Friday, October 21, 2011

Looky... looky... what I found on twimom101's blog

Mortal Defiance Cover Reveal!

So, my amazing cover designer has really out done herself this time. We sat down for hours and discussed how to use the photos I purchased, where to place the text, what colors to use and even more importantly, managed to not kill each other. For those of you that don't know, my mother in law does all of the heavy lifting when it comes to my book covers. Isn't that cool? She is one talented lady!

So, without further ado, here is the cover for Mortal Defiance!

And now, to complete the reveal, here is your Teaser Tuesday... on Friday!

“Why is it I never get a goodnight’s rest when you’re around?” Ree squinted at Roland and frowned.

“I'm sure we could come up with something to help you relaxe.” Raising an eyebrow he smiled at Ree, making her pulse race.

So many exciting and important things happen in Mortal Defiance. 

I can't wait for everyone to read the next part of Ree's story.

Oh man I love love Roland! He is to hot to handle. If you have not read Mortal Obligation what are you waiting for , go out and get a copy! Plus keep checking back to see when I will be giving away a copy of Mortal Obligation.


Nichole Chase said...

((HUGS)) Thanks girls!

Tee said...

OMG this cover is truly EPIC!

Ange said...

Awesome cover! Love it!