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Interview with Madison Daniel author of Ember

Love never dies...but it can kill.
Ember is the story of Max Valentine, a teenager with secret abilities and many inner demons. His life revolves around music and his love for it. When his father dies he seeks answers with his last living relative, his fathers brother Frank. Frank lives on the island of Maui and eagerly takes Max in as his own. Max soon learns that healing his past will be more difficult than he could have ever believed. Two major complications will tempt and torment him as he tries to make sense of his abilities.

The first temptation comes in the form of a mysterious island girl. Asia Lyn Michaels is rich, spoiled, angry and beautiful. Her path crosses with Max on the beach one afternoon, forever changing both of their lives. Max saves her life and she discovers his secret. From that moment on they are connected, no matter how much they fight it.

The second temptation will test Max’s very soul. Samantha Ann Summers is sweet, artistic, smart and confident. She will help Max find his smile again and maybe even heal his past mistakes. She is possibly his soul mate and Max will fight that with every fiber of his being.

Max’s temper and indecision with the girls will send in motion events that will cost him dearly. He will test the limits of his powers and the new relationship with his protective uncle. He will gain a powerful love and lose another. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing Madison and I learned so much about the Ember Series and a little extra something about Madison. Read on to enjoy the interview.

Today I would like to thank Madison Daniel the Author of Ember for stopping by A Diary Of A Book Addict. I first have to say Madison you have a HUGE following! Man when I said I was interviewing you the girls were bombarding me with questions to ask you. So I had to narrow them down to a few questions so I hope I don’t upset anyone *winks*. 

I know the book is based in Hawaii but our readers want to know why you picked Hawaii for the story. Is there any significance of having the story in Hawaii? I have never been there but after reading Ember and researching what Hawaii looks like I am definitely taking a vacation there soon. 

MD: Hawaii and Maui are very elemental. Completely fits all the nuances of the story. The islands also bring an instant recognition of paradise and a far away place. Heaven on Earth. 

How does Max feel about his ability? Does he feel like it is a gift or a curse? 

MD: He is definitely haunted by it. It has scarred him deeply even though he embraces his fire-starting abilities in the way a reluctant hero might do in a comic book. 

Does Max’s uncle have a special ability? 

MD: Just common sense and a great big heart. He is the voice of reason in the Ember series. 

Why does Asia have such a calming effect on Max? 

MD: She is his “fires” opposite. Their first meeting is dramatic and connects them in a way only Max and Asia can understand. 

Does Sam think of Max as her soul mate? 

MD: Not at first but she definitely figures that out before he does. Sam will challenge Max’s very soul. 

If you could name one song that describes how Max is feeling, which song would it be? 

MD: That’s a hard one. Hmmm...maybe “Not Strong Enough” by Apocalyptica. 

Will Max ever master his anger? 

MD: I hope so! But not for a couple more books. There many twists and trials ahead for Max and his fires. 

Has Max dealt with the death of his close relative? 

MD: When you read Ember you will be able to answer that yourself. It’s one of the main undercurrents of the series. 

Music played a huge role in your book. Can you tell us if you were a musician or if you play and instruments? Also how has music influenced your life? 

MD: I spent all my teen years and half of the adult years in a band. I play guitar, bass and keyboards. I spent most of those magical years up front with a microphone in my hand as the lead vocalist. It’s safe to say that music has shaped my life in every possible way. I’ve learned from it, healed with it and grown because of it. Music is life. 

Rapid fire questions 
1. Soda or Juice? OJ. 
2. What is your favorite music to listen to when writing? All. 
3. Fruits or Veggies? Fruits. 
4. What is your favorite instrument? Voice. 
5. Where do you like to write? In my dreams. 
6. How many books are going to be in the series? Six. 
7. When is the second book coming out? Later this year. 

Madison thank you so much for stopping by and sharing all this fun info with me and the readers we really appreciate it. Max is a swoon worthy guy and with that said one of your fans/stalker wants to know if Max is taken or can she have him? *winks* We all want a piece of Max ;) 

MD: Max burns for all his fans! Asia and Samantha may have something to say about it though! 

Thank you for having me! It was awesome. I hope we can do this again. ~ M.

These are the books coming out in The Ember Series
EMBER: Book One
GRAVITY: Book Four
ECHOES: Book Five

Places to stalk Madison Daniel
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