Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Perfect Husband by Douglas Wickard Book Review

An abandoned cabin… a diabolical killer…a hidden cemetery… a deadly secret is about to be uncovered.
Far from the neon blur of Manhattan – the dizzy buzz of restaurants, theater openings and one too many cocktails – located seventy-two miles outside the City in the sleepy, rural township of Montague, New Jersey, Sami Saxton is looking to rebuild her life. A rebirth, one might call it. And, she intends to do this spiritual resurrection in a small, abandoned fishing cabin, built over forty years ago by her deceased father.
Not quite abandoned…
A lethal serial killer has taken up residence in the basement of Sami’s remote cottage, using her father’s carpenter table for a hobby much more sinister than woodcutting.
Sequestered deep within forty-two acres of tall pine trees, bristling brooks and fresh water lakes, Sami Saxton is about to fight for her life.
The hard truth… nobody will ever hear her scream! 

My Review
HOLY BATMAN is all I have to say! I want to thank Pilar for allowing me to read and review this book. I usually read YA books but this book gripped me right form the blurb. I just knew I had to read this book ASAP and I am so glad I did. Douglas has crafted a world where you can see into the mind of the killer and feel what he feels and see what he sees.

Sami is getting divorced and wants a change so she decides she is going to move back to her families cabin. She does not want to leave New York but she knows if she stays there she will not grow and move on like she needs to. The divorce is in the works and her soon to be ex-husband really does not want her to move away but Sami is ready to spread her wings and move on. 

Once there Sami realizes there is something wrong with her cabin. As the mystery unfolds she soon realizes she is in danger. What is a girl to do when she is faced with being the next victim of a crazy person? What will she do when she finds out who it is? Can a good guy go bad? Come along on this greatest mystery I have read in a long time. This book will have you at the end of your seat yelling OMG what the hell, look out..... and so much more. I am so grateful I was able to read this book and I am looking forward to many more books by Douglas. 

Meet Douglas
I wrote my first short story when I was twelve. It was titled Twelve and a Junkie. I persuaded my sister Karen to 'make it look professional' so I could submit it to the Reader's Digest First Person's Award. Ada, my mother, was mortified. Can you imagine? Small-town boys from Ohio, growing up in the 60's, hopefully, knew little about heroin addiction, or for that matter writing, but for me that experience opened a whole new arena of visual communication.

I didn't win the competition, needless to say, but I did uncover a link between my imagination and the written word. If I was willing to show up, sit down and spend some time alone, a story quite possibly could develop.

I left home early, at sixteen, and joined the military. By twenty-three I was a world traveler. I traded in my small-town upbringing for the City; Los Angeles first, then New York. For over twenty years I lived in the Big Apple, working in the hospitality industry, but I never stopped putting pencil to paper, fingers to keyboard. My introduction to professional writing began with musicals. My first optioned show was called Waiting. Head Over Heels and Lovers & Liars followed. Although Broadway was the goal, my shows never saw the light of the 'Great White Way.' But, my association and collaboration, at that time, with so many wonderful, talented musicians, singers and writers was a creative dream, a children's playground.

Several screenplays, a few novels and even a television script were developed, sent out and shelved. Some work gathered more attention than others.
Patience is the key in a writer's life.
And, perseverance.

My first published novel, A Perfect Husband, introduces Sami Saxton, a normal forty-something year old woman dealing with challenges; a bad marriage, a tarnished career, a mid-life crisis (what else is new?). A simple plan to escape from her past and begin anew comes to a terrifying halt when a series of events catapult her into a battle for territory, self-preservation and ultimately her Life.

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This sounds like a nail biting experience. A cabin in the middle of the woods always gives me the creeps.

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You have to read this book! It had me on the edge of the bed :)