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When Destiny Strikes (Destiny Saga, #2) by Heather M. White Review

When Destiny Strikes by Heather M. White 
Now that Karlie has received her full powers, things are going to be great... right? 

Karlie's number one priority is to kill Serenity - after all she deserves it for trying to kill Alex. Though it isn't as easy as it sounds. Serenity teams up with demons to create an army to destroy Karlie. 

On top of that, there are a ton of zombies, everywhere... And a new angel in town, who seems more like a demon... And of course, a shape shifter dragon! It's all weird, even for Karlie. 

With friends turning against friends, it seems as though her life got a whole lot more complicated. 

My Review

OMG Heather has done it again. Second books are always critiqued harshly but I will say this Heather has rocked my world and then some! Lord she had me so hooked that the ending had me like What the..... you know what I was thinking. This story picks up right where the first one left off. You get to see Karlie and Shane and the gang and a few new characters that I loved. 

Karlie and Shane are trying to have a normal high school day where they do not have to fight evil monsters or demons but with Karlie being the chosen one everything wants a piece of her to destroy her and take over the world. Karlie is having none of that and she will fight to the end to make sure her friends and family and the world are safe. 

Karlie will also go through a lot of trials and tribulations this time around. She will have to learn who to trust and just how much to trust. Someone close to her will come back into life causing her to reevaluate everything she was told about this person. She will also lose a few friends and she will also be betrayed by someone she loves. 

Heather did an excellent job introducing new characters into the story and she even added some new supernatural creatures. Can you say H-E-L-L-O Hugh and Hubert! tehehehe you will have to read the book to see what I am talking about. 

While I was reading this book I thought about a song to go along with the theme and I think Storm by Lifehouse

Thank you Heather foe allowing me to read an ARC copy! You know my heart belongs to Alex. He can come down and sweep me up in his wings any day!

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