Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Book Release Nowhere to Hide (Stephanie Carovella #2) by Nina D'Angelo

Book Description:

Stephanie Carovella came back to Los Angeles to face her past and nearly lost her future to a serial killer.

Now she has a chance to start a new life with a new man.

But is that what she wants? While she battles Jase Devlin, the man who won't stop until they are together, she gains the attention of another serial killer.

This time it's a copycat killer; one who will stop at nothing to possess her.

Can she survive the madness of another killer? Will she give in to Jase Devlin's advances? And will she see the real threat before it's too late?

Or will Stephanie Carovella discover she has Nowhere To Hide?



Jase grinned against Stephanie’s lips when she fumbled with the front door key. They’d shared passionate kisses on the drive home, both unable to keep their hands off each other. He still wasn’t sure how they’d managed to arrive safely. 

Stephanie smiled when Jase’s hand covered her and he tore his mouth off hers to unlock the door. Stumbling inside, she gasped when he pressed her up against the door, the weight of her body causing the door to slam shut. His hand pressed against the doorframe, as he took her mouth again for a scorching kiss. 

Impatiently, she pushed his tuxedo jacket off his shoulders and he pulled back from her, hastily removing his bow-tie and dropping it uncaringly to the ground. His mouth slid lightly over hers again and he playfully slid his tongue over her bottom lip. Sliding his mouth down her neck, he trailed hot kisses over it as she pulled his shirt out from his pants. 

Jase’s own hands slid to the back of her dress, tugging at the zipper. He slid it down, pushing her dress down with his hands, as he did so. Stephanie’s hands fell away from him, pushing his hands away. She unzipped the remainder of her dress, smiling when it fell into a scarlet puddle at her ankles leaving her only in black lace panties, suspender stockings and six-inch stiletto heels. 

He watched her, his eyes glittering with emotion. “God, you’re beautiful,” he rasped, roughly dragging her closer to him. She swayed against him, lifting her mouth to his descending one. Her hands moved to the front of his shirt, gripping it. His hands slid to cup her breasts, his thumbs sliding across her nipples, making her gasp softly against his mouth. “You’re so damn beautiful and you’re all mine.” He murmured, tearing his mouth off hers and bending his head to capture one of her nipples in his mouth. She purred, driving her hands into his hair. Arching up into his hot, hungry mouth, she closed her eyes in ecstasy. 

Jase’s mouth slid from one breast to sample the other, chuckling in pleasure at the way she fell apart in his arms, his hands moving down her sides to hook underneath her panties. He tore his mouth off her nipple, laving it with his tongue before pressing moist kisses up her throat and tugging her panties down. She hooked her arms around his neck, pressing herself into him and stepping out of her panties. 

“I think you’re slightly overdressed,” she murmured throatily, gripping the edge of his shirt. 

His lips curved into a grin. “Maybe you should do something about that.” He murmured, capturing her mouth again with his. 

“Maybe, I should,” she murmured, hooking her leg around his and knocking his feet out from under him. Moving astride him, she trapped his arms above his head. Leaning in to kiss him again, her tongue dueled with his. Breathlessly tearing her mouth from his, she trailed her hands down his chest, gripping the edges of his shirt. “How much do you like this shirt?”

“I can live without it,” he teased softly and she smiled impishly. 

“Good to know.” She teased back, before gripping the edges of his shirt and tugging at it. She smiled triumphantly when she heard his shirt rip, the buttons flying in every direction. Pushing it from his shoulders, she grinned when he shrugged out of it and threw it across the foyer. Sliding her hands over his exposed chest, she trailed her hands lower to his abs, greedily taking him in. One finger moved to follow the trail of hair leading to his tuxedo pants and she moved her hand onto his belt buckle. 

His hand closed over hers, pushing it aside as he undid his belt. She watched him unzip his pants, before he stripped naked. “I’m yours,” she whispered against his mouth. “And you’re mine for forever and always.”

Jase quickly flipped her so she was on her back. His body moved over hers and he tore his mouth away from hers, whispering fervently, “I love you.”

She lifted her lips up to his again, her hands caressed his back and lower to his backside, one of her legs hooking around his hip. He groaned, kissing her again and positioned himself over her. 

She moaned softly when he thrust into her, her hands clutching his shoulders as they began to move together. 

“Sweet Jesus, you feel so good,” he groaned, rocking his hips against her. He pressed deeper into her, increasing their pace. His lips reached for hers as her legs circled his hips, drawing him in even deeper. Tearing his mouth off hers, his gaze clung to hers. He watched her eyes flutter closed and she gasped her climax. He did the same seconds later, burying his face in her neck, his breathing shallow gasps.

Raising himself onto his elbow, he said softly, “I don’t want any more secrets between us. If we want this to work, we need to be honest with each other.”

Stephanie opened her eyes, meeting his intense stare. “Okay,” she whispered, closing her eyes. 

Jase chuckled. “That’s it? Just okay, no argument, no ‘Jase, go to hell’?”

She opened her eyes again, reaching out to stroke his jaw. “I don’t want anything between us. I’ve separated myself from too many people for so long. I love you and I want to share my life with you. And, I mean all my life. I don’t want any secrets between us. As long as you’re honest with me, I’ll be honest with you.”

Jase’s lips curved into a smile. “Have I told you how much I love you?” he asked and she nodded, her eyes sparkling with laughter. “Yes, but I won’t object to hearing it again.” She whispered against his descending mouth. 

“Then I guess I better tell you again then, hadn’t I?” he whispered back, his mouth capturing hers for another scorching kiss. 

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