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Greg Cage was born to protect. While growing up, he was his mother and sister’s shield against the world… until he failed. For the last decade, he has carried that guilt and need for vengeance around… until it was stripped from him. Now, with his best friend getting married and no longer needing his protection, he is even more lost, completely adrift, and desperate for some control. All he has ever known was how to protect: his family, his friends, and his country. Can he go against everything he has ever known, and give up that control?

Melissa Larson will never let anyone hold the reins in her life. She has been the rock in her family for more years than she can remember, and the fight to keep them together is her main priority right now. She has always been fiercely independent and proud. The last thing she will ever do is ask for someone else’s help. But when that choice is out of her control, forcing her to rely on others to save her and her family, and pick up the pieces that are left, will she be able to let someone else be her strength?

The second Greg locks eyes with Meli, he knows that she is someone he needs. Someone he craves. Meli knew the second she met Greg that he would be nothing but trouble and heartache. Her life takes an unexpected turn, and that bitch Fate is back to wreak more havoc on another member of the Corps family.

All hell breaks loose, leaving Greg no choice but to call in a favor. He hooks back up with his old friend Braxxon Breaker from the Breakneck MC. Together, they make sure that nothing threatens anyone Greg loves again.

CAGE is a complete story with a HEA.


My Review

5 of 5 Greg Cage

Cage....... Cage....... Cage....... Greg Cage you totally rocked my world! Lord where to start with this review???????????? I mean my head was whirling the entire time I was reading because I just knew I just knew things were going to be tough for Greg and when he met his match like Izzy got reacquainted with Axel he would fall hard but never in my wildest dreams did I picture Greg falling hard like he did and falling for a girl like Melissa. I loved that girl because she is so like me. She is loyal and dedicated to family and will let no one or nothing stand in the way of them being happy. Plus she is an ALPHA female and I loved that about her because let's face it Greg needed an alpha chick to be with because someone mousy just wasn't going to be able to hang.

Greg is happy for Izzy and Axel getting married but he feels this hole in his heart where Izzy has been all this time. Yes they still hang together but it is not the same because Izzy has Axel. So my man Greg has his chick on the side Mandy to pass time with but she is not his girl she is just his toy something to play with for the time being and when your done with the toy you get rid of it but that is easier said then done.

But Greg being the awesome big brother and best friend to Izzy takes Izzy's son to the doctor and that is where he meets Melissa. Melissa is a nurse and she is beautiful. Meli does something to Greg that he has not felt in a long time and it scares the crap out of him. Greg buried his heart the day his sister was buried. See he took care of his family and when his sister died he wanted nothing more than to kill the SOB who hurt his sister. So he lived his life with horse blinders on and decided he would seek revenge. But when he sees Meli all that goes out the door and he wants her.

As he is getting to know her and they try and have a relationship things happen that will have these two fighting for what they want. See Mandy will not let go of Greg so easily because she is determined to be his woman but Greg wants Meli and is willing to do whatever it takes to have her by his side. Oh and let's not forget Meli has her issues and problems to and when shit hits the fan Greg will call in a favor to his boys at Corps and his other best friend Braxxon Breaker.

Lord Greg and Meli have a roller coaster of a ride to go through but at the end of the day when the dust has settled and the shit storm they have to endure is all over will Meli and Greg be left standing or will they be no more...........................

"Alpha heroes you'll want to kidnap and keep, heroines to root for, and sizzling love scenes with emotional punch." Carly Phillips, NY Times Bestselling Author

Interview With Cage:

Today on A Diary Of A Book Addict we have a special guest Gregory Cage. (Fanning myself girls because he is hotter than Hades!) As you all know we met Cage through Isabelle and Axel. Cage protected Isabelle and they became best friends and unbeknownst to him the guy that broke Isabelle’s heart is actually his partner and best friend Axel. 

But things changed and everything came together for Isabelle and Axel. But once again that left Cage with no one to protect and he really misses that. So Cage your fans want to know the hard answers to some hard questions so I hope you don’t mind the questions. I promise I will try to rein them in but you are a hard man to figure out. I mean you are built like a God and lord your fierceness and protectiveness makes me want to clone you.

How did you feel when you realized that your best friend and partner Axel was the guy that broke Isabelle’s heart?

 My first reaction was confused. But, after I figured out what was happening the only thing I was feeling was guilt and worry. It’s hard to explain the feelings that I felt during the early stages of their reunion but when you get down to it I was just gutted. She was my responsibility from the day I met her and when I realized who Reid was… it wasn’t a good feeling I was having. It all worked out, thank God.

When Axel and Isabelle finally got their stuff together how did you feel?

Relief. Ultimately I felt like I could finally stop worrying about her constantly. 

Why did you and the guys decide to run Corps Security?

 We all had our reasons to get out of the Marines. Some of us had no choice and others just felt like we needed to. But, we never will lose our need to protect. It makes sense for us.

If you could go back in time what would you do for your sister? 

What an impossible question. I miss her every second of every day but in a way she is responsible for the life I currently have and I wouldn’t change that for anything. I just wish that I had been able to save Gracie too, to have her here with me sharing this life.

What was going through your mind when you met Meli? 

 Not sure those thoughts are appropriate enough for this interview. ;)

How did you know Meli was the one?

 I can’t for one second imagine my life without her, or Cohen, in it. She steals my breath with just one look. It was almost as if the second I met her my body knew that she was it, she was the reason I got up every morning. It’s hard to explain but I just knew.

If you could pick a song that would describe you and Meli what would it be?

 Sam Grow’s ‘Lay You Down’. If you haven’t heard it, listen. She still makes me sing it to her every now and then.

Where do you see yourself in three years?

 With hopefully with a few new additions to our family. 

Tell us the craziest thing you have ever done? 

 I think the piercings take the cake.

This last question is kind of personal and nosey but now that you are off the market so to speak where do you see you and Meli in three years? 

Same as the previous question. I’ve got my girl and our son, hopefully we will be blessed with more children.

Cage thank you so much for stopping by today. We girls really appreciate it be safe and take care of Meli!

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Harper lives in small town Georgia just a short drive from her hometown of Peachtree City. She (and her 3 daughters) enjoy ruling the house they dubbed 'Estrogen Ocean', much to her husband’s chagrin. Harper has a borderline unhealthy obsession with books; you can almost ALWAYS find her with her ereader attached. As an ex-reviewer and blogger, Harper's passion for reading runs deep. It wasn't until 'Axel' decided to take up residence that she realized her true calling.

She started using writing as a way to unwind when the house went to sleep at night; and with a house full of crazy it was the perfect way to just relax. It didn't take long before a head full of very demanding alphas would stop at nothing to have their story told.

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