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Early Review For After Eden By Helen Douglas Release Day November 05, 2013

 Book Description:

The day Eden met Ryan changed her world forever. Actually, not just herworld. Ryan has time traveled from the future to save the world. In a few weeks, Eden’s best friend Connor will discover a new planet—one where human life is possible. The discovery will make him famous. It will also ruin the world as we know it. When Ryan asks Eden for help, she must choose between saving the world and saving her best friend’s greatest achievement. And a crush on Ryan complicates things more than she could have imagined. Because Connor is due to make the discovery after the girl he loves breaks his heart. That girl is Eden. 

Grounded in a realistic teen world with fascinating sci-fi elements, After Eden is a heart-pounding love triangle that’s perfect for dystopian fans looking for something new to devour.


My Review

5 of 5 After Eden

After Eden is a PHENOMENAL read! I have to say that I am starting to love this sci-fi dystopian genre because it has all the elements in it that make for a great movie or even TV show. In after Eden we get to meet Ryan, Eden, and Connor. These are three main characters of the story and what a story it is. I love time travel and I love a love triangle and in this case it all fits in just right because of the way the story unfolds.

We start the book out where Connor and Eden are at a club partying and Eden is dancing when Connor decides he is going to dance with her. While dancing Connor starts to kiss Eden and she tells him no because he is her best friend and she does not like him in a romantic way. Connor is pissed off to say the least because he is in love with Eden and wants them to be more than friends. I say this not to give to much away but this is the beginning of the story. See Connor is brilliant and he is destined to make a discovery that will ruin the world as they know it. He will discover this new planet right after he leaves the club broken hearted by the only girl he has ever loved Eden.

Soon summer is over and Eden and the gang go back to school where Eden meets the new boy Ryan who is a little weird to say the least but he is drop dead gorgeous. All the girls are in love with him and try to get him to notice them but he is not interested. It seems like he is interested in Eden and she can't figure out why. She is nothing special and she is not gorgeous like some of the other girls but she soon finds out why Ryan is so attached to her. Soon Eden finds out why Ryan acts weird and has a weird accent. When Ryan tells Eden the truth she doesn't believe it at first but soon realizes that it is true. Then Ryan asks her for help and he tells her what she needs to do and she is shocked at first but then agrees to help him out. She knows she may lose her best friend in the process but it is either her best friend or the planet.......

Author Bio:

Hi and thanks for checking out my website. Here’s some information about me:

I was born in a small beach town in Cornwall, much like the fictional town of Perran that appears in After Eden. As a child I enjoyed reading, building dens and writing stories of my own. My teenage years were centred around the beach. Summer days were spent swimming and body-boarding. Summer nights meant beach parties with bonfires and barbecues. When it rained, which it did a lot, I read lots of books and dreamed of being a writer.

After leaving school, I lived in many different places including London, California, New York and New Jersey. I’m now back in Cornwall where I live midway between the woods and the beach. When the sky is clear, I can usually be found walking in the woods, hanging out at the beach or looking at the stars. When the sea mist rolls in or it’s raining, I spend my time reading books, writing and dreaming up my next story.

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