Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Chosen of Gaia by M. Mariz Free This Weekend!

The Chosen of Gaia free for download for Kindle Users on Amazon November 17-18
Paperback, $13.99
ISBN: 978- 0985808433
eBook, $3.99
Sci-fi / Fantasy YA, ages 12 +
230 pages
Sept. 28, 2012

Fifteen-year-old Albert has just received an invitation that could transform his

disappointing life completely – a chance to belong to an advanced and hidden society that

only reveals itself to a select few.

Immersed in a new world of mind-boggling technology and intriguing peers, Albert will

overcome his fears enough to ignore a few suspicious details. But soon he'll find his

family dragged to the center of a scandal that threatens to tear them apart and erase their

very identities.

A conflicted Albert must find the strength to challenge authority by relying on his

newfound allies and gift for Revelation.

Prepare for adventure, humor and suspense in this fast-paced tale of a “normal” family

striving for their place in a “perfect” world.

M. Mariz

Author Biography

M. Mariz is an actress, lawyer and writer with more than 20 plays produced. Her debut novel The

Chosen of Gaia (Sept. 28, 2012) was inspired by her own Revelation dream.

Born in Rio de Janeiro and currently living in Southern California, Mariz writes screenplays and

novels in both Portuguese and English. The artist has more than 15 years of acting experience,

encompassing works in theater, television and movies. She has multiple plays and sketches

featured in theaters, including a teenager play that was performed by young Brazilian celebrities

all over the country, and has written many other plays for different Brazilian companies to

present work-related themes in a funny, entertaining way.

She lives with her husband in Orange, California, where she is constantly developing ideas for

new stories to tell.


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