Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Open Heart Chronicles: FINDING ME AGAIN by Amber Garza Character Interview


I know most people don’t find the love of their life at sixteen. But I did. At least that’s what I thought when I fell in love with Tripp Bauer. That’s why it was so hard when we drifted apart after high school graduation.
But I’ve never stopped loving him.

On a trip back to our hometown, I run into Tripp and the spark between us is undeniable.

Is it possible for us to find our way together again? 

Will I really get the happily ever after I’ve longed for?

Don’t miss the stunning conclusion to Tripp and Hadley’s story!


Character Interview with Hadley and Tripp:

1. What was your first impression of one another?

 Hadley: Tripp knows exactly what I thought about him (laughs). I thought he was your typical, popular jock. Boy was I wrong. 

Tripp: Hadley was the shy girl at school, the one who walked with her head down and kept to herself. I thought she seemed sweet and quiet - I had no idea she was so actually this incredibly vibrant, strong person on the inside.

2. Most romantic gesture: 

 Hadley: I guess I'm not the romantic one of the two of us. But the most romantic thing Tripp has ever done for me was when he drew my picture. It was amazing to see myself the way he saw me.
Tripp: Hadley is romantic in the little everyday things she does. Like the way she was always remembers my favorite things and gets them for me. Also, how she always builds me up and takes care of me.

3. Most annoying trait. 

Hadley: How much time do you have? (laughs). Just kidding. No, honestly I think sometimes Tripp can be a little self-depreciating and that annoys me.

Tripp: I would have to say that sometimes Hadley can be a bit of a control freak.

Hadley: I am not! 

Tripp: Oh yes, you are. Even her best friend calls her the most annoying back seat driver in the world. 

Hadley: That's just because Paige is an awful driver. 

Tripp: (laughs) You got me there.

4. Pet names:

 Hadley: I guess we don't really have pet names for each other. 

Tripp: We could come up with some.

Hadley: (smiling) I think I'm good.

5. Ideal Valentine’s Day gift. 

Hadley: I don't care much about material things. I think I'd like a romantic day with Tripp - just he and I. Doesn't really matter what we do but an entire day just he and I would be heaven. 

Tripp: Funny I was thinking the same thing.

Hadley: Then I guess I know what we're doing this year!

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