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Jenny Schmidt is a young woman with old heartaches. A small town Texas girl with big city attitude, she just doesn’t fit in. Not that she has ever tried... 

Her life is thrown into chaos when she receives a message from her thought-to-be-dead grandfather, Billy Moonsong. After meeting with him, Jenny learns that her Apache ancestors were feared monster hunters on the plains of West Texas, and that she is next in line to take up the mantle. 

Suddenly, she has a purpose and direction in life, but will she live long enough to fully realize it?
The Moonsongs Anthology 1 collects the first three Moonsongs books--a series of New Adult paranormal-horror-action novelettes--in one exciting volume. 

Follow Jenny and her best friend Marshal on their dangerous quest to unlock the secrets of her past. 

These stories contain language and content better suited for readers 17+


Three Tricks To Not Getting Eaten By A Werewolf
By Jenny & Marshal

E.J. WESLEY: I recently sat down with Jenny—the leading lady and monster huntress from my Moonsongs series—and her best friend Marshal to have them share some tips on tackling werewolves. Here’s what they came up with:

JENNY: *scowls* I don’t know, run like hell? I’m playing Call of Duty here…

MARSHAL: Shush! These folks are after some serious advice. *whispers* And you do this for money now, so try to act like a professional. *primps hair* Will this be a video recording?

JENNY: *sighs* I just got knifed in the back by the biggest loser in the match. Thanks for that. Well, now that my Online reputation has been completely sullied, I guess I need to live up to something. Here goes…

1) Run Like Hell

JENNY: You thought I was kidding? Seriously, no one confronts these things on purpose. I was baited into my first encounter with a werewolf, and was damned lucky to get Marshal out alive—

MARSHAL: Me? I do recall you having a pretty close call yourself.

JENNY: Hey, you’re the one that hid in the truck.

MARSHAL: *crosses arms* I didn’t hide—

JENNY: *grins* Whatever you did, I’m pretty sure I saved your ass.

MARSAHL: True. Okay, what she said. Just run if you can.

2) Be The Aggressor 

MARSHAL: *raises eyebrows* You just told them to run.

JENNY: Remind me, which one of us was appointed as an Apache monster huntress, and received a super secret, old as hell monster hunting journal handed down through the generations by her tribal ancestors?

MARSHAL: And remind me, who is helping you decode said journal, and sticking his neck out for you for no really good reason other than being a friend with no other friends in this little West Texas town?

JENNY: TouchĂ©. My point is, throw logic out the window. It’s about survival. A werewolf doesn’t have anything else on its mind other than turning you into a giant-sized Scooby Snack. Assuming you can’t get out of the confrontation, you need to have one thing on your mind: Make it dead. Fast. 

3) Be A Good Shot

JENNY: Look, if you let a werewolf get close to you, it’s going to eat your face off.


JENNY: So, the best bet is to get real comfy with a rifle. Preferably one loaded with liquid-metal-filled bullets. 

MARSHAL: *clears throat to sound official* And what kind of metal works best?

JENNY: You’re Anderson Cooper now? Sheesh. *shakes head* Mercury, silver—whatever. The point is, if you don’t get that metal into their bloodstream via a vital organ, it’s probably going to be game over for player one. Werewolves heal superfast, so superficial wounds really only tick them off. Put a bullet in their heart or brain and get on with the show.

MARSHAL: *pats Jenny on the shoulder* See, that wasn’t so bad. I think you gave some good advice!

JENNY: You want some good advice? If you want to keep that hand, you should probably quit touching me with it and let me get back to my game.

MARSHAL: *sighs* You’re so touchy.

You can read more of Jenny and Marshal’s exploits in: Blood Fugue, Moonsongs Book 1Witch’s Nocturne, Moonsongs Book 2Dark Prelude, Moonsongs Book 3Moonsongs Anthology 1 (collects all three stories)

E.J. Wesley resides in South Texas. He holds degrees in psychology and counseling, but prefers to examine the heads of fictional characters to the living ones. He likes his food and his stories spicy, and tries to give a little extra 'kick' to paranormal, horror, and the other genres he writes. In true Texas fashion, he is very neighborly, and enjoys chatting about books, movies, music, and family. 

He is the author of the Moonsongs books, a series of speculative paranormal action novelettes, with a Texas twist. Say 'howdy' at: Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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