Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Miss World By Randi Black Blog Tour

Miss World
It's 1993. Kim Ho wishes she were Courtney Love, instead of the chubby 16-year-old who clashes with her traditional Chinese parents. Her very own Kurt Cobain arrives in the form of Kevin, a 26-year-old failed musician. But Kevin uses Kim's rock-star dreams to exploit her, and those dreams die along with the real Kurt Cobain.Too scared to tell anyone, Kim conjures up a cross-dressing imaginary friend and dates Walter Riordan, the cute boy from special-ed. Walter helps her recover, but after a joke snowballs into a plot to murder Kevin, Kim's forced to choose between revenge or her sanity. This is a truly daring and original coming-of-age novel about one girl's quest to reclaim her power from those who've stolen it.

Read on to hear what Joey had to say to her fans.......

Hi, Joey! How would you describe your current situation (new revelations and recent events)?
First of all, I want everyone to know I faked my death in Miss World! That’s the most important revelation. I also love making dramatic exits so no one will ever forget about me!

I also want everyone to know that I still look as good as I did back in the 90s. In fact, I haven’t aged a day or gained an ounce! I have no idea how old I am, but I guess you can say that I’m always going to look 16. Right now, I live in this fabulous little cottage in the outskirts of Seattle. I decorated it all by myself and it’s got pink walls and white furniture. There’s even a room exclusively for my collection of My Little Ponys. I love baking and still have tea parties all the time. I guess you can say that I’m a businesswoman, too. I design and make frilly dresses and bloomers for people all over the world.

Sometimes, if you’re in Seattle, you can spot me buying fruits and sweets at Pike’s Place Market, or prancing around Ballard, which is the hipster neighborhood. Hipsters are so hilarious! You should see the weird looks I get! I love it! I also love dancing at show because nobody does that and they all look at me like I escaped from a mental hospital! Of course, none of them dress as fabulously as I do! Oh, and you should see how they react when I fart!

How are you handling things?
Much better than I used to. I now know what to expect from girls who want me as an imaginary friend, and know things aren’t ever going to chance. There is peace in that.

What has been the most difficult thing you’ve faced so far?
The fact that most girls aren’t like me, and they can’t spend their lives having tea parties and playing with My Little Ponys. We can love each other on an emotional and mental level, but I can’t give them that yucky sort of physical love they all want, because I’m not that kind of person. Ewww, I just can’t, you know? I find sex so repulsive and there are so many prettier things to do. Then they end up disappointed and leave me for someone who will give them that. But it’s happened so many times in my life. I’d keep thinking this girl or that girl would be different, but I’m just kidding myself, you know? That was the one drawback of being the most perfect little girl in the whole wide world.

How would describe your relationship status?
In a long-term relationship with myself.

What has been the best part about this journey?
The opportunity to brighten the life of every girl who has summoned me, even if we disappoint each other in the end.

If you were to do anything again, what would it be?
Waltz on Pike Street with Kurt Cobain.

What do you think is your strongest attribute?
My ability to stay 16 forever.

What do you consider your weakness?
My digestive system, which can lead to lots of hilarious moments.

What is your biggest fear?
French-kissing. In a way, that sounds even more disgusting than sex. Excuse me while I barf.

What brings you the most joy?
Being Joey.

Rapid Questions:
Coke or Pepsi? Cherry 7up!

Candy or Chocolate? Both, please.

Favorite food? Cake with lots of frosting.

Favorite Music? Any song from an ice cream truck.

Hobbies? Tea parties, baking, eating sweets, playing with My Little Ponys, creating pretty dresses, shopping, dancing.

Favorite movie? Party Monster!

Favorite book? Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Thanks, Joey! Awesome interview!
You’re welcome! pink confetti and glitter everywhere!

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How would describe your relationship status?
In a long-term relationship with myself.
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Top 10 english songs said...

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