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Double Clutch by Liz Reinhardt Virtual Blog Tour

Double Clutch (A Brenna Blixen Novel)

What happens when you fall for the perfect one day?

Brenna Blixen spent her freshman year homeschooling in Denmark; now that she's back in the States, she's determined to make her sophomore year unforgettable. And by unforgettable, she imagined awesome classes, fun friendships, and maybe a little romance.

What she got was a whole lot of romance, and all at once.

The same day that dark, brooding Saxon Maclean charmed her with his killer good looks and whip-smart wit, Jake Kelly stole her breath away with his heart-wrenching smile and intelligent, thoughtful focus.

But Saxon is a proud player who makes it clear that he doesn't know why he can't get Brenna off of his mind and out of his system, and Jake's sweet and humble attitude hides a secret past life that might be darker and more complex than Brenna is willing to deal with.

Complicating the matter is the fact that Saxon and Jake were once best friends and are now arch-enemies...and the more Brenna finds out about their connection to each other, the more intrigued and worried she becomes.

Between keeping the peace with her lovingly over-protective parents, designing t-shirts for her high school's rising punk band, keeping up her grades in classes split between academic and technical high school, and running the track like a maniac, Brenna has enough to worry about with out juggling two guys who make her heart thud and drive her crazy all at once.

She has to make a choice, but how is she supposed to do that when giving her heart to one of them might mean breaking the other's?

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So I want to give a big round of applause to Liz Reinhardt and a huge thank you for taking the time to be interviewed.

First of all tell us a bit about yourself.

Thank you so much for having me on your blog, Taneesha! My name is Liz Reinhardt. I spend way too much time on Facebook, am best buddies with my hilarious five-year-old daughter, still have a huge crush on my husband, love to read and write all things YA, and plan on making enough money writing to take my family to Italy. I went when I was a teenager, but the Sistine Chapel was closed when I was in Rome, and I must go see it!

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I was always writing in school, but short things like poems and short stories. What happened was, I had this big, important paper due in Biology for Liberal Arts in college. I did not want to write it. So I started writing this romance. This loooong, strange romance novel. I wrote a 100,000 word book in a few weeks. I crammed and wrote the 8-page Bio paper the night before. Once I finished a book, it was addictive, and I kept wanting to do more and more!
Your novel has recently been released, how do you feel about that?

Really, really weird! Three months ago, I could count on both hands all the people in the world who had readDouble Clutch and almost every one was related to me or a good friend. Now people are putting it on favorites lists. They're arguing that it's too sexy. They're picking teams! One woman sent me a list of songs that made her think of the characters! A playlist!! It's amazing. It's really strange and amazing.

Was there any inspiration for any of the characters?

Oh, definitely. Both boys are, in part, my husband and some of his male family and friends growing up. They were bad boys, real trouble-makers and rule-breakers, but they were all kind of romantics, too. And now that we're all grown up, I can see how each guy in his group found that one girl who helped him move past being a juvenile delinquent! And Brenna is definitely a huge mix of me, my sister, my friends growing up. I've always been really lucky to have very cool friends who have amazing hobbies and are so brilliant and funny!

Did you take personal experience and adapt it into the book?

One hundred percent. One reviewer said that no teenager is as respectful to her mom as Brenna is, and that made me giggle, because that is one part of Brenna that is all me and totally based on real life. And Brenna's mom is a lot like my mother, so their relationship is very close to home for me. All kinds of classes I took, dates I had, arguments, long phone conversations got drawn on and put into the book.

Can you tell us quick facts about Saxon and Jake?
Saxon has a photographic memory, a love of orange TicTacs, and a real desire to least a little. When I was trying to come up with his name, I thought about names I'd liked growing up, and a friend's boyfriend's name from highschool popped into my head. The Saxon I knew in real life is nothing like the character, but the name was a perfect fit!
Jake is a terrible reader, but a natural with engines and engineering-type problems, has an amazing work ethic, and is a complete and utter romantic. When I was trying to come up with his name, I thought back to one of my favorite movies when I was a kid; The Newsies. A really young Christian Bale played Jack Kelly, a NY newspaper boy. Jake's name is a play on that character's.

Can you tell us seven random fun facts about you?

1. I lived in Denmark for a month when I was 14.

2. I was an English teacher.

3. My parents owned a 50's style restaurant when I was a teen, and I waitressed there in a poodle skirt.

4. I had to take ballet when I was a kid because I was severely pigeon-toed. Ballet fixed it!

5. I am addicted to Pandora and make YouTube playlists all the time.

6. I hand-made Team Jacob/Team Edward/Team Emmett shirts for me, my sister, and sister-in-law when we went to see New Moon.

7. My daughter and I were born in the same hospital in NJ.

Skinny Love by Birdy is Jake and Brenna's song

So here is the great news Liz is giving away one e-copy of Double Clutch and I am giving away four copies! WOO HOO! All you have to do is leave a comment and your e-mail address and on Friday we will pick the winners!

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Liz Reinhardt said...

Tee! Thank you so much for having me on your blog!! Your questions were fantastic...and I LOVE that you identified Birdy's "Skinny Love" as Jake and Brenna's song! I feel like you climbed in my head and listened to my writing playlist ;)!

Bex said...
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Liz Reinhardt said...

Thank you, Rebecca! I hope you win, too ;)!

I didn't watch TV because my roommates would have yelled at me to get back to work. Since I was at my computer, they just assumed I was doing my paper and would be ready to go out with them any minute. Haha! I fooled them!

(But I do not endorse writing romance novels instead of doing schoolwork. School is very important. Do your biology work, everyone! ;)!)

BellaColella said...

Love it great interview!! As always;)


Liz Reinhardt said...

Thank you so much for stopping by, Bella ;)! I LOVED Tee's questions!

hernameisavril said...

I would absolutely love to win a copy of this book it sounds like a great read :D

Arianne said...

I loved the book so much!!! Can't wait to read Junk Miles :D
email: cruz042 at csusm dot edu

sweety said...

Oh!!i see that i missed my chance to win a copy of this wonderful book :( ok,no prob guys.Happy reading for those who won a copy :)