooked! I loved Wes and the gang right away and I needed more. Then I spoke to Heather on Facebook and she told me her books were getting a face lift and to look out for it. I signed up immediately for the cover release and man oh man did Heather not disappoint! I love the new covers and I love where the series is going.

If I had to choose one word to sum up all of my problems, this would be it.
Without hybrids, I wouldn’t have to watch my best friend slowly becoming a monster. Without hybrids, I could let go of the mentality “hunt or be hunted.” CHAS wouldn’t be scouring the Earth, intent on slaughtering and using Alex to do it. Without hybrids, I wouldn’t have to be on guard that losing my temper meant losing my shape. There would be no monster inside me, struggling to get out.

Then again, without hybrids, I wouldn’t have Wesley St. John. 


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Her Forbidden Hero by Laura Kaye Book Review

She's always been off-limits...
Former Army Special Forces Sgt. Marco Vieri has never thought of Alyssa Scott as more than his best friend's little sister, but her return home changes that...and challenges him to keep his war-borne demons at bay. Marco's not the same person he was back when he protected Alyssa from her abusive father, and he's not about to let her see the mess he's become.

...but now she's all grown up.
When Alyssa takes a job at the bar where Marco works, her carefree smiles wreak havoc on his resolve to bury his feelings. How can he protect her when he can't stop thinking about her in his bed? But Alyssa's not looking for protection—not anymore. Now that she's back in his life, she’s determined to heal her forbidden hero, one touch at a time... 


HOLY HOTNESS DOES ENTANGLE HAVE THE MARKET ON SOME HOT AND HEAVY READS THAT WILL MAKE YOUR HEAD SPIN! Thank you so much to Dani at Entangled who shared the book with me. I loved the cover right off because let's face it HE IS HAWT! I love a man in uniform. There is something so sexy about them and when I saw this book I knew I had to read it. 

Alyssa has graduated from college and she needs a job so she decides to go back home and get a job at her local bar until she can find a better paying job.Plus she came home to see her childhood best friend Marco who she has secretly crushed on and hopes that he may see her in a different light than his best firnds kid sister and also best friend. Alyssa has Marco for so long that everytime she sees him her heart stops. 

Marco is home from the war recovering from his injuries. He has become a different man after being injured. So working as the bar tender and living like a recluse in his empty house is what he wants to do and where he wants to be. That is until he sees Alyssa applying for the waitress job at the bar. He tells her she cannot work there because it is to dangerous and he can't watch her to protect and also her brother is not having any of that.

What is Alyssa to do when Marco keeps pushing her away? Will she be able to break the barriers and have a relationship with him? Can Marco love her? Will Marco overcome his nightmares and embrass his future with Alyssa? This is a summer must read. It is definately scortching and you will need a swim after reading this book. 

Entangled has some great books that will tug on your heart and make you scream HAWT DAM because of all those SWOON worthy men! Here is the link to check out all there books

This is my idea of Marco