Sunday, May 12, 2013

Book Spotlight For So Many Reasons Why (So Many Reasons #1) by Missy Johnson

** This book contains themes such as sexual abuse, drug use and language that make it suitable for a mature audience only.**

Twenty year old Emma hasn’t left the house since she was attacked as a child. Now, with the impending release of her attacker from prison, Emma knows it’s more important than ever for her to regain control of her life. From her unrelenting nightmares, to her strained relationships, to her crippling agoraphobia, Emma feels as though her life is spiralling out of control.

When her professor, Simon Anderson enters her life, Emma must deal with feelings she has never experienced before. 

Though both she and Simon know their relationship is bordering on inappropriate, neither of them are able to ignore the intense chemistry that is quickly developing between them.

What was supposed to keep her mind off the attack has left her more confused than ever. When there are so many reasons why you shouldn’t be together, is simply being in love really enough?

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Author Bio:
32 year old Missy is married to her wonderfully supportive husband, and lives in a small town in Central Victoria her confused pets (a dog who think she's a cat, a cat who thinks he's a get the picture). Living in the middle of nowhere leaves Missy with plenty of spare time to write.

When she's not writing, she can usually be found looking for something to read.

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Interview Questions: 

1. What inspired you to write So Many Reasons Why? 

I've always enjoyed writing, and over recent years I have found writing everyday really helpful in dealing with my depression. I wanted to write a story that was not only enjoyable to read, but also dealt with some real issues. 

2. What was the best thing about creating the character of Emma? 

I loved creating Emma. I wanted a character who although had her issues, was strong and could still laugh at life. The best thing for me was exploring her feelings for Simon. 

3. Did you do any research before beginning to write? 

Many of my books incorporate some aspect of crime or justice, so there is research involved in that. 

4. How much of your inspiration comes from life and people around you? 

My mother pointed out after reading So Many Reasons Why that she can see parts of me in Emma, so I guess I do use people and experiences from my life in my stories. 

5. There are several issues raised in this book. Was this deliberate or did the story evolve this way? 

From the beginning, I wanted to explore falling in love and dealing with life from an agoraphobic’s point of view, so it was always deliberate that Emma would suffer from it. As the story developed, so did some of the other issues (I won’t mention what they are so as not to ruin the story).
Book two, which will be released in May will further explore these issues, and Emma's struggle with overcoming agoraphobia. 

6. How can Australians get a copy of your book? The book is available from Amazon, kobo and will also be available through my Facebook page in print form from early April 

7. What advice do you have for aspiring writers or artists? 

My biggest piece of advice would be don’t give up. Keep writing, and write the type of story you would want to read. 
There are plenty of wonderful writing groups out there too which can be a great way to improve your writing. 

8. What is your favourite book? 

The girl In Times Square has long been a favourite book of mine, and one I always come back to when I need a good read. Some of my recent favourites include Ten Tiny Breaths, by K.A Tucker, Easy, by Tammara Webber, and Slammed, by Colleen Hoover.

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