Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dricus from The Guardian's Kiss By Jamie Lynn Dougherty

Dricus “Oh here’s our Golden Boy.” Dricus said, as he tried to inch his way closer to the driver’s side door. “I see you’ve told her your little secret since my last visit.” Dricus made his way to my door. His hand rested on the side mirror, his grey fingers tapped the glass. I couldn’t help but look at him, the urge was too strong, and the feeling of dread swept over me. “Hello my Lovely you ...look like you’ve gotten some sun. You know you’ll get skin cancer, but you probably won’t live long enough to see it.” A sly smirk rested at the corners of his mouth, one that I have learned would be perpetually stuck on his face. “F--- You!” I wished I could have spit in his face. “I love it when you’re sassy, kind of makes me a little hot.” ..... "The Guardian's Kiss"

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