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Xpresso Presents A Book Blitz For In Kelly’s Corner by Roxie Rivera (Fighting Connolly’s #1)


After a stalker breaks into her home, internet entrepreneur Bee Langston decides Kelly Connolly is the only man who can help her—but seeking help from the former Marine isn’t easy, especially after she made a spectacular fool of herself trying to kiss the sinfully sexy bodyguard.

When Kelly spots Bee weaving her way through the Houston nightspot where he’s working security, all those feelings he’s desperately tried to deny for his best friend’s sister come flooding to the surface. He’ll do anything to keep her safe, even if means getting up close and personal with the one woman he simply can’t have.

Soon, Bee’s stalker isn’t his only problem. His gambling addict father is tangled in a mess of debts to two of Houston’s toughest loan sharks. With the family gym on the line, there’s only one way for Kelly to make everything right. He agrees to fight for the Albanian mob in an underground bare-knuckle fighting tournament.

But winning the tournament and saving his family’s legacy comes at a high price—one that just might cost Bee her life.


Excerpt: (Long, Sexy, NSFW)

My belly trembled violently as Kelly strode toward me. Wondering where that surge of bravery had emanated, I counted the steps until he could touch me. Standing there as naked as the day I'd been born, there was no way for me to hide the way he affected me. One look at my breasts and the puckered peaks there and Kelly would have no doubts about how much I wanted him.

He came so close to me that I had to tilt my head back to gaze into those bright green eyes of his. The scent of him, that masculine mix that made everything feminine in me go crazy with desire, surrounded me. I could feel the throbbing heat of him and wanted nothing more than to burrow against his wide, sculpted chest.

Kelly traced my collarbone with his long, thick finger. "I've never kissed you properly."

I laughed nervously and gestured to my naked body. "I think we're going about this whole thing backwards."

His sexy mouth slanted with amusement. "Seems rather fitting considering the way the two of us have gone about everything else in our lives." He dragged his finger across my lower lip. "I want to kiss you but I need you to be sure, Bee. I've been able to hold back and stay away from you but once I taste you? All bets are off."

Showing him I was ready, I rose on tiptoes and sought his descending mouth. Ever the alpha male, Kelly refused to let me have control over our first kiss. I let him have this small victory, certain there would be plenty of times for me to play the aggressor in the future.

Gently, he cupped the back of my neck and brushed his lips against mine. My heart thudded in my chest and my knees wobbled as he lovingly claimed my mouth. I clung to his arms, gripping the thin cotton of his t-shirt, and closed my eyes as a joyous chorus erupted in my head. Finally!

Our chaste and sweet kiss quickly transformed into a hungry, needful thing. Instead of stooping down to kiss me, Kelly slipped his hand around my waist and dragged me back toward the bed. Not once breaking contact with my mouth, he sat on the mattress and tugged me between his thighs.

His rough, strong hands glided over my skin. Like a spark to dry tender, passion ignited within me. The burning flames of it licked at my core and made my clitoris pulse. I squeezed my thighs together but it was no use. The ache there couldn’t be assuaged.

Kelly's tongue flirted with mine. Whimpering, I wound my arms around his neck and relished the feel of his brawny arms enveloping me. He drew me against his heat and stabbed his tongue between my lips, tasting me and taking what he had so long denied himself.

He palmed my soft flesh and rubbed his thumb over my dusky pink nipple. "I used to dream about this."

His confession surprised me. My voice sounded husky as I asked, "When?"

"Over there."

Afghanistan or Iraq? I didn't dare ask lest the moment be ruined by dredging up the horrific memories of his seemingly never-ending deployments.

He pressed a noisy kiss to the swell of my breast. "I used to imagine the way your skin would feel. I wondered how you would taste and what sounds you would make if I did something like this." 

When his tongue started to trace my nipple, I almost crumpled to the floor. My poor legs shook so bad that it was only Kelly's supporting arm that kept me upright. Clutching his shoulders, I exhaled a shuddery breath. "Kelly."

He made a happy noise. "Yeah. That's about how I imagined it."

As he began the sensual torment of my breasts with his mouth, I asked, "What made you stop?" At his confused look, I clarified, "Imaging us like this, I mean."

"Who said I did?" He pinched my nipple between his fingertips. The bright arc of pressure traveled right to my clit in the most delicious way. "It started over there, after the last barbecue, and never stopped."

Placing my hand along his jaw, I commanded his attention. Even though it embarrassed me to bring up that spectacularly awkward rejection, I had to know why. "So why did you push me away on New Year's Eve?"

He drew a shape on my chest that felt suspiciously like a K. "You can't imagine how guilty I felt when Jeb was alive. The way I felt about you then?" He shook his head. "It's not right. You're not supposed to have those kinds of thoughts about your best friend's sister. I think Jeb knew that I liked you way more than I should have. He started pulling away from me on that last deployment. I couldn't…I couldn't reach him."

Kelly talking about guilt made me think of Jeb and the secrets he had carried to the grave. My brother's guilt over his double-life had spilled over into his friendship with Kelly and ruined the support system he had so desperately needed as our mother lost her battle with cancer.

Even now, all these years later, I had to bite my tongue. I'd sworn to Jeb that I would never tell anyone his secrets. The lies between Kelly and me made me uneasy. If anyone deserved to know the truth…

"When you kissed me at New Year's, all that guilt came rushing to the surface. I reacted badly." He captured my mouth so tenderly. "It was wrong of me. I should have been man enough to own my feelings."

"You're owning them now. That's enough for me." Not wanting our naughty interlude to be distracted by discussions of the past, I dragged it back on course with a playfully provocative question. "What else did you imagine us doing?"

With all the skill of a seasoned lover, Kelly expertly scooped me up and flipped me right back onto the bed. The movement made his incredibly muscled arms flex in the most deliciously enticing way. His short sleeves bunched up to reveal even more of the heavy tribally influenced tattoos emblazoned on his skin.

Placing his knees on either side of my thighs, Kelly pinned me beneath him on the bed. I grew lightheaded as he kissed me into submission. There was no doubt who was in charge here. With my lack of experience, I happily placed my trust in him, certain that whatever Kelly had planned for us would feel so good.

"You're so damn beautiful," he murmured, his caressing hands gliding over my breasts and along the slope of my belly.

"Let me see you." I breathlessly pleaded for him to remove his shirt. Smiling indulgently, he let me drag his shirt up high enough to bare his navel before taking over for me. In one swift movement, he ripped it over his head and tossed it behind him.

Our mouths crashed together as the years of pent-up passion exploded between us. I couldn't get enough of his hot, sexy body. The light smattering of hair on his chiseled chest fascinated me. I'd spent so much time dating men who were more comfortable in cubicles than on the battlefield that I'd never experienced the thrill of being completely at the mercy of such a delightfully beastly man.

Kelly showed his incredible strength by sliding his hand under my back and dragging me up another foot or so on the bed. Still straddling me, he nuzzled his nose against my cheek and coaxed me to turn my face. When he nipped at the curve of my neck, I gasped and bucked against him. "Kelly!"

He chuckled softly and continued to lick and suck that sensitive spot. I worried he might mark me but then decided I wouldn’t mind carrying around the reminder of our tryst. Though I'm sure his grazing teeth left a red trail on my skin, he wasn't harsh enough to leave a lasting sign.

Sliding onto his side, Kelly kept his leg crooked across mine as our tongues started a dance as old as time. The erotic coupling of our mouths mimicked the movements I desperately hoped would soon be happening between other parts of our super-heated bodies. His roaming hands stoked the fire deep in my core and my thighs clenched.

"Tell me what you want, Bee." His eyes were dark with desire.

I gulped nervously but found the courage to say, "I want you to touch me."

"Where?" He teased his lips across mine.

My face was on fire now. "You know where."

He caressed my hip. "Here?"

A smile tugged at the corners of my mouth as I stared up into his teasing face. "Um…a little lower."

His hand moved to my thigh, bypassing the place where I wanted to feel his touch most. "Here?"

"You're getting warmer."

He walked his fingertips up my thigh. "Am I getting closer?"

I parted my thighs and encouraged his curious hand. "Yes."



Oh Brother!

For the Fighting Connollys series, I wanted to tell the stories of three brothers—Kelly, Jack and Finn Connolly—fighting to save their family legacy. After a rough childhood that included losing their mother and enduring their alcoholic, gambling addict father's abuse, the brothers joined the Marines and survived some truly harrowing moments while deployed multiple times. Each of the brothers lost something over there—a best friend, partial vision and a leg—and now they're trying to rebuild their lives.

The idea of writing about three emotionally and physically wounded alpha males was one I simply couldn't dismiss. Deciding to write about three brothers gave me the chance to explore some interesting themes—brotherhood, sibling rivalry, humor, guilt and even forgiveness. Throw in three love interests and some suspenseful action, and things get interesting very fast!

In Kelly's Corner is the first in a spinoff trilogy from my Her Russian Protector series. In the HRP universe, the heroes of the first four books share brother-like bonds forged in their very early years living in an orphanage. Ivan, Dimitri, Yuri and Nikolai came to Houston to start over and build better lives—and end up rescuing their damsels in distress from the Albanian mob, a Latin street gang, a shady real estate developers, a Mexican drug cartel and a madman hell-bent on usurping a certain mob boss' throne. Kelly, one of Dimitri's employees and Yuri's former bodyguard, finds himself facing some of those same foes—including two of the most notorious loan sharks in the city.

What can I say? Fictional Houston's underbelly is a pretty seedy but dangerously sexy place!


I like to write super sexy romances and naughty erotica that make your pulse pound. You can get updates on new releases by visiting my website (roxierivera.com), signing up for my newsletter (http://eepurl.com/sX-z1) or liking my author page on Facebook.

I also write erotic romances as Lolita Lopez including the red-hot GRABBED series for Ellora's Cave and the upcoming Dragon Heat series from Forever Yours/Grand Central.

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