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TMI by Patty Blount Blog Tour Stop

ISBN: 9781402273407
Published: 08/06/2013

Book Description:

Best friends don’t lie.

Best friends don’t ditch you for a guy.

Best friends don’t post your deepest, darkest secrets online.

Bailey’s falling head-over-high-heels for Ryder West, a mysterious gamer she met online. A guy she’s never met in person. Her best friend, Meg, doesn’t trust smooth-talking Ryder. He’s just a picture-less profile.

When Bailey starts blowing Meg off to spend more virtual quality time with her new crush, Meg decides it’s time to prove Ryder’s a phony.

But one stupid little secret posted online turns into a friendship-destroying feud to answer the question:

Who is Ryder West?


My Review

5 of 5 TMI

TMI is one of those books that every teenager should read. It is a heart wrenching story about two friends that are best friends until one lets a guy come between them. This is also a story about love, loss and families that are grieving and need help with that grief.

Bailey AKA Bay and Megan AKA Meg are best friends. They share everything together and they are inseparable but one thing they don't share is Bay's love for gaming. She loves to play video games and can spend hours online playing. So when Bay meets a guy Ryder West on Call Of Duty she is caught up in the web of lies and secrets he gives her. 

Bay is so caught up in Ryder she starts ditching Meg for him and soon the girls are fighting because Meg feels like there is something off about Ryder. She thinks maybe he could be a pedophile or someone playing a joke on Bay but Meg has no way of proving it so she tries to find a way to prove to Bay that Ryder is fake and as the girls duel it out over rumors and gossip they soon find each other enemies.

When everything comes to blows with Meg and Bay and Bay discloses a huge secret of Meg's the friendship is in jeopardy and the revelation of who Ryder is is disclosed. But can the two every become friends again? Can what happened between them ever be salvaged? This is such a must read because it shows what happens when you post things on the internet and how cyber bullying can happen so fast.

Who is Patty Blount?

Author Info:

So glad you asked. Here are some random Patty-trivia facts.

Patty spends her days writing facts and her nights writing contemporary romantic fiction. A coworker once said if Patty were a super-villain, she’d be called The Quibbler. Her costume would be covered in exclamation points. Fueled by a serious chocolate obsession, a love of bad science-fiction movies, and a weird attraction to exclamation points, Patty looks for ways to mix business with pleasure, mining her day job for ideas to use in her fiction.

Though she’s passionate about happily-ever-afters, her first story wasn’t a romance at all. Penalty Killer, a whodunit, was written on a dare from her oldest son. Though unpublished, it was the subject of so many seventh-grade book reports that year, the English teacher requested a copy and later returned it, covered in red ink.

Ripped from the headlines, Patty’s novel, Send, a YA story about a former cyber-bully learning to deal with the suicide he caused with a single thoughtless click, was conceived when her boss suggested she learn about social media. Sendwas released August, 2012 from Sourcebooks Fire.

Patty is a master multi-tasker, squeezing in reading time whenever she can - in the gym, while waiting on long lines and even while cooking dinner.

Patty is represented by Evan Gregory of The Ethan Ellenberg Agency. You can contact her at pattyblount3 at gmail dot com.

Favorite Chocolate: Hershey’s Kisses

Favorite TV Show: The X-Files, Supernatural, Fringe

Favorite Vampire: On TV: It’s a tie between Damon and Eric Northman. In books, it’s Cian – one of Nora Roberts’ characters from the Circle Trilogy. *swoons*

Team Edward or Jacob: Team Edward!

Favorite Punctuation Mark: !

Favorite Food: See Favorite Chocolate, above

Favorite Book: *gasps* Just one?

Favorite Writer: *gasps again* There are SO many, Patty can’t choose just one. Jeff Somers for his Avery Cates series. Nora Roberts for romance. Sherry Thomas for historical romances. Gayle Forman for her Where She Went sequel to If I Stay.

Favorite Movie: Chocolat. (Johnny Depp and chocolate in one movie – ’nuff said). Also, Airplane! Patty has seen it a few dozen times now.

Favorite Bad Movie: Mega-Python vs. Gata-Roid. Debbie Gibson and Tiffany. No, really.

Favorite Crush: Gilles Marini makes Patty melt.

Where Do You Go For Writing Help?
Another excellent question! Visit these excellent sites: 

Some of my favorite YA authors: 
Denise Grover Swank 
Trisha Leigh 

Some of my favorite authors in other genres: 
Jeff Somers 
Bill Cameron 
Sean Ferrell 
Jeannie Moon 
Kristan Higgins 
Sherri Thomas 
Vicky Dreiling 
Nora Roberts 
Diane Mott Davidson

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