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Lawyers, Lovers, and Lies by Linda Pohl Blog Tour Stop

Charlene Williams, a recent law school graduate, thinks her prayers have been answered when she is offered a position at one of New York City's most prestigious law firms. But her dreams are quickly shattered when she finds out that Alex Andrews, the firm's senior criminal lawyer, wants far more from her than her legal expertise.

A gorgeous, powerful, manipulative man, Alexander is used to getting whatever he wants. Targeted as his next conquest, his words and actions make it quite clear that if Charlene doesn't start playing by his rules, she'll be lucky to be licking stamps in some lowly legal aid office.

With no witnesses to substantiate Alex's escalating abuse, it's his word against hers. Consumed with fear and the possibility of losing her job, Charlene is faced with a choice to retreat or to meet this ultimate challenge head on. Risking everything, she decides to build the greatest case of her life in an attempt to expose Alex as the predator he is.

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WOW can I just say that this book was nothing like I expected! I could not put it down. I really enjoyed how the story flowed and how that characters all had a place and a part to play. I even loved Alex Andrews. He is a bad bad man used to getting what he wants. He does not know what NO is and he is about to find out what it means when No means NO!

Charlene Williams has just graduated from Law school and she is looking for a job. She is offered a job at a prestigious law firm and she is so excited. The law firm is all she wanted and more. She is introduced to the other partners and one in particular looks at her like she is a piece of meat. At first Charlene thinks nothing of it but soon she will realize that the partner looking at her is Alex Andrews and Alex gets what he wants and he takes no for an answer. And what Alex wants is Charlene in his bed and he will stop at nothing to have her.

Alex Andrews is a ruthless lawyer who is used to getting what he wants. He does and says what he wants and when he sets his eyes on Charlene he wants her and he is willing to do anything to have her. But Charlene does not want him and soon Alex will use whatever means necessary to get Charlene to bed him. He threatens to ruin her career and not even that can get her to do what he wants until Alex hits the nerve and Charlene is broken down to comply to Alex's whims. 

But Charlene has had enough and what she does to Alex is more than sufficient for him to learn his lesson that No is No and Yes is Yes. When a women says NO then heed to it because what happens afterwards could make or break you.I need the sequel ASAP if there is going to be one because I loved how things went down and I am curious to see what happens next!
Linda Perelmnan Pohl lives in Williamsville, New York with her husband Stuart, an arbitrator. A former first grade teacher and storyteller, she graduated magna cum laude from the State University of New York at Buffalo with a major in education and a minor in Russian.

She has worked for the past thirteen years as a standardized patient at the University of Buffalo School of Medicine.

She co-authored the book Doctor, Are You Listening? with Dr. Masood Khatamee and appeared on several televison shows to promote the book. Additionally, she has enjoyed speaking before many bookclubs.

She is the author of the children's books The Ah-Chooo Book and The Grumpy Queen

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