Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My best friend Di wrote this poem

Take me to ecstasy, come an please my every need. Love me the right way, for eternity. Give me the love that I truly crave for baby, take me to ecstasy. Massage my breasts and caress my behind. Remember you said you’ll blow my mind. Take me to ecstasy come satisfy me. Come deep way deep inside of me. Take me to ecstasy come make love to me. Enjoy the juices that I have preserved just for thee. Let me mount you and pleasure you until you can’t see. I will handle every inch of you. Take me to ecstasy come give me the luvin I need. I want you right here in between these warm fields. My love spot is the forever yours. It is the softest place on earth. Take me to ecstasy come satisfy me, I know only you have what I need. Let me show you all the ways I can move, let us please create our own groove. My sexy chocolate dip, pecan swirl this love I have will definitely rock your world. You have been gone oh way to long. Take me to ecstasy let me completely fill your world. It is the juices from your love I long to taste. Place all of it below my watse. Let me position myself just right, because dear I plan to fuck you all night!!!!!!

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