Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Golden Link (The Castellum Novels #1) by Keira Moyer Book Review

Kain is a rebel leader, a hired protector of the lost princess, and one of the seven chosen to yield an amulet. Tristan is an elitist, the head of the palace guard, and stronger and faster than anyone else with magic; except magic’s source, Arianna. When their three worlds collide, secrets of Arianna’s royal lineage are discovered, and the murderer of her family is revealed. On this tale of betrayal, Arianna learns that all choices come with a price, and hatred can consume the ones you love.

My Review
5 of 5 Golden Links

The Golden Link is one of those rare to find books. I was asked by the author to read her book and I am so glad she asked me to read it because I would have missed out on a great series. I love books about magic and finding ones self. The Golden Link had so much more when I started reading it I could not put it down. Plus girls it had two swoon worthy guys in it that just made the main characters story more interesting.

Can you imagine not knowing your parents and being raised by a caretaker in a house with other people? Well that is life for Arianna. She lives with her caretaker lita and two boarders Kain and his brother Sam. When the three boards lives collide you get the greatest story ever told. Arianna finds out that her family and caretaker has kept secrets from her. When she finds out who she is and what she is destined to do she is in shock at first but then as Kain and Sam help her through everything she realizes that she can either fight or lay down and cower and let others ruin things for her and others.

Kain is the protector of the lost princess and one of the seven chosen to yield a very important amulet. Kain will do anything it takes to keep Arianna safe. Then there is Tristan who is in charge of the Palace guards and he wields magic but he realizes he is not the strongest magic wielder and when he finds out who does hold the strongest magic he has to figure out what that means for him and his people.

Arianna will have to make choices and decisions that will effect all but she knows she has to make them. Yes she will struggle but she will find friends in the unlikeliest places. The story end on a HUGE cliff hanger and I am sometimes a fan of cliffhangers so this one was so epic and done so well I kept laughing because I said dam Keira got me! 

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