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One Bite To Passion by MaryLynn Bast Blog Tour Stop

On a business trip to Japan, Paige has just found happiness with Casey, an exciting, young man with a passionate interest in Paige. After a night of wild sex, feels like a new woman. Drawn to Casey, Paige can’t refuse him even though he says he wants to possess her and she learns he is a vampire. Then Paige's unfaithful husband, Dalton, shows up. He has supposedly broken off his affair, but Paige suspects he is still seeing his mistress. Soon, Paige begins to notice disturbing things happening around her and discovers she has become the center of a battle between covens who consider her The Chosen One. But when she faces the greatest peril of her life, and Casey shows up to help, Page realizes she is willing fight the covens side-by-side with him, if it means the chance of a future with this vampire she has come to love.

First I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to Holly at FMB Blog Tours for allowing me to be a part of this great tour. I have read some erotica but none with the spin One Bit takes. MaryLynn is brilliant in her writing and captured me right from the beginning. Vampires and Erotica mixed make a deadly combination and a read that could not be put down!
Paige is in a loveless marriage to Dalton and she is determined to make it work for the sake of the children. Her job sends her to Japan where she has to work on a contract with her co-worker Rosa. On one day out Rosa and Paige go to this bar where all the guys are admiring Rosa and Paige is left sulking because she is in a funk because her husband never shows her any attention like the men are showing Rosa. That is until she goes to another bar with Rosa where she meets Casey.
At first she thinks it was a set up from Rosa but she takes Casey home where they make passionate love. Paige is thrown for a loop because Casey is so young and she is older than him and not as pretty as Rosa so she is not sure why he wants her. Casey soon outs her doubts to rest and she sees him in a different light. Can Casey get Paige to out her walls down? Will Paige give in to Casey? What will happen to her husband Dalton?
Come along for some serious love making and choices one must make when they are looking for love!
This song is for Casey and Paige: Tell Him by Colbi Caillat
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His tongue licked gently across her lips and she sighed, leaning into him, allowing him access. She threw caution to the wind and went with it, her tongue met his tentatively. Like she did, he tasted of wine and beer. Warnings bounced around in her head, telling her this was not supposed to be happening. But she was sick of being uptight. Tired of always doing just the right thing, constantly worrying about what would happen if… 

With her arms to her side, Casey pulled her to him. One hand going to her waist, the other lifted and his big hand cupped the side of her face tenderly. Her arms lifted and her hands came to rest on his shoulders. She had to do it now. Push away or she wouldn't be able to. She fought with her emotions while his tongue fought to go deeper into her mouth. 

She relented, giving in to the heat of the moment. Her hands snaked up around his neck, the other into his soft hair. She pulled him closer and kissed him back. 

She heard Rosa giggle but was too engrossed in the lips and tongue devouring her to pay any real attention. Paige heard the rustle of clothing and thought vaguely that Rosa was allowing Tadd to remove her shirt. She had never done anything like this before, not with another couple in the room. The thought terrified her, yet it also turned her on even more. Groaning, she deepened the kiss and pressed herself against Casey's muscular chest. It felt good to be held in strong arms. 

The room was hot; the windows were open to let in the evening air. The fans circulating thick humid air did nothing to cool the heat of bodies in the room. The military base didn't have air conditioning in any of the buildings accept for commanders quarters and offices. The barracks and lodging buildings were supplied with oscillating fans. But none of that mattered. Paige wanted to feel him holding her, his skin touching her, him inside of her. She broke the kiss and buried her face in Casey's shoulder, trying to catch her breath and make sense of what she was doing. 

When she looked up, Rosa and Tadd were going at it hot and heavy on the couch. His pants were unbuttoned and pulled down far enough that Paige could see the top of his ass cheeks. Hips rocked back and forth against Rosa while she ground against him. 

Casey saw her look over and he glanced too then gave her a lopsided grin. He slowly leaned forward, giving her time to either move away or meet him half way. 

Oh, what the hell, she met him half way and this time, the kiss was slower. His tongue delved into her mouth and licked at her in slow sensual moves that had her wanting to straddle him like Rosa had straddled Tadd. The rustle of clothing sounded again. 

Paige heard Rosa and Tadd getting up from the couch. 

Rosa met her eyes over Tadd's shoulder and winked. Turning around, her back to Tadd, she grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts. He was eager to oblige and began to massage her bared perky mounds, pinching at her dark rose colored erect nipples. 
About the Author: 
MaryLynn Bast resides in Las Vegas when she is not traveling the world with her job as a contractor with the US Military. Bast enjoys writing paranormal fantasy romance erotica stories because she can allow her imagination to run rampant, her characters can obtain abilities not possible in the real world...or are they? 

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Unknown said...

Thank you for having me on your blog today.

I look forward to answering any questions and hearing comments.

Good luck with the giveaway, and happy reading.

A Page Away said...

Awesome Blog Spot and giveaway. MaryLynn has quickly climbed herself up my top authors list. She writes with such passion.

Tee said...

It was such an honor to host your book. I fell in love with Casey instantly! he is so *SWOON* worthy!

A Page Away,
I will be reading more from her! Team Casey :)

Unknown said...

Thank you Tee, I am happy you swoon for Casey...I did too. :-)

Mary - A Page Away...Team Casey all the way!

LOL Wait till you read the next characters I'm dreaming up now.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful giveaway! I am anxious to read this book.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, I forgot to answer the question!
If I could have the guy of my dreams it would be Hugh Jackman.

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Love this question!
I would say bookwise Adrian Ivashkov from Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead and real life Drew Doyon (Model for Hush, Hush covers) ^^

Thanks for the giveaway!

The Avid Reader said...

I would have to agree the mix of erotica and vampires could be deadly. I don't normally read erotica but I sure am glad I read One Bite To Passion.

Nancy @ The Avid Reader

Mary Sawicki Freeman said...

Please keep these stories coming, MaryLynn Bast !! You have such a wonderful talent. One Bite To Passion is a great read that keeps you on the edge of your seat thru the entire book ... now for my cold shower ....

Mary Sawicki Freeman