Friday, July 13, 2012

The Werewolf Legend (The Werewolf Awakening, # 1) by Josh Atkins Book Review

The Werewolf Awakening is a werewolf action horror thriller set in modern times.

Mankind has known about the existence of werewolves for the past 500 years.

It started with the werewolves being feared, then revered. This reverence soon evolved into discrimination and finally, mankind starts hunting them down.

The story begins in Chapter 1 with Jarod Hess, an overly curious young man getting caught in a cross fire he was not supposed to be in. Wrong place, wrong time and wrong company...

*** The Werewolf Legend - The Werewolf Awakening, Chapter 1 ***

Jarod, a young man bored with his mundane life wished he would have an unforgettable adventure.

Sadly, the only things he could see in his future were school and work.

With things all but decided on him joining the police force when he got his degree, college wasn't as awe-inspiring as he had hoped it would be.

Friends these days only wanted to get drunk, laid, or both; typical college life.

But on one night, his curiosity took him into the middle of a werewolf hunt and he was saved by a mysterious and beautiful young woman.

Not knowing what was happening, he feared for his life. Allured by the mystery surrounding this beautiful new female companion, he mindlessly followed her, withdrawing further away from the hunt.


5 of 5 wolves    

Werewolves everyone knows they are not real right? Well what happens when your faced with one and you think your going crazy? One minute your talking and joking with your father and the next your being shot at by the government. Well this is what happens to Jarod Hess.

I really enjoyed this short story and I can't wait to read more from Josh. The story starts out with action and ends with action. Josh sees a werewolf and meets a girl and he is in danger and she helps him out as he helps her out. The two have a funny banter back and forth kind of relationship and Jarod really hates it but secretly I think he enjoys it. He has lived such a boring life and wanted action that when he got it he was a little shocked.

Like I said this is a short read but it is packed with punch. You can read this while sitting on the beach, sitting on the porch, or riding in the car. So go on out and get it and enjoy the werewolf! Happy Reading and thank you to Josh Atkins for allowing me to read and review his book.

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