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Indian Summer by C.L. Cloud Book Review And Mood Perfume Story

Raine Sky is a woman who desires balance and new direction in her life. Longing to escape reality and love again, she journeys to a mysterious island where she is transformed and living out her deepest fantasies.

Daughter of Cherokee Indian decent, she is intrigued by nature, fascinated in the supernatural and science behind magic. Her stunning blue eyes, wild thick hair and spellbound look captivate an islander. He pulls her into his world and simulates her with his energy of love and passion. It’s there that she discovers her true desires and gains insight and knowledge of the spiritual connection in the world around her.

My Review

5 of 5 Indian Summer

C.L. Cloud is one hell of a writer! I have to say that Indian Summer blew me away. I LOVE stories about the Indians. The Cherokee Indians are such a fascinating culture. I love reading about them and going to POW WOWS and the reservations to see how they lived and what they did to make ends meet. I also have an uncle who married my aunt who is 100% Cherokee Indian and I love to here his stories growing up on the reservation and about his brothers and sisters. So when I had a chance to read this book I took it and I am so glad I did. This is such a great story.

This story has so many twists and turns. When I first wrote my review I wrote it from one perspective. I have to say that I was totally confused and entranced all at the same time. I know this review is going to be a little weird so please bare with me while I explain this book to you. As a reader I started the book out and I immediately knew it was going to be different so I started taking notes and in doing that I was able to go back and see that I actually put things together incorrectly so I am here to fix it!

First let me tell you that this book is about a girl Raine who is Indian and she is returning to her childhood home to help her sick father out. She moves back in to help her step mother take care of her father. As she is caring for her father she has these dreams. The dreams are so real though because she comes back from her dreams with evidence that she has been there. It is here where I was a little confused because at times I could not tell if she was dreaming or really living her dreams.

In her dreams she meets the most gorgeous man Amethyst and his family. She is instantly drawn to him and she trusts him completely not sure why she is but she is. As she soon discovers she is there in Eden to learn about herself and her family and to move on from her hurt that she keeps deep down in her heart. With the help of Amethyst she will learn to trust and seek the knowledge that will help her become what she has always wanted to be.

As all stories go Raine finds herself attracted to a bad boy Talon. Talon wants Raine for his own reasons and throughout the story we learn why Talon wants her and how Raine has to trust herself and her close friends in Eden to fight of the evil that Talon brings. She has a hard time fighting Talon because every time she is near him she is sexually attracted to him and wants him. They share a few stolen moments but after they are done she is left feeling guilty and disgusted because she showed no self restraint.

On one of her journeys to Eden she meets her mother whom she has not seen in years. They rekindle their relationship and her mother helps her mix some herbs together to protect her from Talon. She creates this oil she calls mood to help her decipher what men want when they approach her. The scent is tantalizing but it also repels the bad boys from her life. Amethyst loves the fragrance of the mood oil and that just shows Raine she is meant to be with Amethyst for he is there to protect her an make sure she finds her way to what she is supposed to be doing.

See Raine has something special and I will not ruin it by telling you because that is part of the fun of reading and discovering the story. I have to say that I still have a lot of questions and I hope we have another book because lord knows I need to find out what happens to some of the characters. Plus i need to know what happens between Raine and Marcus......

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I've always dreamed of writing a novel that integrates personal experiences with the supernatural and Native American lore. I believe everyone has a story and why not share it with the world.

I'm of Cherokee Indian decent mixed with French & Welsh. My extreme love for handcrafted jewelry, costume, and architectural design is evident and I'm inspired by religion, cultures and life’s spiritual journey. 

My intrigue of the energy that surrounds us, the healing and magical qualities in crystals, herbs and plants is influenced in my writing.

I reside in Texas with my son and three dogs.

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After reading the book and learning about this mood perfume I need a bottle! Listen to what C.L. has to say about her perfume. This was taken from her website. She posted on Thursday February 28, 2013

Here is the direct link, check it out:

This past weekend I was out and about and of course had my Mood Perfume on, the one that was created specifically for the book, Indian Summer. I must have been stopped at least 5 times over the weekend by someone asking what perfume I was wearing.

The guy at the grocery store was the best. He couldn't stop talking about it, all the way to the car! When we were outside and he was loading up the trunk he said:

"Gosh, I'm sorry but the wind just picked up and that perfume is amazing! It's not overbearing but just perfect." 

I couldn't have had a better line for my marketing - and for it to come out of some strangers mouth, makes it more special.

Read, Discover & Take the Journey....


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