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Finding Alice by Andrea DiGiglio

Finding Alice (Alice Clark, #1)

Cursed with an intense version of empathy Alice runs from a wasted life to start a new one somewhere no one will know her; Hell, Michigan. Alice works at a hole-in-the-wall bar in the middle of nowhere mostly keeping to herself to avoid the overwhelming emotions of those around her. Alice allows her best friend to convince her into taking a few college classes without realizing it would drastically change her life forever. From her first day of class she was hooked on him; his scent, his eyes, the way he talked to her inside her head.

Throughout her struggles she learns about true love, true pain and the truth of her own heritage. Alice must quickly find out who she is because after all everyone else is out to find her. With Angels and Bounty Hunter’s in constant pursuit she finds protection within a group of Fallen Angels. These Fallen Angels vow to do anything to protect her; for it is their belief she will save their kind and all of mankind.

       My review:
I received Finding Alice as an ARC from the author Andrea and I have to say HOLY COW! This is an EPIC beginning to a series! As most of you know I love Angel and Demon stories. The just fascinate me and when I started reading this book I could not put it down. Man has Andrea created a real world where good vs evil is ever present.

Alice is a loner who speaks to no one and minds her business. When she is not in school she is off drawing in her sketch book. Her last foster home is anything but normal so she decides to leave and never look back. When she leaves her foster family for good she seeks out a place where it is quiet and no one knows her and where she can reinvent herself. She finds that in Hell Michigan where everyone there is quiet and minds there business. There she changes her name and starts working at a bar where she loves it.

Then she meets one of the bar workers Camille. Camille is full of energy and always telling Alice she should enroll in college. So Alice decides she will enroll in two classes, one being a Religious History class and the other an art class. On the first day of class Alice is waiting for Camille when this GORGEOUS guy walks in and Alice's world seems to stand still. Alice is not sure if she is dreaming but she feels this instant connection to this guy and can't stop staring at him. Camille comes int he room and is totally laughing at Alice because Alice has never ever showed interest in anyone before.

As the weeks pass on Alice is starting to like school and even finds herself spending more time with Camille at the bar. Alice is also staring to come out of her shell and starts talking to Cole (Mr Gorgeous). Then things start to get weird for Alice. She starts having these crazy dreams and she can't decide whether or not they are real. The one thing she does know is that these dreams scare the mess out of her. What is Alice to do, should she follow the dream or should she ignore the dreams? Will she ever be able to open her heart and love? Will she be able to trust the one person she is falling for?

Alice will have to come face to face with her fears and figure out who she is and what these strange dreams mean to her. Will she open her heart up enough to be loved by the one person who is hiding a secret? What will her secret reveal? What is she to do about the bounty hunter's who are after her? Will she really believe her eyes when she see's one of God's chosen ones?

I felt the room catch up to me as his lips touched mine. His kiss consumed every inch of my being. It was intensely gentle with just the right amount of raw, rough passion. I could live in that moment for the rest of my life. We fell back onto the bed and a cloud of dark feathers flew into the air above us, hovering. His arms tangled around me as I ran my hands down his back. I don’t think I could have felt any closer to him than I did in that moment.

Andrea DiGiglio. Finding Alice (Kindle Locations 633-637).

This book does not come out till February 19, 2012 and I am telling you this is a MUST READ! I could not put it down because it has everything from Angels to Nephelim to bounty hunter's and no one is as they seem.

Here's some quotes from book one and book two coming out soon. Enjoy them and if you would like to win a SIGNED copy all you have to do is fill out the raffelcopter.

Finding Alice(Book # 1 in The Alice Clark Series)

-We had only brushed against each other a few times and every time, it was intoxicating and mesmerizing.

"Surprise me," he said with a wolf-like grin. I barely took my eyes off of him while I mixed his drink. They were piercing and he had to know the effect they had on me. I would say it should have been considered abuse, but I liked it.- Finding Alice

-The stench of death in the cold breeze whisked across my face as the last breath of air slipped from my lungs. -

couple sneaks into book 2-

-She turned her head away from his cold dead eyes and refocused on the dirt smeared cement below her. "Go ahead break me, I don't even know what it feels like to feel whole." It was a dare and he knew it, he also knew she truly didn't give a damn what happened to her and that was far more aggravating to him.-

Alice's Sacrifice, Book #2 in The Alice Clark Series

-She found comfort in the dark. It was the only place they could not taint with their vicious and filthy torture. It was the only place she could for just a moment remember what it once felt like to be in Cole's arms, to kiss his lips. It was all she had to hold onto, to survive.-

Alice's Sacrifice, Book #2 in The Alice Clark Series

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