Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Windows of the Soulless by Olivia Owens Book Review

Neither purely good nor darkly evil, Nicolas Rider struggles to find a balance between the human he was and the vampire he is now. But somewhere in the midst of the constant sarcastic bickering with a rival vampire, protecting his best friend, and fighting off werewolves along with the more dangerous nomadic vampires, he manages to fall for the only vampire he is not meant to be with. Young and naive, she is off limits yet something draws him to her, compelling him to hold her as his lips yearn to touch hers. And despite knowing the dangers that getting too close to her would surely bring to the family, he finds himself ignoring the risks and savoring how good making the wrong choices can feel.

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My Review

5 of 5 Windows of the Soulless

First I would like to thank Olivia Owens for allowing me to read WOTS. I love Vampire stories and no matter what kind they are I always find myself emerge head deep into a book with vampires and shifters. This story is no different and I absolutely loved the world that Olivia created. The main character Nicolas is the man slash vampire. I love the uniqueness of this character because Nicolas is special in his own way. 

Nicolas is a vampire but he is a different vampire where as he has kept his humanity side. He still holds to human ways and feelings and that made for a very interesting read because no matter how hard Nicolas tried he could not contain the monster inside. Being a vampire you do certain things a human would never do and Nicolas found himself fighting those inner demons and that is what made this story all the more interesting.

Nicolas is snarky and funny and goes through these things like his somewhat forbidden love. And if that was not bad for him there is a complete twist in the story that had me saying Holy Cow did that just happen? I actually went back and read a few pages before to make sure I read what I read correctly. You know how you get so caught up in a story your like oh crap did I miss something but you really haven't the author just throws that in there well this is that kind of read.

So what are you waiting for vampire lovers go out and get this book from Amazon! 

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