Monday, July 2, 2012

Silent Song by Ron C. Nieto Blog Tour Stop

The princess of the school, Alice, is keeping a secret that could strip her of her high school fame. She is obsessed with the school’s outcast, Keith, but not just him – his music.

Since the inspiration for the song hit, Keith can’t get it out of his mind. The song must be played; it demands to be played. He knows the music is changing him, but he is unable to stop it.

Music has the ability to move you, enlighten you, and take you to places you have never dreamed of. And this particular piece? It has a life of its own and makes you forget who you really are.

As Keith and Alice learn of one another to the notes of that one perfect tune, they can overlook their roles and discover who they could be together. But they also discover someone else is listening and intends on keeping Keith to herself, possibly for an eternity.


I want to give AToMR Tours for allowing me to be a part of this tour. I have to say that Ron has written such a beautiful book that mixes all the right things together. Love, music and the inevitable fight for the love of your life. Music is such a huge part of people's life because it speaks to them when nothing else does. Music is comfort and for Alice and Kieth it takes them on an adventure of a lifetime.

Alice is the schools Princess. She has her perfect school life and her perfect school friends but she is hiding a very big secret and if it were to get out she would be the schools biggest freak and lose all her friends and her status at school. See Alice loves Kieth's music. But she also knows she can not be seen with the schools outcast and she is torn because when she hears Keith play she is swept into a whole other world. She is captured by his mesmerizing music and wants to be a part of a world she has never know. Keith's music speaks to her heart and in the end what will she do? Will she choose to be with Keith out in the open? Or will she walk away from what her heart wants the most?

Keith loves music more than life. he needs it like a fish needs water to live. When he is writing and playing his music he can see nothing else but music. His latest piece has totally taken over his life and when Alice enters his life he is a little cautious. As he and Alice spend more and more time together he finds himself liking her but the music calls to him and he can't seem to get it out of his head. As Keith and Alice get closer though they will find out that someone has other plans in store for Kieth. She wants him all to herself and she will stop at nothing to get him. The music speaks to her and she needs it and she wants Kieth to play for her and her only. What will Keith choose? Will he choose the music that has always been there for him or will he choose Alice? What will that one song do to there relationship? Will Kieth choose the other girl who is intent on keeping him?

Boy oh boy what a decision Kieth has to make. Come along for the ride of a lifetime. All you music lovers this book is for you. It has love, music and of course ultimate choices. This is a great summer read and I look forward to reading more by Ron.

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Ron C. Nieto was born not that long ago in a bustling European city. Well, okay, she was born in Madrid, Spain. Though there were no castles and definitely no princes whatsoever, and she can’t recall any fairy looming over her cradle, she was awarded a gift of sorts: a wild imagination combined with a love for words. Unfortunately, along came the curse of the Procrastination Monster, who has shadowed her for the best part of her life to date.

But in spite of this, she knew she wanted to be a writer from the very beginning: actually, she does not recall ever striving to be anything else.

Well, past that amusing stage wherein she insisted on being Batman, that is.

Anyway, she undertook her educational adventure and eventually graduated from Universidad Pontificia Comillas ICADE ICAI, where she became a translator for Spanish, English, French, Italian and Japanese. Her stay in the Realms of Higher Education gave her the strength to overcome the Procrastination Monster, sit down and scratch the aspiring out of aspiring writer.

Silent Song is her debut novel and she already has plans for her next projects. She can be found working on them whenever she doesn’t procrastinate doing something else.

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Henri said...
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Ron C. Nieto said...

Thank you for being part of this tour, Tee! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the book this much.

Tee said...

I loved it and can't wait to read more from you. You made my summer!

Unknown said...

It certainly sounds like romance with a hint of paranormal. Very interesting!

Tee said...

Yes enjoy!

Unknown said...

The rockstar and a princess, how can you go wrong with that?! I used to fantasize about having a rock star boyfriend when I was in HS (this was back in the mid-90's when Nirvana was king) and have a song written especially for me. Who doesn't want to be immortalized thru a song?! This book is a good way to take a side trip down memory lane.

P.S. If you like books like this, you might like Heather Jensen's Blood and Guitar books.

Tee said...

Oh I will look them up! I love books like this :)