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Xpresso Presents Disconnect by Imran Siddiq Blog Tour Stop

Disconnect by Imran Siddiq
Series: Divided Worlds Trilogy, #1
Publication date: February 22nd 2013
Genre: YA Sci-Fi

In space, love has boundaries.

Dirtying fingernails in sewers is fast approaching worthlessness for Zachary, a 16-year old Underworld scavenger. When footage of an Overworld girl, Rosa, is discovered, his intrigue heightens at why she expresses sadness with a lavish lifestyle.

In meeting Rosa, Zachary is scorned by her opinion of the deprived. She pities him and provides a means for them to communicate. With time, friendship and something he’s never felt grows; love for another human. Knowing Rosa calls him when it suits her isn’t enough; he wants to meet her, but how? Relationships in Underworld are few, let alone the impossibility with those above the ceiling.

Underworld will suffer when plans to conquer Jupiter’s moon, Europa move ahead. Worse is Rosa’s father, a disgraced Overworld ambassador, approving the plan.

Zachary must defeat the prejudice of the worlds, sneak within opposing forces, lose friends and challenge Rosa’s sadness. In doing so, a twisted secret is uncovered that may devour the reason he lives; Rosa.


My Review

5 of 5 Disconnect

Disconnect is a great book. I have to say that this is not my normal reading genre but I decided to step out the box and read it because I loved the cover. I am so glad I decided to think out side the box and read this because it had some very intriguing ideas and two worlds that collided that made things complicated. I love when authors can pull of the creating two worlds and having two sets of rules and then meshing them slowly into one another. It is a breath of fresh air for a reader to experience that.

Zachary is not your average 16 year old. Zachary lives in the underworld where he receives everything from the overworld. Everything from food to the air that he breaths comes from the Overworld where the rich and elite live. One day he sees a girl Rosa who is in the Overworld looking sad and he just has to find out why. Not realizing what it is he wants Zachary takes a chance and talks to Rosa. As they build this friendship that should not be the two of them start to fall for each other. But as Zachary knows all to well he can't have a relationship with her because she is off limits. The Underworld do not date the Overworld. It is not allowed be the two classes shall never merge together.

As their friendship grows and blossoms into more Zachary discovers that Rosa's father is up to no good and he has set something in motion that could destroy the Underworld. With everything on the line Zachary discovers a secret that might destory a few people close to him and he has to decide what to do. Should he tell Rosa? Should he fight Rosa's fathers plans? Should he tell the Underworld what is going on? So many decisions and so little time. What will Zachary do......... 


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Imran Siddiq may have tried to leave Leicester a few times, but its become his place to wake up to two cats, freeze when the heating’s off and most of all, get down to writing. At a young age, his primary school teacher commented on his creativity and ability to tell stories. At the age of 29, during a night in the jungle, the bug inside awakened, and for the last 5 years he’s been sacrificing every second that he can to write. A veteran of writing festivals, a presence on Twitter and gobbling up all forms of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, he hopes he can bring a smile to others in the same way that he had, aged 5, reading with a torch under his duvet. Imran’s preferred genre is YA Sci Fi, and he has a tendency to throw a droid in every novel.

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Imran Siddiq @flickimp said...

Awww thanks for that review.
It really cheered me up.

I'll be in touch towards the end of May to send you ARCs for Books 2 and 3.

(In fact - I'll do that for anyone that reviews on Goodreads)

If you thought the twists in Book 1 were jaw-dropping (or you might have seen them coming) ... I don't think you'll see the cliffhangers I have in store for the later parts.

I truly appreciate your time in reviewing this.

Giselle said...

Yay so happy that you enjoyed it, muffin! It sounds like a great read you really sell it! :)

Anonymous said...

A droid in every novel? Sign me up. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck with the book release