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Press Release: Author Jake Biondi Reveals Book Cover For Third Installment Of Popular 'BOYSTOWN' Series

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Jake Biondi reveals book cover for third installment of popular ‘BOYSTOWN’ series

‘BOYSTOWN Season Three’ will be available May 1

‘BOYSTOWN’ series author Jake Biondi has revealed the book cover and release date for the highly-anticipated third book of his ‘BOYSTOWN’ series. ‘BOYSTOWN Season Three’ will be released on May 1, 2015. 

“The wait is almost over,” Biondi told fans of his ‘BOYSTOWN’ book series. “Due to the success of the first two books in the series, fans from all over the country have been emailing me to know when the third book would be released. They want to know what’s coming next for their favorite characters and couples. Well, their wait is finally over.”

Biondi added, “’BOYSTOWN’ fans are the best. I am so humbled by and grateful for my readers and their positive response to the books. I regularly receive notes from fans who are connecting with the characters and want to know what the future holds for them.”

Biondi promises that readers won’t be disappointed. “’Season Three’ picks up with the aftermath of the New Year’s Eve explosion. While I won’t reveal who lives and who dies, I will say this: lives will be forever changed.” Biondi also previews that ‘BOYSTOWN Season Three’ continues the storylines from the first two books while introducing new ones -- and some hot new characters, too!

As in his second book, Biondi pays tribute to and features some of his favorite performers in ‘BOYSTOWN Season Three.’ The “Whiskey & Cherries” trio, singer Amy Armstrong, and pop sensation Steve Grand are all featured in the third ‘BOYSTOWN’ book. “Meredith, Danielle, and I are thrilled to again be written into the ‘BOYSTOWN’ series. As an avid fan of our musical trio Whiskey & Cherries, Jake Biondi has included us as the musical entertainment for the fundraiser at the end of the book. As in book two, it’s always exciting to read about yourself interacting with the primary characters and being a part of the never-ending twists and turns in the brilliant plot line,” said Brian Felder of W&C. Amy Armstrong added, “I’m so excited that I got to be a part of this outstanding series.”

The ‘BOYSTOWN’ series has a fascinating history. It began as an online story released in installments, each ending with a cliffhanger that left readers wondering what would happen to their favorite characters. Enthusiastic ‘BOYSTOWN’ fans from all over the world petitioned Biondi to release the installments more quickly; they simply couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. Overwhelmed by and grateful for the fans’ responses to the series, Biondi began to write more quickly.

In 2013, Biondi published the first ten ‘episodes’ in book form as ‘BOYSTOWN Season One.’ The sequel, ‘BOYSTOWN Season Two,’ was released in July of 2014. Ending in a spectacular cliffhanger, ‘Season Two’ left the lives of several main characters in peril. Readers were left wondering who would survive and what would happen next. Now, ‘BOYSTOWN Season Three’ answers readers’ questions and, of course, provides even more twists and turns for the fans.

Early reviews of ‘BOYSTOWN Season Three’ are very positive. Journalist and ‘BOYSTOWN’ fan Dustin Shrader, who previewed the book, said, “Iconic writer Jake Biondi has done it again. ‘BOYSTOWN Season Three’ is an emotional roller coaster with page after page of twisting thrills and crafty curveballs coming along at such speed that readers are left breathless. They will not want to get off this ride.” Editor and ‘BOYSTOWN’ fan Lisa Tepper said, “This story is amazing; it's filled with excitement, drama, name it, it has it.”

Biondi sponsored a nationwide search for models whose images would be used in promotions for the ‘BOYSTOWN’ series. These handsome men have come to be known by fans and readers as the ‘BOYSTOWN Boys.’ BOYSTOWN’S Director of Art, Design & Advertising Michael Vargas designed the fantastic book cover for ‘BOYSTOWN Season Three.’ The cover features several of these famous ‘BOYSTOWN Boys.’

Like the first two books, ‘BOYSTOWN Season Three’ will be available at bookstores across the country as well at online at,, and itunes. The series is available in paperback and all e-book formats. Readers may also order autographed paperback copies of the books directly from Biondi’s website:

In anticipation of the third book’s release, Biondi is offering readers the chance to download the first BOYSTOWN book for only 99¢ using promo code RR89P at until May 1.

For additional information or to schedule an interview with author Jake Biondi, please send an email to


Okay, so let me start this review out by saying I have typed this review 11 times and deleted it 11 times because after reading this story I was amazed, shocked, stunned, and everything in between! I mean I was literally brain fu&^%$! I mean, I have never read a story like this one. 

BOYSTOWN is written in "episodes," each ending in a cliffhanger. As you go through the episodes things start to heat up and you're like, holy eff what the hell is going on? 

So we have Jesse and Cole who are in college and they are graduating and looking for jobs. They have both found their dream jobs in Chicago and are looking forward to graduating and starting their new lives.

Then you have the happy couple Joyelle and Derek. They are the perfect couple as Derek travels for work and Joyelle is an ER nurse and loves her job. They have been married for years and Joyelle is ready for more. She wants to make her family complete. But there is one thing about one of these individuals that will rock this relationship to the core. Will they survive this or will they walk away from each other?

Emmett and Keith are the perfect couple. They are so in love and do everything together. So much so that Keith is planning on doing something special for Emmett. But just as Keith thinks he is going to get his HEA, someone has decided that he will not get his HEA yet, and they plan on doing something very very naughty. Will Keith and Emmett survive this new (or old) threat to their relationship? Will someone try and hurt them? I will say this I LOVE Emmett and if something happens to him I will be flying to Chicago a lot sooner.... hint hint Jake!

Max and Logan have been together for a long time and everything seems to be spiraling out of control. One of them has a drinking problem and the other is left trying to help him when he does not want help. So what do you do when the person you love does not want you anymore? Do you move on quietly or do you fight like hell for the person you love to keep them even though you know they don't want you?

See what I mean? So much going on with these characters and then we add to the mix some other characters like Jacqueline who is one of the character's mother who finds herself in a relationship with someone younger and when her son finds out who it is, all hell is going to break lose because that guy has a HUGE secret and when it comes out, I don't think anyone will be left standing.
Then we have Ben who is connected to two of the characters and is falling in love with one of them but when the secrets and lies come to the forefront, all hell is going to break lose. Whoop whoop! What drama we get from my man Ben. He is a chocolate God, sex on wheels but I would not want to be him when shit happens.......

Then we have Nick, Todd, and Justin who are related to some of the characters by blood and by relationships and boy oh boy when the drama unfolds and shit hits the fan and the police are called who will be left standing and who will be dead??

Oh and that police officer is actually detective Michael Martinez and boy does he have a story to tell. Lord, makes me need some ice cold water something fierce because I was feeling very feverish reading about Michael. lordy....... lordy..... lordy.... CALIENTE! 

So Boystown is a real place in Chicago and after reading this book, I told my husband I need to go there and visit because I have this image in my head that Jake put in it and I just have to go there and visit and get my book signed by Jake. I am so fan girling it is not funny. I mean I want to be in his brain so bad because that ending was like WTF? Really Jake? No you did not! Man oh man why is one of my favorite characters there? 

This is a MUST READ male/male and male/female book but most of all I felt like I was there right in front of the characters living their lives with them, going through all their ups and downs and all their pain and grief they had. Jake you are BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Holy Boystown has done it again!

I am not sure where the hell my review went but here we go again.

Boystown season two picks up right where season one left off and holy mother lover it starts off with a bang. There is so much going on between the characters and there is an introduction of new characters and some are good and some are bad.

What would this story be like without the relationship drama and man oh man what a bomb shell happens when a couple ends up together that no one expects and they get married. Then another couple ends up together and engaged and there is so much drama going on around them that they will have an uphill battle to stay together. Then another couple are in hiding because they want to be together but they can't.

As if things are not popping off we have a character who is set on getting the person of his dreams. Jake has set up such a remarkable story that once you start reading you can't put it down. You need it no matter what because you need to know what is going to happen next! 

I need season three right now!

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