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The Butterfly Migration (The Butterfly Chronicles #3) by Mia Castile Blog Tour Stop

Becoming a Butterfly (Book 1)

Sixteen year old Lacey was never the center of attention, unless she was tripping, stammering, or being deposited into a pool by the local popular kids. All she wanted was to fit in, until one night when everything changed. 

Jade and Tasha, her two best friends, helped her create an online personality that was everything she wanted to be– and it was only the beginning. In doing so, she attracted the attention of Henry, her lifelong crush and next door neighbor. Unfortunately, it was Farrah, her online personality and not herself, he was interested in. 

She also attracted Chase, the brooding, quiet, anti-social new kid of Brownsburg High School, who easily figured out her secret and blackmailed her. They forged a friendship that was both unique and complicated. 

Lacey must decide if revealing herself to Henry and her entire school as the cool, charming, and funny Farrah is worth possibly losing him forever. She finds herself needing to make an even harder decision than she ever thought possible. When did the lines between truth and lies get so blurred?

Becoming a Butterfly is a story about coming of age and finding yourself when you never knew you were lost.

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Butterfly Kisses (Book 2)

Everything changed for the Baxter sisters last spring. Lacey blew it with Henry her lifelong crush, only to discover a blooming relationship with her best friend, Chase. While he picked her up and put her back together, they grew closer over the summer. Now that school has started, he’s found popularity thanks to his band Cate’s Ashes, and he’s hiding secret phone calls and text messages. Plus, did his ex-girlfriend just appear out of the blue at his show? Forcing Lacey to wonder if he’s over the feelings he pronounced for her at the beginning of summer. Add to the tension, a realization and secret of her own to keep about her worse enemy. Lacey vows to be the bigger person and keep Byron’s revelation, but what will it cost?

Meanwhile, as Lana tries to find herself again after her suicide attempt, she’s befriended by the school’s resident bad girl, Britt, and new chicano boy, Tomas, in the same week. Britt offers unconditional acceptance that Lana didn’t realize she craved, while Tomas brings out the best in her, and makes her feel alive again. Britt is dangerous and daring, while Tomas exudes security and safety. Vices come easily when you are already addicted to something you crave, and Lana muddles through figuring out who she wants to be.

With their parents constantly arguing, and their dad moving into the guest bedroom, the pressure on the girls may explode destroying them all. Is there a place for happiness when their world is crumbling around them?

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The Butterfly Migration is written by Mia Castile and released on May 21st, 2013 by Entwined Publishing.

The Butterfly Migration (Book 3)

The worst day of Lacey Baxter’s life was the day her parents announced their divorce and her boyfriend Chase Livingston went into a coma. Scratch that. The worst day of her life was two months later, when he woke up and didn’t recognize her. Now, as he pushes her away, she clings to the hope that each day will be the day he remembers how much they love each other. Turning to her new BFF Byron and his circle of friends, she does whatever she can to cope with the changes. She just wants to be numb and forget about everything.

The headaches, the panic attacks, the pressure to be this perfect boyfriend are incredibly hard for Chase to bear. He doesn’t love Lacey, or at least he doesn’t think he does. Still, he doesn’t understand this strong attraction to her, or the jealousy he feels over every guy that talks to her. Losing two years of his memory means strangers think they know him and he’s not sure where he fits in. Will his memories come back over time or all at once? Should he even wish for them?

Finding each other again could be harder than either of them thought, especially when everyone knows their business and has an opinion about it.

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My Review

5 of 5 Butterfly Migration

The Butterfly Migration is book three in the Butterfly Chronicles. Let me start by saying this is my favorite series of all time! I fell in love with these characters from the very first book and every time I read about them it is like I am right there with them. They are a bunch of teenagers dealing with lot's of issues from being bullied, to an eating disorder, depression and suicide. Mia has crafted and weaved a story that will leave you breathless and screaming for more.

In The Butterfly Migration we pick up right where Butterfly Kisses ends which had me crying hysterically. Chase and Bryon fought and Chase hit his head pretty bad and when he got home he fell again in his shower and was found unconscious. Chase stayed in a comma for two months and when he wakes up he has no memory of the last two years. He has no memories of Lacey and their relationship and he struggles with knowing what is going on. 

When Chase wakes up he is bombarded by his friends and family and Lacey but he does not know her and he distances himself away from her because he wants his ex-girlfriend back and he will do whatever it takes to get her back. Mean while Lacey is dealing with her own issues and with the hurt of having Chase not remember her. Lacey starts to drink and her drinking becomes a serious problem.

As Chase starts to get his memory back he realizes he made a huge mistake by letting Lacey go and wants to fix it only Lacey has moved on. When Chase sees that Lacey is seeing someone else he decides he has to do everything in his power to get his girl back but is it to late? Did he push her to hard? Was he so mean and calloused that Lacey has had enough? Will Lacey and Chase get back together? If they do can their relationship really be saved? Will Lacey stop drinking?

This is a MUST READ series for everyone! Come along on the greatest adventure with Lacey, Chase, and the gang!

Coming soon:

Cambridge Meadows (A novella)

Chasing Butterflies (Book 4 and final book)

About Mia Castile:
Mia Castile grew up in a small suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana. She still lives near her childhood home with her husband and two children. She was passionate about writing long before she was passionate about reading, but has learned the two go hand in hand. 





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