Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Cover Reveal For For Now by Nicole Deatherage


After being dumped the day before her wedding, Leigh stopped believing in 'happily ever after'. She moved forward, picked up the pieces, and decided that having a physical relationship with her brother's best friend, Jax McKay, would be the perfect way to jump start her new single status. She knows he doesn't do commitment, and that's exactly what she needs.

Jax had always thought of Leigh as unobtainable. Not only was she his best friend's little sister, but until recently she was spoken for. When she propositions him, he devises a plan to make her his, even though he knows she’s only looking for something temporary.

Will he be able to keep her for always, or only For Now?


For Now will be "New Adult" and probably won't be 'appropriate' for readers under 16... unless your mom is like mine and spoon fed you Harlequins in Junior High. True story, that really happened. :P 



About this author:

I suck at writing about myself, so forgive me. 

I fell in love with reading at the age of 12 after moving to a small town outside of Tucson, Arizona. We didn't have cable, and my mom had some old harlequins on the book shelf. Little did I know when I picked up that first book that it would start a love affair with romance novels that has lasted almost 16 years. My 8th grade teacher, although not happy with my reading choices, let me write my book reports about the romance novels I read. Thank you, Mrs. Feuer. I don't think I can thank you enough for encouraging me to read, although my books of choice were not age appropriate. 

Over time it grew and grew until I was reading about 15 books a week, much to the dismay of teachers who couldn't get me to read anything except romance novels lol. At the age of 15 I penned my first book (literally penned it on paper because we didn't have a computer). It was really crappy, I'm not gonna lie, but since that first mark on the page, I have always wanted to write. 

Last year, I had a dream about a boy and a girl falling in love, and from that dream stemmed what would become 'For Now'. Through the encouragement of a dear friend that I lost the day after Christmas, I started SERIOUSLY writing.

"For Now" is set to release late spring/early summer 2013.

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