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Blood Like Poison: Destined for a vampire

Destined for a Vampire (Blood Like Poison, #2)

Title: Blood Like Poison: Destined For a Vampire
Author: M. Leighton
Series: Book # 2 of 3
Release Date: May 30, 2011
Source: Amazon Kindle

Blurb: Ridley Heller thought that all her problems would be over if she could have Bo back-back from the dead. But what Ridley didn't know was that her wish would come at a price. 

Bo survived a condition that would have killed a lesser vampire, or any vampire for that matter. The only reason he didn't die is because of who he is, someone Ridley doesn't know at all. Someone Bo himself doesn't know at all.

As Ridley gets closer to finding out Bo's true identity, she discovers that loving him could also 

come at a price, a price much higher than she ever could have imagined. The question is: is 
there any such thing as a price too high to pay for Bo? For his love, for his safety, for eternity in his arms? 

Warning: This book is Angelic!

My Rating:  5 of 5 ANGELS  

My Cover Thoughts: I love the cover! It is of a girl with a masquerade mask on. Who is she hiding from? What is she hiding from?

My Thoughts/Review: This book picked up right where the first one left off. Ridley is still reeling from the death of Bo and Savannah being hurt. Devon is missing and Trinity is still wreaking havoc. Ridley is in a state of shock because she has not heard or seen Bo and she fears that he is really dead. Then after a few days mourning him she starts to smell his scent but she thinks she is going crazy because if she could smell him why hasn’t he said anything to her. So she goes to see Lucius to ask him what he thinks and he tells her a crazy story about Bo and what he thinks might have happened to him.

When she leaves Lucius she is more confused and heartbroken. The she screams out to Bo and tells him if he loves her then he will show himself to her or touch her and let her know that everything is okay. Bo hears her cries and comes to her and tells her he loves her but he has to stay away in order to keep her safe. H promises to be near her but he can’t stay with her.
After that gut wrenching visit things start to get weird. Her friends are disappearing and some are being murdered. Then to make matters worse her parents out her on a curfew and tell her she has to babysit for her mother’s co-worker. She soon finds out that someone wants her dead and she is attacked buy the people she trusts and loves.

In the end she will have to choose the right path for her. Will she choose to be human or will she choose to become the one thing that scares her.... a vampire.

I cannot wait till September 05, 2011 for the third and final instalment of this series. You will find out what happened to Devon and savannah, Bo and Ridley, and most important you will see what the secret was and how it affected everyone in the small town of Harker!

Memorable Quotes: Lyrics about guilty pleasure wove a sensual web around us.  My blood heated with thoughts of Bo’s skin on mine, covering me, sliding against me.  The friction of Bo’s body rubbing against mine, moving in time with the music, sang along my nerves and turned my core into a raging inferno.  When I felt his tongue licking at the pulse that beat violently beneath my ear, I had to bite my lip to keep a moan from escaping. “There’s no one like you,” he said, his lips tickling my sensitive skin as he spoke.  “There’s no taste like you,” he sighed, trailing his tongue up to tease the lobe of my ear, drawing it gently into his mouth.  “No feel like you,” he moaned, his hand moving to the base of my spine and pressing my hips into his.  “There’s no one that I need like I need you.” My insides melted.  I wanted to cry with the pleasure of it, the bitter-sweetness of it.  I couldn’t imagine ever wanting someone as much as I wanted Bo.  I didn’t think my heart could take it without exploding.  I would gladly give up years of my life to be with him, if only for a little while.  In the end, I knew it would be worth it. Bo raised his head to look at me, his eyes searing me with a heat so intense, I felt it in my stomach.  Without a word, he tightened his hold on me and lifted until my feet were several inches from the ground and my chest was plastered to his.  Slowly, he turned and walked out of the crush, away from the crowd.  He carried me toward a deserted corner of the gymnasium and into a short, dark hallway that led to a door that emptied out onto the stage in the auditorium right next door. The music still thudded in my chest, obscuring the excited patter of my heart.  Bo walked to the back of the hallway, to its blackest point, and stopped, pushing me up against the wall and holding me there with his body.   And then his mouth was devouring mine. As his tongue tangled mercilessly with mine, I grabbed his shoulders and held on tight.  I felt his hands at my thighs, his fingers working the material of my dress up until I could feel skin on skin.  I wanted Bo so badly it almost hurt.  I wanted more.  I wanted it all and the frustration of it was killing me.

Leighton, M. (2011-05-30). Blood Like Poison: Destined for a Vampire (Book 2, Blood Like Poison Series) (Kindle Locations 2422-2447). Kindle Edition.

Advice: This book is both Angelic and Vampireistic!

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