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The Marked Son Book Review

The Marked Son
Title: The Marked Son
Author: Shea Berkley
Series: Book # 1 of 3
Release Date: August 02, 2011
Source: ARC Copy from Publisher

Blurb: Seventeen-year-old Dylan Kennedy always knew something was different about him, but until his mother abandoned him in the middle of Oregon with grandparents he’s never met, he had no idea what. 

When Dylan sees a girl in white in the woods behind his grandparents’ farm, he knows he’s seen her before…in his dreams. He’s felt her fear, heard her insistence that only he can save her world from an evil lord who uses magic and fear to feed his greed for power. 

Unable to shake the unearthly pull to Kera, Dylan takes her hand. Either he’s completely insane or he’s about to have the adventure of his life, because where they’re going is full of creatures he’s only read about in horror stories. Worse, the human blood in his veins has Dylan marked for death…
Warning: This book is intoxicating!

My Rating: 5 of 5  

My Cover Thoughts: I absolutely love this cover. The cover draws you in because it is a picture of a guy with piercing violet blue eyes staring into your soul. When I first saw the cover I said I have to read this book and I searched and searched for an ARC copy and when I was able to get one thanks to Misa Ramirez I nearly fell off the bed. Thanks Misa J

My Thoughts/Review: Okay I have read a lot of books but this book left me speechless! Shea did a great job weaving a beautiful story starting with Dylan and his mother and then Dylan learns he has grandparents that are alive. Once he gets to his grandparents house funny things start to happen and Dylan is thrown into a world he has no idea existed.

Dylan thinks he is seeing a ghost and is going crazy but he finds this guy on the internet who says he saw the same thing. They talk and find out they both saw the same thing. They decide they are going to catch this ghost and make plans to trap her with another friend. They go into the woods deep into the woods when they see her and begin to chase her. They chase her until she disappears into thin air. They stop and try to decide whether or not they are going to follow her and decide against it until they make a better plan.

But Dylan keeps looking at the space where the ghost has gone through and decides to follow her. He goes into this space where everything seems to slow down and time stands still. When he emerges on the other side of the wall he is stunned to see that there is a whole other world and he finds out that the ghost he has been seeing is really not a ghost but the girl from his dreams. Dylan can’t decide what to do but before he acts the girl his ghost tells him she is real and that he was sent to save her world. She is the girl from all his dreams and now he does not know what to think about seeing her in person.

Is he going crazy? Is he dreaming? Can this be true? What is he going to do about the girl of his dreams?

This is a must read, it will not disappoint you. This story captivates you from the very beginning and you will read through it in one day because you will be unable to put the book down.

Look out for August 02, 2011 that’s when the book hits the shelves! Happy Reading and welcome to the world of Teag!

Memorable Quotes: Page 189 Dylan says to Kera: “It’s a crazy thing, this confidence I have. I don’t know where it’s coming from, but I have no problem embracing it. “This feels right. I was born to be here, to be with you, and no one has the right to tell us differently. I’ll protect you. Do you trust me?”
Advice: This book is A MUST READ!! You will be disappointed if you do not read this book! *Swoon Worthy*

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