Friday, February 14, 2014

Eternal Justice by R. L. Dodson Book Promo

Title: Eternal Justice
Genre: Romantic Suspense


Ashley’s life has been devastated once before, and she has spent the last two years rebuilding her life with her sexy CIA husband and her son.

It has been over two years since retired DEA Agent Ashley Cameron-Langston tangled with the Dixie Mafia and the Colombian Drug Cartel. Nightmares and vivid dreams have become less, until a special package arrives followed by information of a contract hit on her life.

CIA Agent, Anthony Langston will do anything to protect his beautiful, strong-willed wife and a precocious six year old son, he didn’t know he had until two years ago.

With time running out, there is only one thing to do: the hunted become the hunters.

The team is learning a lesson in justice they never got in the police academies… how to become the equivalent of mercenaries and enforce Eternal Justice. In an operation of this kind, death is imminent.



Ashley examined her partner and best friend’s face, saw the worry flickering in his steel gray eyes. And her panic deepened. “I am still in love with Tony and I never told him he has a son. I have so many regrets. But, all of that put aside; this operation just doesn’t feel right.” Ashley’s features grew pained, as if the admission caused her physical torture.

Chase silenced Ashley with a sympathetic look. “Stop.” He ordered. It is pointless flinging the past up at each other. You and Anthony just need to clear the air.” His voice suddenly sounded strained. “Seriously, Ashley, what do you want?”

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About the Author:

R. L. Dodson grew up in Southern Alabama and holds a B.S. in History and Criminal Justice. She has spent almost twenty years working in the Criminal Justice Arena. From an early age, she loved to read and later wrote poetry and short stories. This is her first novel and she hopes that you enjoy taking this journey with her. R. L. now resides in Florida. 

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