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Blood Like Poison: To Kill An Angel By M. Leighton

Blood Like Poison:  To Kill an Angel

Title: Blood Like Poison: To Kill An Angel

Author: M. Leighton

Series: Book # 3 of 3

Release Date: September 01, 2011


Blurb: Ridley Heller thought her life would be perfect and trouble-free once she had Bo back. Unfortunately, she couldn’t have been more wrong. Learning Bo’s true identity has left them with their most difficult decision yet. They have two options. One, they can run away together and spend eternity looking over their shoulder, hiding from both God and Sebastian. Or, two, they can find a way to kill Sebastian. Ridley feels like there’s really only one choice, but killing Sebastian has a major down side for her—it will leave Bo mortal and her a vampire. She’ll be doomed to walk the earth alone for all eternity.

What will they choose? And who will have to die in order to see their goal accomplished? Find out in the exciting conclusion of the Blood Like Poison series, To Kill An Angel.

Warning: This book is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!

My Rating: 5 of 5 MILLION!

My Cover Thoughts: I absolutely love this cover. Bo is an angel and he has wings that are white with gold in them. He is staring down at something or someone. He is a breath of fresh air on this cover.

My Thoughts/Review: This is the conclusion to The Blood Like Poison series and wow what an ending. When I read a series I never want it to end because I know I am going to miss the characters but I will re-read this series for years to come. This story captivated me right from the beginning because it had angels and fallen angels but it also had a love story that tore at your soul.

It started out with Ridley having some difficulties in her home life but she put on a happy face and went to school and was the perfect daughter. She loved her parents and loved her boyfriend and all she planned was to finish high school and go to Stanford University. All her plans get put on hold when she meets a mysterious guy at school. She is not sure what it is but she knows she needs to be with him.

Then she meets him after school and they hit it off like they have been friends forever. The only thing is, is that she is part of the popular group and they just don’t date anyone. She knows she does not love her boyfriend anymore and when she tries to break it off things don’t go so well. She eventually breaks it off and starts dating Bo. As things start to look good for her and Bo things start to fall apart at home and at school because kids are missing and crazy stuff is starting to happen. Ridley and Bo have to figure out what is happening before it is too late.

In the EPIC and I mean EPIC conclusion Bo and Ridley have to figure out a way to save the world as well as themselves and their relationship. Bo will be tried by some new friends and some old friends. His love will be tested and tried to see if he can withstand the chaos. Ridley will lose things and people she loves but in the end will she withstand the trial and tribulations to get the one prize she has always wanted? That prize is Bo.

You will meet new people that will either help Bo and Ridley or hurt them. Cade is a gorgeous human that looks a little familiar to Ridley but she can’t place it yet. Then there is the BEAUTIFUL Annika. What does she want and why is she there. When Ridley finds out she is not happy at all. Devon is back and is helping his love Savannah. And olalala Lucius in his Irish brogue is still the vampire that every girl *swoons* about! He will make your heart leap out of your chest and leave you standing there wondering what in the hell happened!

She will have to do things she does not want to and she will have to give up the one thing she holds dear to her. She will be tested and tried in ways she never imagined but in the end will it be worth it? This conclusion was EPIC and had me at the edge of my seat and I could not believe the ending! I just loved loved loved it. It was action packed and full of love that will rock you to the core. You are rooting for Bo and Ridley through the whole story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Happy Reading and Happy falling in love with BOAZ!

Memorable Quotes: “So you’ll go to college with me?” “Yes.” “After that, will you help me pick out a house somewhere along the coast, near the water?” “Sure,” I said, deciding it was just better to go along with his fantasy and not shoot holes in it. “And after that, will you help me decorate it?” “Yep.” “And after that will you marry me?” My mouth went bone dry at his question. I could think of nothing I’d like more than to marry Bo. Images of making love with him flitted through my mind and desire flooded my body like molten lava. “Yes, I’ll marry you,” I answered breathlessly. “And after that, will you have a baby with me?” Thoughts of the dark-haired boy I’d imagined rolled through my mind in a wave that eclipsed the other thoughts. “Yes.” “And after that, will you spend eternity with me?” And, just like that, the wind was officially gone from my sails. “I’ll spend eternity loving you,” I said, casting my eyes down to his chin, “and mourning you.” “Why?” he asked coyly. “That’s what you do when the person you love most in the world dies.” “Well, do you plan on killing me off?” “What? Of course not.” “Then you won’t be getting rid of me for many, many lives.” At that, I pushed myself into a sitting position. “What? I mean, how? You’re mortal, aren’t you?” Bo smiled, the kind of smug smile that reminded me of the cat who ate the canary. “Nope.” Despite the knowledge that he’d wanted to be mortal, wanted to be human more than anything, I thrilled at the idea that he wouldn’t leave me, that I wouldn’t have to watch him die. “How? What happened? I thought…” “I made a deal.” “With whom?” “God, of course,” Bo snorted. “What kind of deal?” I asked suspiciously. Bo shrugged. “My mortality for your life.” “What?” “It’s not a big deal.” “Not a big deal? You wanted to be mortal more than anything!” “I wanted to be mortal until I met you. Now, nothing matters except being with you and, as far as that goes, the longer the better.” “But Bo—” “Shh,” he said, pressing his fingertip to my lips this time. “No buts. I thought you’d be happy.” “I am. I mean…I am! I just don’t want you making sacrifices for me.” “You mean like throwing myself in front of a bullet or a train or a…sword made from a feather?” he asked pointedly. “That was different. I knew that you would die if I didn’t.” Bo sat up, too.

Leighton, M. (2011-09-01). Blood Like Poison: To Kill an Angel (Book 3, Blood Like Poison Series) (Kindle Locations 5474-5520). Kindle Edition.

Leighton, M. (2011-09-01). Blood Like Poison: To Kill an Angel (Book 3, Blood Like Poison Series) (Kindle Locations 5458-5474). Kindle Edition.

Advice: This series is a must read. I have said it before but I will say it again M. Leighton is a very talented writer. She weaves this story that is so intriguing that is captivates you right from the start. Once you read this you will want to read the rest of her books!

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