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Imitation (Clone Chronicles #1) by Heather Hildenbrand Blog Tour Stop

Everyone is exactly like me. 

There is no one like me. 

The rough fabric of my cotton nightgown chafes so I lie very still. They say my discomfort comes from being built like one accustomed to niceties.

 How is that fair when I myself have never experienced anything but copies of the real thing? 

My entire life is an imitation. 

I am an Imitation. 

I’ve been here five years. Training. Preparing. Waiting.

And now I have a letter.

My assignment has begun. 

I am a prisoner.

I am not Raven Rogen.

I am here to die.

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My Review

5 of 5 Imitation's

Heather Hildenbrand NEVER EVER ceases to amaze me! Good she can write like no one's business and keep you at the edge of your seat wanting no needing more and more. The world she creates in Imitation had me on the edge of my seat thinking lord this could be true some day. As I was turning the pages of my Kindle Fire I found myself saying holy cow could this really be happening? Could these people really create life just to replace another one. Clones scare me and the whole let do the freeze a person in time to unthaw them and recreate them. Science as a whole is scary when you think about it and then Heather brings us this story that had me gripped right from the very beginning.

Imitation is a story about Raven AKA Ven a girl who is a clone. She was made to replace any parts or the actual person if God forbid something happens to her. Every clone is made exactly like the owner. Not everyone can afford an imitation only the rich can and so with that in mind the imitation has to learn about the person they will replace. When Ven's person is in trouble she will have to replace her. When Ven goes to replace her she realizes that things are not what they seem. Life in the real world is a little more complicated then what was simulated to her.

Ven will have to find a way to live and not give away the fact that she is an imitation. Ven is leery of the whole process because she knows at the end of her assignment she will die. She will no longer be needed and she will be put to rest.If matters were not worse Ven has to deal with Raven's father Titus. He is a cruel man always threatening Ven if she does not do her job and do it well he will pull the kill switch and she will die. Man I wanted to jump in my Kindle and kick his butt because he is so dam cruel. But I give Ven all the props in the world because she holds it together like a trooper.

At the end of the day Ven will have to figure out who is trying to kill Raven and what Raven's father Titus is up to because he is up to something. This is a must read and I recommend it to EVERYONE!

Melanie is a red-headed fireball—with lots of temper and sass. Ven is definitely not her biggest fan. I can’t explain more without spoiling, so I’ll just say this: Melanie is slight in stature but stronger than she looks and has a badass attitude to make up for her small size. You don’t want to meet her in an alley. 

I found this chick and she is definitely perfect! 

Her name is Susan Coffey and I don’t think she’s played in anything but she’s a model. Sidenote: her Facebook page is here:

Taylor is Authentic Raven’s best friend and every inch the elite society girl that represents the upper class in Imitation. She is spoiled, rich, and used to getting everything she wants. As such, she’s a snob. I picture her something like this: 

Meaghan Jette Martin played in the Disney movie, Camp Rock. She was a mean girl in that movie too and maybe that’s why I picture her as Taylor so easily. 

Giveaway Time:

Want to win a copy of Imitation? Well let's help out Heather in choosing Ven. She needs a good Ven so gear up your google or bing and let's get to searching for the perfect Ven.

In the comments field leave the name and link of the person you think should be Ven and we will choose a winner on April 06, 2013

Ven/Raven Rogen. I would love to show you my version of Ven. But I CAN’T FIND ONE! It’s so frustrating! And I don’t want to just pick someone who looks “close” to the image in my mind, I want HER. So I will keep looking. The girl on the cover, although you can’t see much of her face, is pretty perfect. 

In the meantime, who would YOU pick for Ven? 

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