Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sound Bites: A Rock & Roll Love Story by Rachel K. Burke Blog Tour stop

Renee Evans has a knack for trouble. After walking in on her best friend and boyfriend in bed together, twenty-five year-old Renee flees sunny Los Angeles and her dream job as a music journalist and returns to her hometown of Boston – only to meet Dylan Cavallari, the mysterious, aspiring musician who lives in her apartment building. Dylan’s piercing gaze and womanizing demeanor make him exactly the type of guy that Renee should steer clear of – which is most likely the reason she falls for him. But when Renee’s troublesome ex comes back and threatens to drive her and Dylan apart, Renee is forced to face her past and save her relationship with Dylan before it's too late.

Sound Bites dramatizes what happens when Renee finds herself caught between a painful past and an uncertain future. Happiness turns out to be within her grasp, but it all depends on whether she can trust herself enough to make the right decisions. Sound Bites is a novel about love, friendship, betrayal, forgiveness, and the power of music to help you find your way.

                                        MY REVIEW
First I would like to thank AToMR tours for allowing me to be a part of this tour. When I first saw this book cover and then read the blurb I said I have to read this book ASAP and be a part of this tour. First the author Rachel is from Boston, MA AKA Bean Town and I live an hour from there but I am always in Boston hanging out enjoying all there is to enjoy and music is one of the things I love the most about Boston. Every summer they have music on the commons and all different bands play and people come from all over to hear them play.

Renee is happy she has everything she could want in life. Moving to a new place with her best friend and having the best boyfriend is great too but then Renee catches her best friend in bed with her boyfriend. It is a total douche move on his and her BFF's part but it jump starts something in Renee and she decides to go back to the only place she feels comfortable and that place is Boston. They say home is where the heart is and that becomes so true for Renee. When she goes home to Boston she moves into this place where she feels is best for her. Then she meets Dylan.

Dylan is playing this music and she thinks it is the artist but when she comments on the song she finds out it is Dylan who is singing it. Shocked that she could find someone who has the same love of music she and Dylan become friends. As time goes on she and Dylan develop romantic feelings for one another but as all relationships go if you have an ex and are trying to move on to the next there is always going to be problems and people putting their tow cents in when they don't even have a penny to rub together. Needless to say they have to fight through some things but through it all they learn what is right for themselves.

I really have to say that I LOVE LOVED this book! I love music and this book just drew me in and I could not put it down. Have you ever just connected with a person and had to fight to be with them? Well if you have this book is for you and if you haven't this book is for you. Music and Romance the two go hand in hand. What will you do for love? What will you do for Music? As I was reading this book three songs really came to mind a little's enough by Angels And Airwaves, I Can't Stay Away by The Veronicas, and Here By Me by Three Doors Down. This is a MUST read whether your on the beach at work r in the car you will not be disappointed I promise! So what are you waiting for go out and get it!
                                            About this author
Rachel was born and raised in Boston, MA. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.
She graduated from Bridgewater University in 2011 with a B.A. in Communications and Media Studies.
Rachel's work has appeared in Prevention Magazine, Worcester Magazine and Starpulse News Entertainment.
For more information on Rachel and her upcoming fiction, please visit www.rachelkburke.com
Facebook URL: facebook.com/rachelkburkebooks

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AnnMarie Frohoff said...

This sounds awesome!! Totally into music & romance!! love love love. adding this to my to read!

Tee said...

Thanks AnnMarie!