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Book Title: The Undisciplined Bride 
Author: Ginger Voight
Release date: October 1, 2013

Book Summary:

Throughout her 23 years, Peyton Prescott was used to running the show. That went into overdrive the minute she agreed to become a bride. Born into an affluent Southern family, she was expected to fulfill her social obligation to marry well, and found that unsuspecting groom in her pushover fiancé, Leland Goodreau. He, like the rest of her family, catered to her every whim to keep her happy, and she predicted a satisfactory, if not boring, existence as his missus. 

In fact, the only real human to stand up to this bridezilla from hell is Mateo Bravo, one of the chefs she considers to cater the blessed event. Sparks fly the minute they meet and out of sheer defiance, she hires Mateo and his sister Naomi for every social gathering in the remaining months until she marries.

Mateo, unlike any other man she's ever met, doesn't put up with Peyton’s behavior. With a masculine energy that she finds alluring and exciting, he turns her entitled existence upside down by showing her she's not always the boss. No one is more surprised than she is when she finds out that she kind of likes it.

Peyton decides to seduce, and then dump, the middle-class cook, just to get him out from under her skin. Instead she finds out that there are a few things in life even the great Peyton Prescott can’t plan.


My Review

5 of 5 Undisciplined Bride

First I have to say that Ginger Voight you have done it again! I mean every time I pick up one of your books I am completely blown away by what I read. This story was no exception and I really loved how the different classes got to see each other for what they were. Rich people tend to look down upon others with less money and they act like they are better but you broke those barriers and cause Pey to see things for what they were and that is she is a spoiled rich biatch that needs to tone it down some notches.

Peyton was born into a life of privileged and money and she is so dam spoiled it is not funny. All she has to do is marry someone who has money and a good family name and she will be all set. Well that is better said than done and she chooses Leland who is rich and comes from a good family with money but her heart really isn't into it but she can live with that and in time maybe things will change for her. What she doesn't expect is that her change will hit her so hard she will have to change who she is in order to have what she wants.

In preparation for her upcoming wedding Pey hires a catering company and when the caterers come she is surprised that she is attracted to one of the caterers Mateo. Mateo is a no none sense guy who helps his sister out in her catering business and when he meets Pey he is surprised by his reaction because he is attracted to her and he does not want to be. See Mateo has his reasons for hating rich people and he stays away from them but will Pey be different for him?

Pey on a mission to tag and bag Mateo gets him to come to her apartment twice a week to teach her how to cook. She could care less because she wants Mateo in her bed and gone out of her system but Mateo is no dummy and he will not give in to her and her crazy whims of wanting to have sex. Mateo fights it for a while but soon gives in and what happens after that is so explosive I did not see it coming. So you will have to read it to find out what happens because I will not ruin it for anyone. This is a must must must read!


As much as she wanted to hate what they had prepared, the dinner was excellent. Every single one of their guests raved about it, including her husband-to-be. For Peyton, however, it tasted like ash in her mouth. All she could think about was the condescending way a no-name chef in a broken down van called her “princess,” like she was nothing more than a bubble-headed debutante.

When he served the main course, he had changed into a finely tailored tuxedo. He wore a perfect, white smile for every lady at the table, who blushed and giggled under his swarthy good looks. That unruly patch of hair over his eye had been gelled up and styled, which made his potent stare all the more lethal. His eyes were dark and deep, as if one could stare too long into them and never find their way back out again. Every time Peyton found herself ensnared in their grip, she had to physically wrench herself free.

It didn’t sit well at all with her that the corners of that full mouth would tug a little, barely surprising a grin at his effect on her.

By the time he served dessert, she placed a hand over her plate to indicate that she didn’t want anything he had to offer. He unleashed his devastating smirk on her once again, telling her that she shouldn’t deprive herself… that, after all, “All men want a woman with a little meat on their bones.”

Everyone at the table, tipsy on the four bottles of wine that had been served prior to dessert, erupted in laughter at his innocent joke. He served with the appropriate amount of charm and humor, just like the rest of their meal, charming the pants off of every female, and a couple of men, present. 

But his underlying insolence only humiliated her further. He didn’t have to call her princess to know that was how he meant to deliver his retort in his head. It was a private joke only between them, and she wasn’t laughing in the least.

Instead she threw her linen napkin on top of the empty china plate and stalked from the table. She didn’t stop until she had exploded into the cool night air on their terrace. She paced back and forth for a full two minutes, huffing and puffing that no one stood up to what amounted to their waiter, even when she made a scene and left.

Each minute ticked audibly by and no one, from her parents to her best friend to her fucking fiancé, came to see what was wrong. It made Peyton even angrier and more petulant as each passing moment stole a little more thunder from her hissy fit. With a scowl, she plopped down onto a stone bench and preened to listen in to the riotous laughter coming from her parents’ formal dining room. 

They were all having the time of their lives… without her. 

She hopped up and began to pace again, only this time all she could see were those dark eyes that twinkled whenever they danced brazenly over her like a piece of meat. Electricity surged through her as she thought about how innocently he brushed against her when they stood beside his food van. And this thought led to the memory of how he looked in a tight pair of jeans and no shirt… like a bronze Adonis that looked more at home among the statues in her mother’s gardens than the wait staff in the kitchen. 

After another involuntary shudder, she cornered another server. “Do you have a cigarette?” 

“I do,” a deep, masculine voice said from behind. She whirled around to find Mateo leaning against the open door frame in his tuxedo like some leading man from a move from the golden age. She watched his hand reach deep into his pants pocket to withdraw a pack. His fingers were long and strong as he withdrew a cigarette for her, offering it just a few paces away from where she stood, making her cross the final steps between them. 

She snatched it from his hand and he had the nerve to chuckle. “What’s so funny?” she demanded. 

“You don’t strike me as the kind of person who smokes,” he shrugged. His eyes fell on her mouth as she put the cigarette between her lips. 

For a split second all the humor was gone. Instead Peyton saw something else there… something she could control. She saw his hunger. With a slow smile she met his eyes and said, “I guess I have an oral fixation.” To her delight his eyes darkened. “Have a light?” 

He withdrew a lighter and this time he closed the scant inches between them to light her cigarette. He watched her suck in a breath as his eyes locked on her mouth. “So what did you think of the food?” he asked softly. "You left in such a hurry," he added with a teasing smile. 

She shrugged. “I don’t see what the big deal is, personally,” she offered evilly. The food had been exceptional, but there was no way in hell she’d let him know that. 

He chuckled again, the warm sound of his rich, deep laugh tumbled across her senses. “Guess we’ll have to do better next time.” 

Her perfectly tweezed eyebrow arched. “What makes you think there will be a next time?” 

It was his turn to shrug. “Just a hunch,” he said. His eyelids drooped lazily as he inspected her. “You don’t seem like a woman who will give up on anything until she’s completely satisfied.” 

Her chin jutted out. “You’ve got that right, at least.” 

His eyes traveled over her face, then down across the exposed skin of her chest and arms. “Damn shame you have gone unfulfilled for such a long time already,” he said softly. 

She gulped. “What is that supposed to mean?” 

His voice was quiet but powerful. There was a cadence to his speech, as though he was striking every word with a hammer. The softer the words, the harder the hit. “You tell me. When is the last time someone fully met every aching need?” He wanted to know as he stepped closer. “I’ll bet never. And that’s why you’re so pissed off, isn’t it, Princess? You can have everything you want… yet, you never have.” 

She shuddered despite herself. “You have a lot of nerve talking to me like that. Don’t you know I could have you fired?”

He stepped even closer, until their bodies were a breath apart. “But you won’t.” 

She glared at him. “You’re a cocky son of a bitch, aren’t you?” 

Before she realized what was happening his arm snaked around her waist and he pulled her to his rigid body. “You tell me.” 

Her brain scrambled as he manhandled her. His grip was strong and true, and if she struggled she would feel every inch of his hard body contained in that fine tuxedo. “Let me go,” she gritted between clenched teeth. 

His face was next to hers, his mouth mere inches from her ear. “Is that what you want, princess?” His hand slipped down from her waist over the graceful curve of her ass. 

It was inappropriate as hell, and no one – absolutely no one – had ever treated her in such a disrespectful manner. Instead of the anger she would normally feel, for one insane moment she was tempted to reach the remaining inch between them and crash her mouth against his, to taste the raw hunger of this stranger’s kiss once and for all. 

Her eyes widened as she pushed against that rigid chest, rippling with muscles she had never experienced so close before. “Fuck you,” she breathed as she stumbled away. She nearly lost her footing and it was Mateo who prevented her from landing face first on the hard concrete. 

“Maybe someday,” he said with that same damnable smirk. “But not today.” 

With that he left her alone on the terrace as he disappeared back into the kitchen. She nearly snarled with rage as she tossed the cigarette off onto darkness.

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With each passing week, the temptation grew stronger for both of them. Their sweet torture came to a head the past Wednesday, when he had produced a silk scarf out of his mysterious bag of goodies, this time with ingredients for a chocolate fondue. She didn’t argue as he dimmed the lights, lit some candles or put some classical music on her stereo. He gave her every opportunity to decline the blindfold, but inevitably she submitted to him and allowed him to cover her eyes and secure her wrists in yet another sash.

His cologne marched up her nostrils as he bent close. She felt the heat from his body, stretching her already taunt nerves even tighter as he secured the blindfold and her restraints. This forced her other senses to work overtime, making her catch small details she normally missed, like the soft hair on his forearms, or the rough callouses on his hands as he touched her.

She could still feel the plump strawberry as he rimmed her full lips with it, the tiny hair-like structures tickling her before she could take a bite. He smeared the cool juice onto her mouth, before taking his time licking it away with his warm, strong tongue. She wanted to capture his mouth for a kiss, but decided against asserting any control. Instead she sat there, frustrated as she had ever been, as he whispered sensual things in her ear as he fed her.

Succulent blueberries filled her mouth, and he told her to savor each burst of flavor as they exploded, one by one, with each bite. “Feel the juice slide down your throat,” he whispered against her ear, his breath warm, his voice hypnotic. She couldn’t help but groan. The next bite was a large marshmallow, which he instructed to, “Savor the spongy texture on your tongue, Peyton. Fill your mouth with its sweetness.”

Her full red lips surrounded the delicate, pale flesh of a banana, which he eased into her mouth to lick off of the decadent chocolate sauce drizzled on the tip.

It was all food and innuendo, but it was driving her even crazier with how subtly sensual it was. He wasn’t leaving out any of her senses. As he untied the scarf from her eyes, she could tell he was as turned on as she was. “Feed me a strawberry, Peyton,” he whispered.

Her hands were still tied, so she used her mouth to pick up a plump, juicy berry, which she brought to Mateo’s lips. Their eyes locked as he opened his mouth and took the narrow end of the strawberry into his own mouth. His lips closed around it and he bit softly into the bright red flesh. Together they chewed their way until their lips met over that final bit of fruit between them.

The kiss was hot, long and sweet. Though he groaned deep in his throat, his hands tangled in her hair as he pulled her close, he was still able to stand, release her from her silken restraints and head for the door, to put off the consummation of their affair for one more week.



The sun beat against the shimmery Pacific Ocean that perfect summer afternoon in August. It sparkled like a million diamonds as it crashed toward the shore in rhythmic, foaming waves. The sand was warm but not too hot on the bare feet of the guests who attended the seaside wedding held under breezy ivory gauze. There were a few chairs, but most stood as they waited for the bride to make her appearance for the sunset ceremony.

Well… brides.

Naomi Bravo and Lissette Goodreau walked together with Mateo in the middle as he delivered them to the altar. They both wore wispy dresses made of flowing polyester, Lissette’s with a halter top and Naomi’s with spaghetti straps. Both were a champagne blush color that almost perfectly matched Lissette’s complexion. They wore no shoes, only anklets and toe rings to complement their matching tattoos – veins that circled around the left ankle of both women, with a rose to represent each of the members of their family.

Each had a yellow rose for Ruby Bravo, their honored guest in spirit.

The women wore their hair long, flowing in the breeze with delicate flowers strewn throughout. As they took each other’s hands, it was every dream Lissette ever had come true.

Their pastor nodded at them from where she stood in a long white robe. She glanced out over the small gathering with a benevolent smile. “My beloveds,” she began. “We are gathered here today to join two hearts in the bonds of eternal love. As these two women present themselves before us, it is indeed a celebration of the triumph of love. Because the journey of life can often be difficult, the many roads to love broken, each soul that finds its mate is a miracle. We are blessed to be in the presence of this miracle today.”

Naomi squeezed Lissette’s hands as she fought back happy tears.

“This is a journey that we do not walk alone. We are surrounded with a family of friends who support us when take those first, tentative steps toward our future. These are the hands we hold as we form this bond of community… this family of society… of humanity. Who stands with Naomi Bravo?”

Mateo walked up to his sister’s side. He gave her a dazzling smile before answering confidently, and happily, “I do.”

“And who gives Lissette?”

A silence followed the question, followed by a twittering in the small crowd. “I’m coming!” a female voice finally answered. Everyone turned to the back of the crowd, where Peyton ran barefoot all the way from the parking lot down the sloping sand to the bridal party near the water.

She wore a blue dress, made out of similar polyester, which matched the perfect blue of her eyes. Her hair was wild around her face, which sported nary a speck of makeup. She had barely made it from the airport, and had nagged the cabbie all the way to the stretch of beach in Rancho Palos Verdes where Lissette had instructed her wedding would be.

Once upon a time Peyton would have offered $100 if he got her there in time (and in one piece,) but those days were over.

All she could do was bitch and nag, both qualities that Peyton had honed to perfection over the years. “I’m here, I’m sorry!” she said as she came to a breathless stop next to Lissette. Mateo stared at her, stupefied, as he tried to wrap his mind around the fact she had actually showed up. He had prayed for it every day in the last few weeks, when he, Naomi and Lissette had relocated to Los Angeles, found a suitable place to live and started brand new jobs operating a food truck. Lissette had encouraged him never to give up on Peyton, despite the challenges she now faced being truly on her own for the first time in her life. But he couldn’t picture a world where someone like Peyton, who had the entire world at her fingertips as one of the elite superrich, would ever give it all up to head west, to live on nothing but the love they had found unexpectedly in each other.

He definitely couldn’t see her standing next to them in the crowded food truck, making Southwestern cuisine for the hungry Angelinos they served seven days a week.

Yet she was here, flesh and blood, just three feet from where he stood.

The pastor laughed as she commented, “Better late than never!” Everyone chuckled before they turned back to the brides. “Naomi, do you take Lissette to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold, to comfort and to support, to cherish and to honor, all the days of your life?”

Naomi could barely speak as she answered through her tears, which was why she had decided against doing vows of her own. “I do.”

“Lissette,” the reverend said as she turned to the other bride, “do you take Naomi to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold, to comfort and to support, to cherish and to honor, all the days of your life?”

Lissette nodded furiously as she exclaimed, “Yes!” with one of the widest smiles Peyton had ever seen her wear.

They exchanged rings, the symbol of eternal love, before the pastor cued their first kiss as a married couple at the exact moment the sun touched the horizon. Lissette and Naomi Bravo wrapped their arms around each other and with one tender, sweet kiss they were united as one.

The small gathering applauded and cheered as Lissette spun her new wife around victoriously under a fiery pink sky.

Mateo and Peyton stepped in for a group hug before the group of about two dozen walked the twenty feet toward the tent erected for the casual reception. Pink champagne cupcakes were tiered like a cake in the middle of the table, and a volunteer bartender poured glass after glass of supermarket sparkling wine.

It was beautiful and simple and perfect, just like the brides themselves.

Mateo rose his glass. “To my sister. Both of them,” he added as he toasted Lissette. “You are both brave and beautiful and wonderful. You inspire me to be better each and every day of my life. I love you both.”

Peyton followed suit. She turned to Lissette. “To the woman who has been my best friend from the year we were born. I haven’t always been the friend you deserve, but you have always, always, been the friend I needed. I always thought I knew what it meant to live life on my terms. But your courage humbles me. Your love,” she said as she toasted Naomi, “inspires me. And I’m so proud to be considered part of your new family.”

Lissette walked over to Peyton and wrapped her arms around her friend. “I love you, Peyton,” she said through her tears. It was the first time she ever said it, and she meant it more than the words could convey.

Peyton could barely even speak.

A guitarist played a slow song as Lissette and Naomi danced their first dance under the fading light of dusk. Mateo walked over to where Peyton stood by a flaming tiki torch. “I’m glad you came,” he said softly. “I was starting to think you wouldn’t.”

She smiled at him. “I had some things to do first.” She held up her left hand, which was bare. His breath caught. “Peyton,” he said before taking her into his arms.

It was just like coming home. It was worth all the weeks apart, when she basically sold everything she’d ever been given, just to fund her inevitable move out west. Her father had been serious, giving her thirty days to vacate her condo before he sold it right out from under her. He took all her cars, and she had no access to her bank accounts. She sold the first piece of jewelry for thousands, rather than the tens of thousands it was worth, and with that humble start, she funded the new life she was forging. Even if she didn’t make it to California, there was no way she’d go back to her parents and to Leland. No amount of money could compensate for what they wanted to take from her.

So she decided she wouldn’t pack her belongings; she’d sell every single item that tied her to her former life. She negotiated and haggled, and inevitably raised enough money to do the very thing she wanted to do: run across the country and right into Mateo’s open arms. It took her losing everything she thought was important to realize what really was. His love was her truest wealth. It was priceless. Two weeks into her 30-day eviction, she knew that she was ready to make the commitment he had asked her to make before they left.

Despite the challenges that lay ahead for them, nothing scared her more than living without him.

He pulled away with a smile. “There’s someone I want you to meet.”

He walked her over to where Angela Miller sat next to Isabel Bravo. The little girl was dazzled by Peyton as she knelt next to her. “Hello, Isabel. My name is Peyton. It’s so nice to finally meet you.” 

“Do you know my Daddy?” she asked with wide, dark eyes.

Peyton nodded. “I think he’s pretty special.”

Isabel nodded. She agreed. 

“Would it be all right with you if I asked him to dance?”

Isa thought about it before finally nodding her head with a big smile. Peyton took Mateo by the hand and led him a few feet away in the sand. “I hear you paid a heavy price for siding with the enemy,” he said as he glanced down at her, alluding to the very public scandal Lissette and Peyton ended up starring in by being disowned by their high-profile families. Then he confided, “Lissette told us about Plan B.”

Peyton laughed as she shook her head. “She wasn’t supposed to.”

“You know we never would have taken your money, Peyton.”

“You’re so hard-headed,” she said with a wide smile. “But I think I could have persuaded you.”

He laughed. “If anyone could, it’d be you, Princess.”

She touched her face with his hand. “I missed hearing you call me that.”

His eyes darkened. “I missed saying it.” His head tilted towards hers, covering her lips with his for a sweet, tender kiss. “Tell me you’re here to stay.”

She chuckled. “I sold everything I have just to find you again, and it was a one-way ticket, my friend. There’s nothing left. Every piece of jewelry, every designer dress. All of it. Turns out that buying a food truck can be pretty expensive.”

His eyes widened as he caught the meaning behind her sneaky smile. “Peyton, no.”

“Don’t look at me like that,” she said. “It’s no act of charity. I truly believe in all of you. This is a partnership, Mateo. Equal footing. All the way around.”

He was not convinced. “It’s not equal footing if you’re the one paying the bills, Peyton.”

“So are you saying you’d rather me look pretty for you while you go off and make the money every day? If I wanted that arrangement, I would have married Leland.”

His mouth snapped shut on any protest he might have made. She was right. Her family hadn’t trusted her with true family business. She was nothing more than her pretty little dolls, pristine and perfect behind some plastic case. And obviously she was worth so much more than that, to have pulled something productive out of everything her family had done to sabotage her. The Bravos would become successful again, and she would be a huge reason why. But it had very little to do with her money. Her faith, her ambition and her intelligence would be an asset to their family and their new family business.

No one was any more or less important than the other. Each had a gift to offer the other, to fill the gaps until they were a stronger unit together than they could have ever been apart.

And he knew now that was why he loved her. She wasn’t some plastic debutante. She was a real, live, amazing woman driving him to be a better man.

It was about time he let her.

“One day,” he murmured as he gently caressed her face, “I will return to you everything you had to sacrifice.”

She shrugged. It took selling it all to realize how unimportant it really was. “What was I going to do with a collection of dolls that looked like me anyway?”

“Oh, Peyton,” he said, sick at heart for all she had lost.

She just shook her head as she placed a finger on his lips. “I’d do it all again in a second,” she assured him. “That was a girl I don’t want to remember anyway. She never knew you.”

He hugged her close. “I love you so much, Peyton.”

She closed her eyes as she held him tight. Her arms had felt so empty without him. “And I love you, Mateo Bravo,” she said. “And everything that means. I can’t promise I won’t make mistakes along the way, but I have full faith in my teacher.”

He groaned in his throat as he crushed her mouth under his. He was breathless as he dragged his mouth away. Then he gave her that smirk she loved so much. “So. Ready for your new career, getting dirty, sweaty and overworked in food service?”

She wrinkled her nose. “Manual labor. Hum. I guess that could be fun. But only till February.”

He arched an eyebrow. “Is that when the food truck turns back into a pumpkin?”

She shook her head and pointed to a couple dancing in the sand. “See that older distinguished gentleman dancing with that stunning redhead?” she said. He nodded. “That’s Graham Baxter, from Baxter Mega-Worldwide Media Corporation. Huge west coast media mogul. I met him at one of my charity fundraisers several years ago, and we’ve been in contact off and on ever since. He was the first to call me after the scandal broke at home. We talked about family of choice versus family of birth, and he wanted to know what a firebrand like me had planned for my future, what with my experience and my education and all.”

Mateo’s eyes widened. “Peyton.”

She shrugged with a smirk of her own. “Turns out he hosts a huge Grammy party every year. Anyone who is anyone will be there. By the time that’s done, he will produce another season of that reality show, Fierce. Plus there are at least two weddings and a baby shower within his own personal circle throughout the next year. They’re going to need the best caterers his kind of money can buy. And did I happen to mention his kind of money makes my dad’s money look like coins in a piggy bank?” she added with a wink. “I figure with a lot of hard work, we can get Bravo Catering up and running by the new year to meet all his culinary needs.” She gave him a big, triumphant smile.

He laughed, that deep throaty laugh that made her senses tingle. “The Great Peyton Prescott. Alive and well.”

She giggled. “Your sister got the romantic. You, my friend, fell in love with a Grade-A, tried and true opportunist. Are you mad?”

He spun her around in his arms. He wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“Daddy, Daddy!” Isa exclaimed as she ran toward him, holding a big box in her hands.

He broke apart to hoist his daughter up into his arms. “What is it, Mija?” he asked.

“I got a present, too!” she said as she showed him the box. Inside was a bridal doll, which looked just like Peyton… the beautiful, fulfilled Peyton she had grown to be through Mateo’s love.

His eyes were wide as he glanced at Peyton, who gave him a wink. “So I didn’t sell everything.”

“I thought Mr. Holzmann would never give you a doll that wasn’t ready,” he mentioned as he glanced over the slight imperfections of the doll.

“He didn’t want to,” she confessed. “But I persuaded him. I told him the new and improved Peyton didn’t have to be perfect to be happy. She was happy. So she already was perfect.”

His eyes softened as he looked down at the woman he loved. She had grown so much and miraculously had brought him along with her on her journey. He couldn’t imagine anywhere else he’d ever want to be.

Isa glanced at Peyton, recognizing the similarities between her new toy and her new friend. “This bride could be you, Peyton!” the child exclaimed.

Peyton’s eyes never left Mateo’s. She grabbed his hand and squeezed. “Maybe someday,” she said wistfully, thinking that the perfect wedding had nothing to do with the dress, the church, the ring or the day.

The perfect wedding was one that she could share with Mateo, no matter where that happened to be.

He bent for another kiss. “You can count on it, Princess.”

About Ginger:

 Ginger Voight is prolific author, freelance writer and optioned screenwriter. Her fiction is diverse, with novels like the edgy, coming-of-age drama DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS, and the fun family adventure for kids of all ages, COMIC SQUAD. Having grown up reading different authors like Danielle Steel and Stephen King, Ginger has always been drawn more to story than to genre.

 This shows up in her various stories. Titles such as MY IMMORTAL and TASTE OF BLOOD are a delicious, heady mix of horror, suspense, and romance. Genre romance, however, has held a special place in her heart, ever since she read her first Harlequin novel when she was only eleven. As a result, Ginger is making a name for herself writing romances of her own, starring women who look more like the average American woman rather than those traditionally represented in the size-biased American media.

 Her Rubenesque romances were created especially for those heroines with fuller figures, who can still get the man of their dreams if only they believe they can. Such titles include UNDER TEXAS SKIES, LOVE PLUS ONE, THE GROUPIE TRILOGY, THE FIERCE TRILOGY and PICTURE POSTCARDS. Ginger was included in the best-selling book by Smith Magazine NOT QUITE WHAT I WAS PLANNING, featuring her six-word memoir.

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