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Today is a great day because we have Chael and Ian from Chael’s Luck stopping by to share a little something special for the readers. First I would like to thank you guys for stopping by A Diary of a Book Addict. *blushing* You guys must be busy with The Knight Hood so I promise I won’t keep you too long.


How was it growing up with your father? 

Challenging. I mean, he was a great man and I knew he loved me, but he always made sure I practiced hard and tried my best at whatever I did. There was no half way point for him. If I was going to do something, it was all or nothing. 

Was it your idea to become a knight? 

No, though I didn’t do it against my will. It’s tradition, see. If your father is a Knight, then his father was a Knight, and, well, you’re meant to be a Knight. With our family, the McKinney’s, the first born of every generation became a Shadow Knight. They’re the elite group of the Knights. You know, like the special operations men. 

Why do you think Caleb harassed you so much? 

There’s always going to be the one that has to make fun of the smaller one in the group. He was one of the biggest and strongest, and I was the shortest and weakest. 

What were you feeling when Caleb insulted your mother and father? 

Angry. Unbelievably angry. You can insult me and poke your fun at my weaknesses, but to bring my parents’ honor into it, now that’s unforgivable. 

Did you ever think about quitting the knighthood? 

No. I’m not going to lie; there were times when I’d sit up in the hayloft and wonder if Caleb and the others were right. Maybe I wasn’t meant to be a Knight. I mean, to have been born as small as I was… maybe it was a sign. But for as much as I wondered about it at times, it never did cross my mind to give up. I needed to prove to myself, to others, that even though I was small, I could still be what I was meant to be… A Shadow Knight. 

How was your kiss with the Princess? 

A small shock to the system, to say the least. I had no idea she was interested until the day of the Knights’ Initiation. It blew my mind that she was. Of all the Knights she could have chosen, why would she pick me? 

What did you think about Ian when you first met him? 

Annoying and overbearing. The man has way too many opinions on issues that don’t concern him. Having said that, he has turned out to be a loyal and honorable man.


How was it growing up with your father, seeing as he was high up in command? 

I’ve always looked up to my father. To see him leading others, working for the Knighthood and all that it stands for, it made me want to become a Knight that much more. 

When did you decide you would not be a knight? 

I was eighteen and I was on my way to the Knights’ Initiation. I’d just spent the past thirteen years of my life training for that particular day. I was riding through the streets of Gleama when I came across a small boy being beaten by a Knight. I stopped and questioned what was happening. I was told the child had stolen some food from one of the vendors. It was obvious the boy was starving. It was then I decided to take a different path in life. I couldn’t become a Knight knowing that they would be willing to beat a child for trying to feed himself. 

When you left home where did you go? 

Nowhere, everywhere. I didn’t stay in one place for very long. I made a living collecting some of the rarer healing herbs for the healwives. It kept me busy and on the move. 

What did you think about Chael when you saw him fighting for his life? 

Well, I have to admit that at first, I was a bit shocked that he was old enough to be a Shadow Knight. He’s not very big as far as Knights go and I would have pegged him as a fourteen or fifteen year old, not an eighteen year old. I will say that he was doing a fantastic job of defending himself. I suppose that being small must have its advantages. 

Why was your father so disappointed in you? 

His life, our family’s life, is the Knighthood. For me to walk away from what defined us as a family, well, I imagine it was a blow to the ego. 

What was going through your mind when you found out your father was not what he seemed? 

I was shocked. After everything he’d preached to me about honor and loyalty… It still blows my mind. 

Do you want to be a part of the Knighthood now that Chael is a Knight? 

Over the past little while, I’ve seen a lot of good Knights and met a few bad ones. Knowing what I do now, yes, I do believe that being a Knight might be something I’d like to do. If Chael can become one and change their way of thinking, then maybe there’s hope for the organization yet. I suppose the only way to change what you don’t like is to put in your two cents, which I intend to do. 

Now I know some people have not read the book but I hope everyone who is reading this has because I want to ask you guys to reveal a big secret you guys have kept all along? Do you think you can do that? If not that is okay because WOOZER it is a HUGE SECRET! 

Chael: Well, I don’t think we can reveal the actual secret, just in case some of your great readers haven’t had a chance to read the story yet, but how about we drop a few hints? 

Ian: Yeah, that’s a good idea. How about this one… Chael is a completely different person than he seems. 

Chael: Good gods, Ian, why don’t you just give it away. 

Ian: What! That leaves a lot to the imagination. 

Chael: We could add that we both find love where we least expect it. 

Ian: A truer statement I’ve never heard. You know, I don’t think we can say much more. 

Chael: I agree. Thank you so much for having us today, Tee! 

I want to thank you guys for stopping by and sharing precious time with us. Kiss the horses for me! 

Ian: It was our pleasure.


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Thanks for the fantastic character interviews! Chael’s Luck sounds like a fantastic read!

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Thanks Elizabeth you will enjoy this story!

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Awesome giveaway! Thanks so much! Loverofparanormal(at)yahoo(dot)com

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I just looked up this book in Goodreads & the reviews are awesome. I'm interested!!! Who can resist a story on Knights? :)
Thanks for the opportunity to win.

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Sounds wonderful! Thanks and I would love to win a copy!
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What a fun interview! The book sounds great! Thanks for the chance to win:)

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Love the character interview. I definitely want to read this book so I can meet these guys. The title is perfect too, being the MC is named after the god of bad luck. This definitely sounds like an awesome read.

Kelly said...

I love book interviews. I am excited for this book and appreciate the giveaway!
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