Thursday, February 25, 2016

Around The World ARC Tour Presents An Early Review For Please Don't Tell by Laura Tims


Joy killed Adam Gordon—at least, that’s what she thinks. The night of the party is hazy at best. But she knows what Adam did to her twin sister, Grace, and she knows he had to pay for it.

What Joy doesn’t expect is that someone else saw what happened. And one night a note is shoved through her open window, threatening Joy that all will be revealed. Now the anonymous blackmailer starts using Joy to expose the secrets of their placid hometown. And as the demands escalate, Joy must somehow uncover the blackmailer’s identity before Joy is forced to make a terrible choice.

In this darkly compelling narrative, debut author Laura Tims explores the complicated relationship between two sisters, and what one will do for the other. It’s a story that will keep readers turning pages and questioning their own sense of right and wrong.



Oh my heavens this story had me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading it. I actually put it down three times so I would not read it so fast to finish. I really wanted to know the ending but I was so curious about the characters and what happened to them I had to slow down reading because I was on fire!

Joy and Grace are twins. Joy is the protector of Grace who is fragile. Joy was born first and no matter what happens she will always protect her sister. During the summer Joy and Grace go to a party at Grace's crushes house Adam Gordon. After that night something happened between Adam and Grace and Joy wants nothing more than to kill Adam.

Then on Adam's birthday he has a huge party down at the quarry when he is found at the bottom of the quarry and Joy thinks she has thrown him down the quarry. To make matters worse she was drunk and does not know whether or not she killed him. If that is not crazy enough Joy is being blackmailed by someone and she has to do things she would not normally do until she finds out who is black mailing her.

Did she really kill Adam for her sister or is she just an escape goat for someone else? 

About The Author:

I’m a Young Adult author, blogger, college student (English major!) and former literary agency intern. My goal is to someday be able to cook things that are delicious and not lethal. I live in Maine with my cat, who is smarter than me. My favorite word is crepuscular. My least favorite word is feisty.

I’m represented by the amazing part-unicorn, part fairy-godmother Sarah Davies at the Greenhouse Literary Agency.

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