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Upcoming Release On September 22, 2013 For Running From Forever (The Forever Series #5) by Ashley Wilcox

The fifth book in The Forever series by Ashley Wilcox – Running From Forever – will be released in two weeks’ time and today I have another delicious teaser for you!!!! This book can be read as a standalone novel, as all the previous books in the series.

Expected release date: 22 September 2013

Book Description:

Recent college graduate, Kayla Reynolds was ready to leave the university, sorority life behind. Leaving her boyfriend of over three years, she packed her bags and moved four hours south to the big city…New York City. Bright lights, streets that never sleep, and a business lifestyle that she yearned to have were all at her fingertips.

Kayla Reynolds was chasing her dream.

Determined and eager to make it in the corporate world, Kayla changed everything- her image, lifestyle, and outlook on life, putting her career first and her personal life second. That was until her first day, the first time she got a glimpse of Miles Blackwell. Corporate CEO and part owner of ETV, and not to mention, incredibly handsome, Miles Blackwell took Kayla by surprise, stealing her heart as he did.

But nothing had ever come that easy for Kayla. Life had always seemed to have a personal vendetta against her, stepping in when everything seemed too good to be true, reminding herself of whom she really was. It wasn’t until she met Merrick Drake that she realized when to stop; when running was no longer an option. For the first time in her life she had someone she could relate to; someone who wouldn’t judge- who saw the person she was inside. She and Merrick connected…on more levels than one.

When life was too much to handle, they ran.

But there was only one person that could make Kayla stop for good. Only one man that made her want to stay.

Would Kayla finally stop running or would it all be too much to handle?

“Ahh, make it stop!” Kayla shouted, throwing her pillow over her head. “That’s the worst frickin’ noise I have ever heard!”

Chuckling, I leaned over and turned the alarm clock sitting next to me off. It’s a miracle, given the state I was in last night, or this morning, I guess, that I even remembered to set it.

“Why do you have an alarm clock set for twelve o’clock in the afternoon on a Saturday?”

“You see, most people use them to wake them up at a specific time. I figured I’d give it a try.”

“I’m well aware of their purpose, asshole.” She rolled over to face me. “But normal people don’t use them on the weekends…in the middle of the day…after drinking their face off the night before.”

“Some people work two jobs, princess,” I joked, throwing my pillow at her face as I sat up and hung my legs over the side of the bed, my back facing her. “Ones that require you to work even on a Saturday.” I rubbed my face

“So what’s your second job?” she asked.

I felt the bed shift as she changed position and looked over my shoulder, turning slightly with one eyebrow raised.

“Wanna come find out?”

I wasn’t ready for her to leave, but I knew I had to get going. My only option was to ask her to come with me.

“Are you going to get in trouble for bringing me?”

“Uh…no.” Not that I gave a f*ck anyway.

“I don’t have anything to wear.”

I looked her up and down and raised a questioning eyebrow. “I believe you have clothes on right now, sunshine.”

“I can’t wear this!”

I walked over to my dresser, pulled out a pair of sweatpants and a tee that were a little small on me, then threw them to where she was still sitting on my bed. I grabbed the flip flops from the bar’s lost and found box in my closet.


“I guess a little.”

“No one’s going to give a f*ck. Trust me.”


“So, are you going to tell me where you work?” she asked, spitting out the toothpaste in her mouth while I brushed my teeth next to her.

“You’ll see.” I grinned before nudging her to the side so I could rinse my mouth out, too.


“Is it illegal?” she asked as we stepped off the train.

“What?!” I turned and looked at her like she was insane. Did she really think I was doing illegal stuff? I thought I looked like a pretty legit guy…

“What? I had to ask!”

“No, it’s not illegal!” I answered, annoyed. I squatted down in front of her.
“What’re you doing?”

“Taking a shit on the sidewalk—what does it look like I’m doing? Get on my frickin’ back.”

“You’re giving me a piggyback ride?” she asked as she climbed on.

“It’s a long walk and I don’t want to hear you whine,” I told her, standing up and starting to head in the direction we needed to go.

“You don’t have a car?”

“Jesus Christ, do you always ask this many f*cking questions? No, I don’t have a car, we live in the f*cking city.”

She laughed. “K, I won’t ask another one,” she said, making me smile. “At least not until we get there,” she added, causing me to shake my head and her to chuckle again.

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