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After Dark (The 19th Year #1) by Emi Gayle Blog Tour Stop

After Dark

Release Date: October 31, 2012

Target Reader: Young Adult


What eighteen year old Mac Thorne doesn’t know will probably kill her. 

In exactly eight months, five days, three hours and thirteen minutes, Mac has to choose what she’ll be for the rest of her life. 

She has no choice but to pick. As a Changeling, it’s her birthright. To Mac, it’s a birthchore. Like going to school with humans, interacting with humans, and pretending to be human during the pesky daylight hours. 

Once darkness descends, Mac can change into any supernatural form that exists — which makes her as happy as she can be. That is, until Winn Thomas, the biggest geek in her senior class, figures out there’s more to what hides in the dark than most are willing to acknowledge. 

In this first of the 19th Year Trilogy, Winn might know more about Mac than even she does, and that knowledge could end their lives, unless Mac ensures the powers-that-be have no choice but to keep him around.


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Paperback 978-1-937744-14-4 $14.99

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In After Dark we meet Mac who is a changeling. She is in her last year of high school and she can't wait to graduate and be done with the humans she is surrounded by. Yes you heard me right I said humans she does not want to be around. See as a changeling Mac can become any super natural being she wants until she turns 19 then she must chose what super natural being she wants to be for the rest of her life. Once she chooses what she will become she will then be their leader. Fun you say well Mac does not really see it that way. Plus she has had a complication come up that she never thought would come up.

That complication comes in the form of a nerdy kid at school named Winn. Winn is a brainiac always studying and reading about something. So when he figures out what Mac is and tells her Mac's world is shattered. At first she is nervous but as the two get closer Mac learns to trust Winn and she realizes that he would never hurt her. Winn just wants to help her plus Mac is starting to get a soft spot for him even if she wants to deny it.

Once the change comes for Mac she will decide what she will become and have Winn by her side.With all the decisions Mac has to make which super natural being will she become Mac will have to stay strong and keep her whits about her. Can she do it? Will she keep Winn around? Will she be a great leader? Come along for the greatest paranormal ride I have read in years. It has everything I love in a story!


Today we have an awesome guest on A Diary Of A Book Addict. Today we have Emi Gayle author of After Dark (The 19th Year #1) and Mac Thorne. Mac I have to say you have an incredible story to tell and lots of things start to happen to you as you get closer to turning 19. You have a great following and the readers have a few questions for you.

So first question first how excited are you to be turning 19 and the things you will be able to do?

“Excited?” Mac asks. “That’s the word you’d use to describe it?”
“Ignore her.” Emi jumps in. “To anyone BUT Mac, this is an exciting time. It’s an opportunity to showcase what she’s learned over the years — which, unfortunately, is very little.” Emi give Mac a little glare. “But why that’s the case, you’ll have to read about.” 

Does the power you will wield scare you?

“No. I just don’t like who already has it.,” Mac says.

Emi nudges Mac’s arm. “You’ll understand why she says that when you meet the Council.”

How have you lived a normal life in high school so far?

Mac snorts a laugh. “That’s normal for high school? I gotta say, humans are seriously boring.”

“Oh, come on, Mac, Winn’s not boring, is he?” Emi asks.

Mac’s raised eyebrow probably means something, but who knows what exactly in a person that could have multiple personalities going along with her multiple forms?

“Okay, let’s say Winn’s interesting for other reasons, then. Can we agree on that?” Emi asks.

Mac’s response is a shrug and, “Fine.”

Do you plan on going to college?

Mac tilts her head at me. “Why would I?” 

What about Winn Thomas, does he have special powers?

The laugh that bursts from Mac is genuine and hilarious. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen her laugh so much,” Emi says. “Let’s take her answer as a no, but I won’t answer and risk spoiling anything.”

How did he figure out what you were?

“Dude’s too smart for his own good,” Mac says.

“There is a reason.” Emi offers Mac a wink. “But those reasons haven’t been shared yet.”

Mac leans back. “You mean you know why Winn learned all this stuff and figured me out and all that?”

“Of course I do. I did write him.”

Is Winn in danger for knowing what you are and can do?

“He would be if Alina hadn’t done her mumbo jumbo on him.” Mac waves a hand through the air as if doing her own version of mumbo jumbo. “Then again, what do I know? For all that was, he’s about to get his head chopped off.”

Can Winn help you discover the truth?

Mac sits forward. “What truth?” 

Emi spins away as if not wanting to be seen.

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not in school?

“Anything else,” Mac says.

“Oh, come on, give her an answer.” Emi pokes Mac in the arm, earning herself a supernatural-creature-sized glare.

“Fine. Draw. I like to draw.”

What is your favorite color?


Can you tell us seven random things about you that we did not learn from reading book one?


“No. She can’t.” Emi stops Mac before she goes into anything.

Why not?

With a smile, Emi says, “Because Mac’s about to learn a whole lot about herself in Book 2 and 3 and I don’t want what she doesn’t know to spoil what you think she should know.”

Thank you so much Mac and Emi for stopping by and sharing your story. I look forward to reading book two!

Emi holds out her hand and shakes with me. “And for that, my heartiest of thanks.”


Endless screams. Maniacal laughter. The scent of prey. 

Chills raced up my spine. 

I wanted to run. To hide. To bury my head in the grave beneath me. 

Instead, I balanced on top of Samuel L. Wilson, someone’s ‘beloved father and son resting in peace,’ craving solitude and stressing like a vampire on a blood fast. 

Good ole ‘Sam’ decomposed underneath the largest oak in Primrose Cemetery—a spot no human would visit at night except on Halloween. A night that should have been mine. 

Mine alone. 

A gust of wind pushed my sketchpad to my knees, flung hair against my cheeks and sent my colored pencils tumbling. Wind, I could deal with. Humans? I’d rather not have had to. A swipe of my hand through the air brought the drawing tools back up. I yanked my hair into a tail, twisted the strands around a Cerulean blue pencil and stabbed random colors into the knot for safe keeping. 

My frustration with human-kind had reached its pinnacle hours before but ratcheted even higher as someone rattled the gates, girls giggled and dares to enter the cemetery from crackly-voiced, chicken boys reached me. 

I slapped my pencil to my papers, my forehead to my palm. “All I wanted was an hour of uninterrupted—” 

The sharp end of something way larger than a pencil pierced my neck. 

I straightened with one intake of breath, dropping the yellow, number-two from my fingertips. My hand reached toward the uninvited object as I seethed between clenched teeth. 

“Hello, Mackenzie.” His deep bass resonated with the confidence of his kind: the not-human variety. 

“You’ve got to be kidding.” Whatever the tool, it pressed deeper into my flesh, and I itched to free myself from its penetrating hold. 

“And once again, I have won the game before it began.” 

“Only because you came up behind me.” A small orb of sunlight formed in the palm of my hand as I kept my neck as still as possible. With one toss, it zipped into the air above my head. 

A pierced squeal emanated from behind me, and the point slid away. 

Holy hell, that hurt! I jumped to the ground, somersaulted between Matilda Jane, Johann Rowe and the plastic flowers that lay between them. With another roll, James Peak’s extra large headstone concealed my entire form. 

“Come out, come out, wherever you are.” The crunch of branches under footsteps gave his position away. 

With a deep inhale, my body began its shift into a new form. My incisors elongated. Heart stopped. Eyes burned. On the exhale, strength, cunning and innate wit filled me, matching that of my attacker. 

I stood with James as a shield. “Bring it on, old man.”
Emi Gayle just wants to be young again. She lives vicariously through her youthful characters, while simultaneously acting as chief-Mom to her teenaged son and searching for a way to keep her two daughters from ever reaching the dreaded teen years.

Ironically, those years were some of Emi's favorite times. She met the man of her dreams at 14, was engaged to him at 19, married him at 20 and she's still in love with him to this day. She'll never forget what it was like to fall in love at such a young age — emotions she wants everyone to feel.

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